Chilean girl who asked to be euthanized now wants to live, father says

Chile considers bill to ease abortion ban, likely to pass: rights group

Wrong medicine: a new abortion law introduced for discussion in Chile

Chile, among the few countries that ban all abortions, moves to allow them in some cases

Chilean Senate passes bill allowing same-sex civil unions

Chile: Parental notification required for distribution of morning-after abortion pill

Chilean President Elect Supports Marriage Redefinition

Controversial case opens up discussion of abortion in Chile | PBS

Chilean lawmakers establish day for unborn children

Chilean presidential candidate plans to enact abortion and redefine marriage ‘little by little’

Therapeutic Abortion Faces Political Resistance in Chile

Chile cathedral vandalized in pro-abortion rally

‘Freedom of choice’?: Radicals push for forced abortion of pregnant 11-yr-old Chilean rape victim

Raped 11-year-old stirs an abortion debate in Chile

Chile, Ireland and abortion

“Taking Calls on Abortion, and Risks, in Chile” | NYT

Chile Apologizes to Lesbian Denied Custody of Kids

Chile Tells Un Court Its Border With Peru Is Fixed

Suit challenges marriage in Chile

Chilean group seeks to redefine marriage

Chilean hate-crime legislation signed into law

Same-Sex “Marriage” in Chile

Chilean Study Exposes Fundamental Flaws in Maternal Health Research

“Gay ‘non-discrimination’ bill could lead to persecution of Chilean Christians: pro-family group”

Chile Passes Anti-Discrimination Law That Had Been Pending For 7 Years

Chilean lawmakers block bills to lift ban on abortion

UN urges Chile to pass hate crime laws

Pro-life, no exceptions: Chilean president pens powerful column defending pro-life convictions

Chile Considering Legalizing “Therapeutic” Abortion

Ben Bull: Special Rights For Some Undercut Equal Rights For All

    ADF Attorney Benjamin Bull Townhall : While we sit in our soft chairs watching big screen TVs and complaining that microwave popcorn takes too long to cook, activists backing the homosexual agenda relentlessly march on. Availing themselves of avenues that are notably left of center, both culturally and politically, they incrementally pursue and secure special treatment under the guise of “rights” and “equality.” And while we’ve seen this happen at many levels of government—both state and national—we err greatly if we fail to see the inroads being made on an international level as well.

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Top Chile court overwhelmingly rejects same-sex ‘marriage’

Family, Marriage on Trial in Chile “I believe the intent here is to fabricate an illegitimate transnationalist jurisprudence to alter the essential foundations of Chilean society — family and marriage,” Bishop Juan Ignacio González Errazuriz of San Bernardo, Chile, told the Register via email. “This is undoubtedly a very grave concern.” Bishop González’s concerns about the Atala case are shared by the Alliance Defense Fund, an Arizona-based legal organization dedicated to protection of religious freedom, the sanctity of life and marriage and the family. The commission’s decision contained four fundamental flaws, according to a legal brief the ADF submitted last month to the Inter-American Court.

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Family and Marriage on Trial: Chilean human-rights case involving lesbian relationship could have far-reaching effect.

Chilean president promises to veto ‘therapeutic abortion’ bills

Chile: Pro-family advocates rally to support embattled father

Chile Senate Passes Measure Aimed at Legalizing Abortion

“Chile leader proposes civil unions, including gays”

Chilean students demand “free and high-quality” education

‘Conservative’ Chilean president to introduce civil union legislation

Chilean Cardinal blasts homosexual ‘civil unions’ legislation backed by president

Chile Wins U.N’s ‘Protect Life Award’

President of Chile stresses importance of the right to life

Chile Gets Pro-Life Award; Opposing Abortion, Helping Women

Chile presented with Int’l Protect Life Award by ADF, pro-life organizations at U.N.

Chilean Constitutional Tribunal accepts lawsuit demanding homosexual ‘marriage’

Catholic bishops of Chile oppose weakening abortion ban

President of Chile calls for the “defense of life” as abortion legislation advances

Chilean court to rule on same-sex “marriage”

Culture of death besieging Latin America – LifeSiteNews launches Spanish edition

Chile’s Bachelet frontrunner for “UN Women” post

Chile: Bishop defends marriage, says laws must stem from reason

Senators offer same-sex “marriage” bill in conservative Chile, but left and right predict failure

Chile senator, a socialist, to sponsor bill to redefine marriage

“Chilean homosexual couple asks to be married in Argentina”

Chilean Chamber of Deputies condemns Spain for “despicable” new abortion law

Majority of citizens in four Latin American countries oppose abortion

Nicaragua ignores international pressure to revise total abortion ban

Chile: “Gay rights in schools at forefront”

Human Rights Commission tells Chile: “End discrimination against gays”

Chile needs $260 million to restore churches, bishops estimate

New Study Undercuts Claims Abortion Reduces Maternal Mortality Numbers

Pro-family organizations denounce homosexual agenda in Chilean schools

High Court To Weigh Overseas Custody Battle

Do For-Profit Schools Outperform Non-Profit Schools in the Chilean Voucher System?

    National Center for the Study of Privatization in Education: “As school choice and privatization schemes increase in popularity, the effects of different forms of school sponsorship on student performance are increasingly a subject of debate among policymakers and scholars. One view is that the necessity of making a profit may motivate for-profit firms to make efficient decisions that will translate into better managed schools and ultimately into higher student achievement. Another perspective is that non-profits are socially mission-driven and may provide a greater focus on serving disadvantaged families with the greater costs of educational investments needed by these children. Using Chile as a case study, Gregory Elacqua weighs the evidence supporting these theories.”

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46.9 % of Chileans oppose abortion

Conservative Piñera is Clear Frontrunner in Chile

    Businessman Sebastián Piñera is currently a strong contender in the next race for Chile’s presidency, according to a poll by La Tercera. 35 per cent of respondents would vote for the member of the conservative National Renewal (RN) in next year’s ballot.

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Plan-B supporters detonate homemade explosives at Chilean university

    A group called the Insurrectionalist Federation has claimed responsibility for an attack on the University of Los Andes in Santiago, Chile in which a homemade explosive device was detonated in one of the bathrooms.

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Chilean Catholics Protest Court Ruling against Free Contraception Program

    From the Feminist Daily News Wire: Hundreds of Chileans announced that they will leave the Catholic Church on April 29, in protest of the Vatican involvement with a court’s anti-contraception ruling. Chile’s Constitutional Court outlawed President Michelle Bachelet‘s free emergency …

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