Argentina: Attempted murder of Baptist pastor

Barbie as the Virgin Mary? Ken as Jesus? Italian Catholics are not amused

Argentina Proves Fertile Ground for Abortion Activists

Argentina: Violent Pro-Abortion Mob Attacks Pro-Life People Praying at Catholic Church

Argentine Supreme Court Approves Limiting Tv Media

Argentina Grants Female Id To 6-year-old Boy

Argentine Jews Demand Justice From Iran In Bombing

Pope Wades Diplomatically Into Marriage Debate

Argentina Requires HMOs To Fund Fertility Efforts

Argentina launches process to break up media group

Breakaway Unions Strike Across Argentina

Video: 700,000 flood streets in Argentina to protest socialist President

“Gays in Argentina revel in their gains” | NYT

Argentines Prepare For Huge Anti-government March

Argentina Video: Catholics assaulted, spat upon, and spray-painted as they defend cathedral from feminists

Argentina Supreme Court amidst protest: Abortion must be allowed in case of prostitution victim

Argentina debates whether rape justifies aborting an innocent baby

    Reuters: Pedro Andereggen, a lawyer for the Association for the Promotion and Defense of the Family, which led the legal campaign against this week’s abortion, said his group was fighting for unborn children’s rights and hoped courts throughout Argentina would ignore the Supreme Court ruling. “The mother doesn’t have the right to kill her child, even when she’s been the victim of rape. The right to life of an innocent human being is absolute and allows no exceptions whatsoever,” Andereggen said.

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‘Another worse’ offense does not cure rape, Argentinian judge rules in pro-life decision

Argentine court blocks abortion for rape victim

Campaign advocates for legalization of abortion in Argentina

    UPI: With two laws passed this year giving citizens more control over legal decisions about their bodies, a new campaign is advocating for legal, safe and free abortion in Argentina in order to reduce the number of women who die in clandestine clinics. Still, advocates aren’t confident that the Argentine National Congress will pass the bill this year despite the fact that a majority of Argentines disapprove of penalizing a woman for procuring an abortion.

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“Argentina OKs transgender rights: ID changes, sex-change operations and hormone therapy”

Argentine law aims to provide ‘dignified deaths’

Argentine leader moves to nationalize oil company

Argentine Supreme Court Falls Prey to UN Treaty Monitoring Bodies

Supreme Court opens the door to abortion in Argentina in an embarrassing failure

Argentine Supreme Court OKs abortions after rapes

Bishops decry religious education cuts in Argentina province

Latin America Teeters on Edge of Abortion Abyss | National Catholic Register

Majority of Argentinean legislators say they favor decriminalizing abortion: poll

Argentinean province officially declares itself ‘pro-life’

Legal Periodical: “Sexual Rights and religion: Same-sex Marriage and Lawmakers’ Catholic Identity in Argentina”

    (abstract only below)

    Juan Marco Vaggione, Sexual Rights and religion: Same-sex Marriage and Lawmakers’ Catholic Identity in Argentina, 65 University of Miami Law Review 935-954 (2011).

    The legal regulation of marriage in Argentina has undergone reforms that, in a variety of ways, have dismantled religion’s influence over law. While these reforms reaffirm the centrality of marriage in the construction of the sexual order, they also redefine marriage, distancing it from the sacrament defended by the Catholic Church. In 1888, civil and religious marriages were distinguished from one another as part of a reform process in response to late-century secularist and liberal ideologies. 1 Church and State became, at least legally, autonomous with respect to marriage; while the latter regulated the civil contract, the Church only concerned itself with the celebration of the religious sacrament. However, the legal construction of marriage was, of course, substantiated by the religious doctrine. Almost a century later, in 1987, 2 the related Divorce Law was passed, 3 made possible largely by the recent restoration of democracy and the influence of women’s movements in the region. 4 The law distanced itself from religious sacrament by establishing the solubility of the bond as a constitutive part of the institution of marriage. Finally, in 2010, a new reform took place through which marriage was authorized between same-sex couples, 5 arising from a demand primarily promoted by the movement for sexual diversity. This reform broke from the principle of Catholic doctrine that the sexes are complementary and generated complete equality in marriage between partners of the same or opposite sexes.

