Outcry As School Bans Daughter Of China Activist

Chen Guangcheng Shows Congress List of Chinese Officials ‘Responsible for 130,000 Forced Abortions’

Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng wants secret accords revealed

Chen tells US lawmakers China breaking promise

The demographic time bomb and euthanasia | Peter Saunders at CMF Blog

Insight: The backroom battle delaying reform of China’s one-child policy

Chinese woman dies from forced sterilization after doctor’s warning

Tens of Thousands Baptized Catholics on Easter Sunday in Mainland China

Researcher: 1.72 Billion Abortions Worldwide Over Last 40 Years

    LifeNews: After reading the article, I asked Dr. Brian Clowes, director of education and research at Human Life International, to investigate the number of worldwide abortions since 1973. The results were staggering! He estimates that there have been more than 1.72 billion abortions over the last 40 years, a trend that is not lessening but growing exponentially as more and more countries embrace and legalize contraception and abortion as methods of population control, which is always sold as “family planning” and “reproductive health.”

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Mind-Boggling Abortion Statistics from China

Mother Victimized by China’s One-Child Policy Commits Suicide

Seven-Month-Old Baby Becomes Victim of Forced Abortion in China

New Study: Abortion Can Lead to Risk of Heart Disease and Stroke

Chinese woman saved from forced abortion at last minute: thanks Congressman Chris Smith

336 million abortions under China’s one-child policy

China Says It Will Give Nonprofits A Greater Role

Tibetans hold prayer vigil outside UN office in Geneva

Communism: What You Don’t Know is Killing Unborn Children

Empire strikes back: China assaults home churches

Has the Bell Begun to Toll for China? | Pat Buchanan at Townhall

Asia has more billionaires than North America

In China, Christian Activist Sues Local Police After Detention For Preaching In Park

Baby crushed by car containing China one-child policy team

Biologists in China Create Neural Stem Cells From Urine

China Punishes Tibetans In Self-immolation Cases

China’s latest restriction for Tibetans: no passports

China Renews Commitment to One-Child Forced Abortion Policy | LifeNews

In China, signs that one-child policy may be coming to an end | Reuters

Jailed Chinese Lawyer Gets Rare Family Visit

Chinese Workers Revolt Over 2-minute Toilet Breaks

Why Obama Gave Hollywood a Pass | Bill Donohue

China’s One-Child, Forced Abortion Policy Not Ending Soon

Chinese activist held incommunicado under new secret detention law

China to reform forced labour camps, say state media

China’s Crackdown On Evangelism Targets Universities

China: Parents can sue children for neglect

China Arrests Legislator With 4 Wives, 10 Children

Nobel Literature Winner Says Censorship Necessary

Big Law’s China Dilemma | Peter Zeughauser at WSJ

BRICS: The World’s New Banker?

China: Chen Guangcheng’s Nephew Jailed for Activist’s Fleeing to U.S.

Tibetan Protests Against Chinese Rule In New Phase

China’s Communism Opening Up To Christianity

U.N. Plotting Takeover Of Internet: ‘Several nations are set on asserting intergovernmental control’

    Steve Elwart at WorldNetDaily: The hope of several countries is that they can expand the ITU’s jurisdiction to the Internet, replacing the current governing system with one that is controlled by a U.N. bureaucracy. The member nations will also consider an “Internet tax” designed to collect money from more affluent nations and redistribute it to poorer nations to improve their Internet infrastructure. ITRs do not currently include regulation of the Internet within their jurisdiction, since they have not been revised since the beginning of the Internet communications era.

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China takes extraordinary step of blocking Google

China’s Hu says graft threatens state, party must stay in charge

China hauls away activists in congress crackdown

200 Million Girls Killed in China, Where Are the Feminists?

Chinese entity urges end to ‘one-child’ policy

China at a Crossroads in Shift from World’s Factory to Industrial Power

    Spiegel.de: The Chinese are seen as victors in the global financial crisis, and as both a hope and a threat to German industry. Beijing wants to be more than the world’s factory. But the country’s economic engine is showing signs of stalling and it is uncertain what direction it will take in the future . . . China is on a global buying spree, and it sees the current economic crisis in Europe and the United States as an historic opportunity to energetically press ahead with its offensive. The financial services firm PricewaterhouseCoopers estimates that China’s so-called red capitalists spent $23.9 billion on shares in foreign companies in the first half of 2012, or three times as much as in the same period last year.

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Faye Sonier: China has laws against sex selection. But not Canada. Why?

    Fay Sonier at National Post: Alan Borovoy argues that the personhood of the pre-born child is irrelevant to the abortion discussion because, in his opinion, there is no rational way to decide when personhood begins. As such, he implies, Canada cannot establish any legislation that would regulate abortion. This stands in direct opposition to the reality in countless countries across the globe. Even China, the land of the One-Child Policy, and the horrific forced abortions that have resulted from it, has laws against sex-selection. Personhood can be known, and even if it couldn’t, we would still need to grapple with the critical matter at hand in every abortion, which is to ask at what point the pre-born child has value.

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Induced abortion linked to high breast cancer risk Induced abortion linked to high breast cancer risk

Chinese Premier’s family threatens to sue NYT

China Blocks New York Times Website After Article

Human Rights Group Honors Chinese Activist In Ny

Survey: Half of Chinese like US ideas on democracy

Campaign Denies Obama Supports Abortion-on-Demand, But Can’t Name One Restriction He Supports

U.S One of Four Nations to OK Late-Term Abortions for Any Reason

New Report Alleges: EU Finances Forced Abortions

Harsh Words for Fed from Beijing, Seoul

“China facing one child policy dilemma” – a demographic time bomb | BBC Video

Beijing demonstrators damage US ambassador’s car

Beijing hints at bond attack on Japan to “bring the country to its knees”

Chinese General: Prepare for Combat with Japan

Chinese Government Has Not Banned Forced Abortions, Despite Reports

China appeals for sperm donors to counter infertility epidemic

China To End Forced Late-term Abortions And Sterilizations?

Australia: “Abortion will hinder rise of China and India: Pell”

Apple Urged by China Dissident to Act Against One-Child Rule

Hong Kong protest over school ‘brainwashing’ by China

US debt tops $16 trillion: So who do we owe most of that money to?

China: Can Organ-Harvesters Be Number One? | George Weigel

    George Weigel at EPPC: Despite some hiccups caused by the sorry state of the world economy, China is still The Future for many global analysts. Thomas Friedman of the New York Times has even suggested that Americans have a lot to learn politically from the economic successes of Chinese authoritarianism. That China is the rising world power seems taken for granted in many elite foreign policy circles. I’m not buying. I didn’t buy “Japan is Number One” when that was the mantra two decades ago, because Japan had severe demographic problems-as in, very few children; its lack of the most basic form of people power in the most elementary form, I thought, would soon become evident in economic weakness (as it has). China also has serious demographic problems. Thanks to a brutally enforced one-child policy

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U.S. joins China to undermine “traditional values” in Geneva

Chinese companies pull out of US stock markets

    Yahoo Finance: a Chinese business magazine said a state bank has provided $1 billion in loans to help companies with listings abroad move them to domestic exchanges . . . The withdrawals follow accusations of improper accounting by some companies and a deadlock between Beijing and Washington over whether U.S. regulators can oversee their China-based auditors. Some Chinese companies say they are pulling out of U.S. markets because a low share price fails to reflect the strength of their business. Withdrawing also eliminates the cost of complying with American financial reporting rules.

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China’s Catholics Go to Summer Camp