Chinese gov’t continues crackdown on Christianity, arrests 47 from Beijing church

Chinese authorities arrest Beijing megachurch pastor

U.S. complicit in Chinese ‘family-planning’ tactics

China accuses famed artist social activist of tax evasion and bigamy

Chinese Shouwang church vows to hold more services

China to end one-child policy in 2015 because of labor shortages! (but not really)

China arrests nearly 200 Christians in Beijing as media watches

Beijing police halt unapproved church service

“China ordains new Vatican-approved Catholic bishop”

China warns world not to interfere in artist case

China: Family Planning Official Stabs Man to Death

Voices behind China’s protest calls

Police question friends of missing Chinese artist

Silence from D.C. on Chinese dissident crackdown

Persecution: Chinese expand their tactics, report says

Cardinal Zen lashes out at Vatican willingness to accommodate Beijing

China may drop one-child policy, but coercive abortion likely would continue

Wife says China activist charged with subversion

China ‘to overtake US on science’ in two years

US foreign aid faces cuts as China’s reach grows

Chinese scientists discover way to turn homosexuality on and off in male mice?

China denies obstructing Google’s Gmail service

Emerging powers join in opposition over Libya strikes

Google says China blocking its email services

China takes hard line on activists, many missing

NY: Crash highlights Chinese-American gambling market

US Senators urge action against China on rare earth

The impact of sex selection and abortion in China, India and South Korea

China vows no Western-style political reforms

International Women’s Day Prompts Appeal on China, Abortion

Caterpillar’s Problem With Peoria: Why an American icon is looking beyond Illinois for its future

    Wall Street Journal (via Google): “Just over 100 ago, the company we know as Caterpillar began building track-type tractors at a plant on the banks of the Illinois River. From these humble origins in East Peoria—the factory had 12 employees when it started—this icon of the American Midwest has grown into one of the world’s most competitive manufacturers, recently forecasting record profits for 2011. The question is, how come its home state of Illinois has so little to show for it? Part of the answer has to do with the unvirtuous circle created when organized labor—public as well as private—forgets it has an interest in a growth-friendly environment.”

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Christianity the reason for West’s success, say the Chinese

China aims to settle nationwide trade in yuan by 2011

China tightens media controls amid protest calls

China’s holdings of US debt larger than reported

US Will Be the World’s Third Largest Economy: Citi

China plans 45 new airports as travel booms

China Flexes Muscles With US As Biggest Creditor: WikiLeaks

    CNBC: “As the U.S. Federal Reserve grappled with the aftershocks of financial crisis, the Chinese, like many others, suffered huge losses from their investments in American financial firms — from Lehman Brothers to the Primary Reserve Fund, the money market fund that broke the buck. The cables, obtained by WikiLeaks, show that escalating Chinese pressure prompted a procession of soothing visits from the U.S. Treasury Department . . . ”

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China warns US on push for Internet freedom

Phyllis Schlafly: Free Trade With Protectionist China Cheats America

Finding love tough task for Chinese men

China launching body to screen foreign investment

Shocking secret video shows government persecution of blind Chinese pro-life activist

The long, unhappy history of polygamy in China

Chinese Christians aim to evangelize Muslim world

Critics say top-rated Chinese education system has a flaw

Why a nervous China aims to shield citizens from Egypt news

Despite China’s might, US factories maintain edge

U.S. must compete with China in the classroom

Study: Rising religious tide in China overwhelms atheist doctrine

GM’s China sales pass US for first time in history

China bank moves to buy U.S. branches

9th Circuit: Ignorance of religious doctrine does not support adverse credibility finding in asylum application

U.S. lawmakers press Chinese President on trade, religious freedom, abortion

WSJ: Red Scare reprise

China’s ambitions are not modest

It’s time to stand up to China

35,000 forced abortions per day in China as Chinese president visits U.S.

Urgent prayer needed today to end the killing of 37+ million girls in China

Obama must address human rights, forced abortions, with Chinese President

China’s Internet population rises to 457 million

China logs double-digit growth in 2010

China heads off US questions on human rights

Hu highlights need for U.S.-China cooperation, questions dollar

New US lawmakers want action on China currency

Rise in abortions in China, young women targeted

China Not Fulfilling Its Human Rights Plan, Monitors Say

Lost religious liberty around the world

China military eyes preemptive nuclear attack in event of crisis

Book review: China’s dreams of superior children

China plans marriage database

China media report mystery stealth fighter photos

World Bank issues its 1st yuan bonds in Hong Kong

China shuts over 60,000 porn websites this year

China’s online population hits 450 million