Austria’s troubling Quran law

Austria: Catholic Church Fined For Phone Texting

Irish Bureaucrat Thinks That Pro-life Event Is “too Controversial” To Be Hosted At European Parliament

Authorities Detect Homeschoolers; Family Flees to Austria

Had The Woman Been A Man… Comments On The Echr Ruling Of X And Others V. Austria On Homosexual Adoption And The Abandonment Of Natural Law.

European ruling could allow same sex couples in Northern Ireland to adopt

Austria: Three Churches Set on Fire in Amstetten

Saudi ‘Propaganda Center’ Opens in Vienna

Saudi-Backed Interreligious Center Opens In Austria

The Frivolity Of The European Human Rights Court

Homosexual Adoption Before The Grand Chamber Of The European Court Of Human Rights

Austrian Justice Minister OKs Circumcisions

Controversial Down’s syndrome testing gets Swiss go-ahead

Some Austrian hospitals end religious circumcision

Austria: “Homosexual Lobby: Moral Bankruptcy Followed By Financial Bankruptcy… Taxpayers’ Money Urgently Needed”

Austria Celebrates 100th Anniversary of Its Inclusive Law on Islam

Cardinal Schönborn tells US: support democracy in Arab world by protecting Christians

Five European Nations to Be Downgraded by S&P: Report

European Court of Human Rights upholds Austria’s ban on egg or sperm donation for IVF

European Court Upholds Austria Ban on In-Vitro Fertilization

Austrian Law Banning Egg and Sperm Donation In a Single IVF Procedure Upheld

Austrial: Forced marriage law extension likely

Austrian president warns against discrimination against Muslims

“Most Austrians back extended abortion services”

Masked vandals attack pro-life office in Austria

Austrians Debate Abortion in Public Hospitals

Austrian MP Ewald Stadler adresses Turkish Ambassador

Pro-Life Sidewalk Counselors in Austria Face Fines, Jail Time

German Catholics call for reform, many leaving

Austria: Conservatives pleased about crucifix verdict

European Court Could Rule Traditional Marriage Benefits Are Discriminatory

Austria: Domestic partnership law leads to 700 ‘registrations

Austria grants refuge to 30 Iraqi Christians

Vienna: Woman convicted of “denigration of religious doctrines” for calling Mohammed a pedophile

    Europe News: The court based “denigration of religious doctrines” on the fact that Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff had characterized Mohammed as “pedophiliac” because — according to Islamic legend — he had sex with nine year-old Aisha. In the court’s view, this was “denigrating” because Mohammed did not have sex exclusively with children but also with grown women, and stayed with Aisha until his death when she was eighteen years old. So he was not inclined to pedophilia.

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Austria: Judge rules that yodeling offends Muslims

Austrian Court: Decision refusing recognition of branch of Islam is unconstitutional

Vorarlberg, Austria: Calls for anonymous abortions rejected

Salzburg: Court dismisses suit over Youth for Life’s election poster parody

Austria: Pro-lifers kicked, shoved on camera by abortionist’s hired thugs

    LifeSiteNews: “In the latest chapter in a long history of abuse, the state prosecutor’s office in Vienna is attempting to stifle the legal claims of a pro-lifer, whom a local abortionist’s hired thugs were caught on tape cutting, harassing and intimidating outside an abortion mill . . . A case filed in response to the bodily injury and theft inflicted by Fiala’s thugs has reportedly been pending for a year at the prosecutor’s office of Vienna. After the pro-lifer’s attorney took the case to the Superior Court of Vienna, the prosecutor’s office moved to stay the lawsuit, according to Dietmar Fischer, executive director of Human Life International (HLI) Austria, confirmed that the state prosecutor was seeking to dismiss the pro-lifer’s case against the thugs.”

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Austria: Transsexual allowed to teach

European Court rules “gay marriage” not universal human right, says countries can make own rules

ECHR rules that states are not obliged to allow same-sex “marriage”

Austria: Man hoarded a million child porn pictures

Austrian abortion museum wins European prize

“Austrians seek right to partnership created for gays”

EU ignoring regions’ Lisbon Treaty rights: Vienna mayor

    EurActiv: “National administrations and the European Commission are ignoring the regions’ new right to shape EU decisions under the Lisbon Treaty, Mayor of Vienna Michael Häupl told EurActiv in an interview . . . The treaty, he stressed, was designed to reinforce the democratic input of national and regional parliaments in EU decision-making, via the so-called subsidiarity principle. But as a result of national intransigence, he claims powerful regions such as Vienna are losing out and must start to make their voices heard, pressuring national governments into fully recognising these changes.”

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European Court of Human Rights (ECHR): Austrian law restricting in vitro fertilization violates European Convention on Human Rights

Austria: Styria seeks to equate civil unions with marriage

New Mosque Rattles Small Austrian Town

Turkey’s Islamic Ambitions Grip Austria

Same-sex couple accuses Austria of discrimination

“Austrian straight couple applies for gay marriage”

Austria Approves Over-the-Counter Morning-After Pill

Austrian parliament OKs “gay” civil unions

“Austria to allow civil partnerships for homosexual couples”

“Christianity in Europe Coming to an End”: Vienna Cardinal

    LifeSiteNews: “The Cardinal Archbishop of Vienna has warned that Christianity in Europe is dying out. Christoph Cardinal Schönborn said at St. Stephen’s Cathedral on Easter Sunday, ‘The time of Christianity in Europe is coming to an end. A Christianity, which achieved such great things like this cathedral or the wonderful music we will hear today.’”

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Austria “smashes international child porn ring”

Austrian Muslim teacher’s license revoked

Hate Crimes: The Importance of Lady Justice’s Blindfold

    In Europe, where citizens lack the protection of a First Amendment, hate crime legislation is used to punish citizens for the expression of negative opinions concerning minority groups. In Europe the concept of hate crimes make sense because hate crimes are crimes of opinion and sentiment. Unlike America, Europe criminalizes opinions and sentiments. However, in the United States, with its First Amendment, it is difficult to see what purpose hate crime legislation can serve. The Matthew Shepard Act contains a “Rule of Construction” explicitly stating that “Nothing in this Act… shall be construed to prohibit any expressive conduct protected from legal prohibition by, or any activities protected by the free speech or free exercise clauses of, the First Amendment to the Constitution.”

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Austria: Co-Creator of the Pill Laments Resulting Demographic “Horror Scenario”

    LifeSiteNews: An Austrian chemist who helped spearhead the creation of the earliest contraceptive pill has expressed dismay at the severance of sexuality and reproduction made possible by widespread use of the pill, and has warned against the impending demographic disaster …

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Vienna Cardinal Awards Papal Knighthood to Notorious Pro-Abortion Austrian Politician reports: On June 25, Vienna Archbishop Cardinal Christoph Schönborn awarded Vienna Deputy Mayor Renate Brauner the Pontifical Order of St. Gregory the Great, one of the highest honors conferred by the Catholic Church . . . The German-language Catholic …

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Austria: Furor Over Jesus Orgy Drawing