Six new freedom of religion or belief prisoners of conscience

Muslim Nursi texts, Old Testament, and Jehovah’s Witness texts “banned” in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan strengthens control over religious organizations

Azerbaijan: Fined for praying for deceased

Azerbaijan’s President Approves Restrictive Law On Distribution of Religious Books and Materials

European Court Rejects Mosque’s Complaint Against Azerbaijan

Venice Commission Opinion Criticizes Azerbaijan Law On Religion; Government Responds

Azerbaijan: One conscientious objector jailed, others called up

Georgia, Azerbaijan restore full monastery access

Azerbaijan Tightens Control Of Religious Activities

Azerbaijan Government Agency Busy Examining Religious Literature

Agreement on Status of Catholic Church in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan Parliament Passes Amendments To Law on Religion

Pro-Life Activist Confronts Culture of Death in Azerbaijan

Vatican signs accord with Azerbaijan

Adventists of the Seventh Day detained in Azerbaijan

Muslims in Azerbaijan protest for head scarves in schools

Azerbaijan plans to increase fines for violations of legislation on freedom of religion

Azerbaijan: A religiously tolerant country?

USCIRF: 8 nations, including Russia, failing religious liberty pledge

Azerbaijan gov’t hassles unregistered Evangelical church

Azerbaijan: “Unpleasantness with the law” for worshipping?

    Forum 18: “Religious communities punished for meeting for worship in Azerbaijan, or who have had religious literature confiscated, continue to formally appeal against these human rights violations, they have told Forum 18 News Service. For example, Jehovah’s Witnesses and Muslim readers of the works of Said Nursi have demanded the return of confiscated literature. But despite repeated appeals over more than 15 years – most recently in early 2010 – for the Baptist church in Aliabad to be registered, its application has still not been granted.”

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Azerbaijan: Nakhichevan authorities crack down on Ashura commemorations

Azerbaijan: Restrictions imposed as religion registration deadline approaches

Azerbaijan Official Reports On Status of Required Re-Registration of Religious Groups

Jehovah’s Witnesses Denied Recognition By Nagorno-Karabakh Court

Repressive new Religion Law and new punishments enter into force

    Forum 18: “Azerbaijan’s repressive new Religion Law, and amendments to both the Criminal Code and the Administrative Code came into force on 31 May, Forum 18 has learned. New ‘offences’ – such as more severe censorship – and new punishments are introduced for religious activities and organisations the government does not like. All registered religious organisations must re-register by 1 January 2010, the third time re-registration has been demanded in less than twenty years.”

    Hat tip: Religion Clause Blog

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