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Belgian lawmakers extend euthanasia to children

Belgium to allow children to kill themselves

Belgian lawmakers clash over “child euthanasia” bill

Belgium set to extend “right-to-die” law to children

Belgium: Child Euthanasia Bill passes latest hurdle

Belgian Senate votes in favour of euthanasia for children

Vatican Official: Belgium’s Bid to Euthanize Children a ‘Perversion of Mercy’

Euthanasia Safeguards Won’t Work

Belgian Senate Oks Child Euthanasia Bill

Petition launched against proposed Belgian euthanasia law

Belgium step closer to child euthanasia

Belgium: Debate Continues on Bill to Legalize Euthanasia for Disabled Children

Belgium considering unprecedented law to grant euthanasia for children, dementia patients

Belgian MP’s debating extending euthanasia to children with disabilities and people with dementia

Belgian killed by euthanasia after a botched sex change operation

Doctors in Belgium to Prey on Disabled, Euthanize Them to Harvest Their Organs

Conference of European Churches moving to Brussels, closer to EU offices

Belgium Parliament Votes to Allow Doctors to Euthanize Children

Belgian city of Ghent scraps headscarf ban

How legal euthanasia changed Belgium for ever

Not a noble death: Nobel laureate euthanized by lethal injection in Belgium

Thrown in Prison for Shredding the Koran

Brussels: “Archbishop prays while topless gay activists shout curses and douse him with water”

Euthanasia: 4,620 per cent rise in cases in Belgium

Belgium proposes limiting influence of Islamic political party

Belgium to OK Euthanizing Children Because It’s Happening Anyway

Belgian doctors euthanize deaf twins who were afraid of going blind

Belgian Court Orders 2 Boys Admitted To Orthodox Jewish Girls’ School

Belgian Euthanasia to Expand to Minors

Euthanasia ‘trivialized’ in Belgium: report by bioethics institute

Brussels Bans Annual Christmas Tree Display As It May Offend Muslims

“Belgium Will Become an Islamic State”

Muslim Candidates Vow Islamic State After Belgium Win

Belgium Leads In Organ Transplants From Those Euthanized

Belgium Government Official Wants Euthanasia Law Expanded to Include Minors

Belgium: 25 Percent Of Brussels Population Is Muslim

French, Germans explore idea of smaller euro zone

Muslim face veil fine in Belgium paid off by French businessman

Belgium’s new burqa ban challenged in court

Belgium: “Shock study: Organs harvested from euthanized patients make better transplants”

    A disturbing study conducted by Belgian doctors and reported on in the medical journal Applied Cardiopulmonary Pathology involved killing patients via euthanasia in a room next to the hospital’s operating theater, and then wheeling them next door and harvesting their organs immediately after being pronounced dead. The study found that lungs from those who die by euthanasia are more suitable for transplant surgery than lungs taken from accident victims.

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Belgian Doctors Boast of Harvesting Organs After Euthanasia

Religion Clause: Belgium To Become Second European Country To Ban Burqa In Public Places

Belgium moves closer to banning burqa in public

Efforts to Ban the Burqa Go Well Beyond France

Brussels: No regulation needed to preserve net neutrality

Belgian doctors harvest high quality organs from euthanized patients

Belgium: Court rules boy had the right to be the object of an abortion

    E. Christian Brugger writes at the Culture of Life Foundation: “The bioethics website BioEdge (www.bioedge.org) just reported that an appeal’s court in Belgium recently upheld a similar suit brought by parents against doctors on behalf of their disabled son. The Court of Appeal of Brussels ruled that because of a faulty prenatal diagnosis, which led to a disabled boy being born, the doctors ‘have injured [the boy’s] certain and legitimate interest in being the object of a therapeutic abortion.’ In other words, the boy had a right to be killed through abortion, and that right was violated when, because of the doctors’ misdiagnosis, he was born alive.”

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Belgium’s Catholic primate faces “homophobia” charge

Only half of Belgium’s euthanasia cases are reported

Belgium keeping alive EU anti-discrimination bill

Police raid on Belgian archdiocese ruled illegal by appeals court

Court rules to allow Belgian clergy abuse inquires

The fate of Catholic Europe: The void within

    The Economist: “Among Europe’s historically Catholic lands, France is an outlier. Its leap into modernity took the form of a secular revolution; that differs from places like Ireland or Poland, where church and modern nationhood go together. Things are different again in Bavaria or the southern Netherlands, where the church inspires local pride; or in Spain, where Catholicism is at issue in an ideological war. But in many European places where Catholicism remained all-powerful until say, 1960, the church is losing whatever remains of its grip on society at an accelerating pace. The drop in active adherence to, and knowledge of, Christianity is a long-running and gentle trend; but the hollowing out of church structures—parishes, monasteries, schools, universities, charities—is more dramatic.”

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Embassies supporting homosexual protests in Peru

Warning about Church’s abuse documents led Belgian police to raid its offices

Belgium church panel on sex abuse shuts after raid

Belgian patients are being killed without their consent

Belgian school sacks teacher over burqa

Belgium lower house approves burqa ban

Belgium discusses burqa ban