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National gathering of Argentinean attorneys rejects homosexual ‘marriage’ as unconstitutional

“The Gay Marriage Debate Hits Latin America”

Argentina Sees Its 1st Lesbian Divorce – Cheating reportedly the cause

“Argentina distributes millions of copies of UN, gay-affirmative sex-ed doc”

French bishops supporting two pro-abortion groups in Latin America

Argentina opens debate on abortion

Flush with $100 million, Human Rights Watch sets sights on abortion in Argentina

Catholic magazine denounces violence against pro-life women in Argentina

Removal of crosses empties society of values, warns Argentina archbishop

Transvestites demand use of opposite sex bathrooms in Argentina

Argentinean bishops list concerns about impact of same-sex “marriage” on schools

Human Rights Watch incorrectly charges Argentina with treaty violations over abortion

Argentina: Legislature discusses draft law on non-punishable abortions

UN representatives meet with Argentina over abortion, maternal mortalities

    La Gaceta [Google translation]: “Representatives of the United Nations (UN) met last week with officials from the Ministry of Health [to] raise concerns about the high rate of maternal mortality in Argentina and [to] support the implementation of [a] guide to address issues of legal abortions. This was announced today the Buenos Aires newspaper Clarin, which said the meeting took place last Friday.” | The New York Times has more information on the guide at issue: “Earlier in July, though, a ministry official said Dr. Manzur had signed a resolution backing a guide to legal abortion services. The guide would allow doctors to carry out abortions for rape victims without securing a police report. But a day later, the minister issued a statement saying he had not signed the resolution, and Argentine news outlets suggested that Mrs. Kirchner had ordered him to halt the effort.”

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University of Buenos Aires professors reject ruling in favor of abortion

ACLU: Summer for marriage

Organization offers guidance to Argentinean judges who object to same-sex “marriage”

“Argentina becomes first Latin-American nation to legislate in favor of marriage for same-sex partners after Iceland takes the plunge”

Argentinean Health Minister in hot water following attempt to “depenalize” abortions

Argentina president signs same-sex “marriage” legislation

    JURIST: “Argentine President Cristina Fernandez on Wednesday signed a same-sex marriage bill into law. The signing ceremony comes one week after the bill was approved by the legislature, making Argentina the first Latin American nation to legalize same-sex marriage. The legislation, which includes adoption rights for same-sex couples, was approved after 14 hours of debate, despite strong opposition from some lawmakers who introduced an alternative bill that would have allowed civil unions nationwide without adoption rights.”

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Redefinition of marriage in Argentina signals waning Catholic influence

“Chilean homosexual couple asks to be married in Argentina”

Argentinean bishop: Consequences of same-sex “marriage” will soon come to light

Argentine justice of peace refuses to marry homosexuals

“Gay groups in Peru seek election alliance in wake of Argentina law”

Piero Tozzi: Crying for Argentina . . .

Argentina: A judge refused to marry gay couples because “it is against the law of God”

Argentina: Legislature votes to redefine marriage despite 60,000 protesters

“In Argentina, dueling protests over gay marriage”

“Mormon church restates opposition to gay marriage”

Homosexual ‘Marriage’ is a Machination of the Devil, Argentinean Cardinal Warns

Argentina same-sex “marriage” row serves broader government aim

Archbishop warns Argentinean government is pressuring senators to vote for “gay marriage”

Argentina: Senate panel’s same-sex “marriage” recommendation due today

Argentina: Upper House continues debate on same-sex “marriage”

Argentina: Same-sex “marriage” debate continues in Senate

“Adopted Children Reject Gay Adoption as ‘Marriage’ Legislation Advances in Argentina”

Argentine Senate begins marriage debate

“Argentine Senate begins gay marriage debate Tuesday”

Argentina: President will not veto same-sex “marriage” bill if it reaches her desk

Argentina: Lower house approves same-sex “marriage”

Argentina: Archbishop reaffirms rejection of same-sex “marriage”