Egypt’s vanishing youth

Egypt’s religious book burning backfires

Egypt closes 27,000 places of worship

Hard truths about the survival of Christianity in the Middle East

From a private school in Cairo to ISIS killing fields in Syria (with video)

    The New York Times: Mr. Aly raised his son, Islam Yaken, in Heliopolis, a middle-class Cairo neighborhood with tended gardens and trendy coffee shops, and sent him to a private school, where he studied in French. As a young man, Mr. Yaken wanted to be a fitness instructor. He trained relentlessly, hoping that his effort would bring him success, girlfriends and wealth. But his goals never materialized. He left that life and found religion, extremism and, ultimately, his way into a photograph where he knelt beside a decapitated corpse on the killing fields of Syria, smiling.

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ISIS beheadings in Libya devastate an Egyptian village

Coptic Christians increasingly feel endangered in Libya and Egypt

Libya and Egypt launch air strikes against Isis after militants post beheadings video

Egyptian court bans Hamas’ armed wing, lists as terrorist organization

Life for Christians improving in Egypt, says Catholic leader

So ISIS is not infidel – Are Christians?

Christian convert imprisoned and tortured in Egypt vows to ‘starve himself to death,’ lawyer says

“In Defense of Christians” seeks to protect brethren from Egypt to Iraq

Egyptian Bible Society reopens shop destroyed by mob

Copt convicted of ‘blasphemy’ in Egypt for ‘liking’ Facebook page

Egyptian court sentences Christian journalist to prison for ‘sectarian strife’

More than 550 Coptic Christian schoolgirls in Egypt kidnapped since 2011

How bad of a nightmare are Middle East Christians living?

150 Christian leaders join Congressmen in pledging support for Middle Eastern churches

Cardinal Wuerl joins church leaders in making pledge of solidarity for persecuted Christians

Egyptian court sentences 529 Brotherhood members to death

Freedom of religion in Egypt no better under military rule

    Al-Monitor: “After June 30, 2013, many people thought that the end of Muslim Brotherhood rule would bring about military-enforced secularism, or more religious and personal freedom. Instead, they are slowly finding out that the new state is very similar to the old state and employing the same — if not worse — tactics against said freedoms. The Islamists may no longer be in power, but religious despotism seems to be alive and well in the land of the Nile.”

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The future of Egypt’s Copts

    Samuel Tadros at Defining Ideas: “The promises of January 2011 soon gave way to the reality of May, when the churches of Imbaba were attacked, and October, the time of the Maspero massacre. The complete collapse of the police and the state’s repression apparatus liberated Islamists from any constraints. On the national level, Islamists soon swept elections and dominated the political sphere, and on the local level, Islamists, much more emboldened by the rise of their brethren nationally and the collapse of the police were asserting their power on Egyptian streets and villages and enforcing their views.”

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Egypt approves post-coup constitution; Muslim Brotherhood vows protests

Egypt’s Christian minority rally behind charter

Egyptian polls open in two-day draft constitution referendum

Security Tight As Egypt Christians Mark Christmas

New Egyptian constitution gives greater freedom to Christians

Egypt Seizes Brotherhood, Islamist Leaders’ Assets

Egypt: Sudden Threat Endangers Hillary’s 2016 Run: Mrs. Clinton named in criminal charges

Unofficial English Translation of Egypt’s New Draft Constitution Now Available

Noted Christian Convert in Egypt Arrested, Likely Tortured

Icons Of Egypt’s 2011 Revolution Sent To Trial

Egypt’s New Draft Constitution Heading Toward Referendum, Including Provisions On Religion

Egypt’s Interim President Receives Charter Draft

In Egypt Charter, New Rights, but No Great Change

Police Fire Water Cannon To Disperse Egypt Rallies

In Egypt, A Darkening Mood As Instability Persists

Islamists Protest Coup In Egypt As Clashes Kill 1

Islamists Protest Coup In Egypt As Curfew Ends

Morsi: No Stability In Egypt Unless Coup Reversed

Islamists Protest In Egypt Over Detained Women

Egypt Court Upholds Ruling To Ban Brotherhood

A Look At Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood

Many Egyptians turning to Christ despite violence

Senior Muslim Brotherhood Leader Arrested In Egypt

Egypt Judges Resign From Trial Of Islamist Leaders

Egypt’s Constitution Drafting Committee Remains Split Over Language On Country’s Religious Identity

Traumatized Survivors of Wedding Attack in Egypt Look to God

Egyptian extremists aim at civil war, not just at Christians, priest says

Muslim Brotherhood Supporters Rally In Egypt

Egypt’s Christians Stunned After Church Shooting

Deadly Attack On Copts In Egypt Draws Condemnation

Muslim Brotherhood’s Cohesion Is Also Its Pitfall

Egypt: Relations With United States In ‘turmoil’

In Egypt, a campaign to promote an ‘Egyptian Islam’

Islamists Hold Scattered Protests Across Egypt

Egypt Demonstrators Mark Killing Of Christians

Arabs Furious At Czech Jerusalem Remarks

Attacks in Egypt kill 9; court rules on Brotherhood

Police openly beat Muslim Brotherhood sympathizers in Cairo

Egyptian Riot Police Fire Tear Gas At Protesters

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood Keeps Protests Alive

Two Egyptian Christians Slain in Libya

Egyptian minister postpones dissolution of the Muslim Brotherhood

Egypt Bans Muslim Brotherhood Group

Egyptian authorities recapture Islamist-held town

Egypt Muslim Brotherhood Spokesman Arrested

Clashes Erupt In Egypt As Islamists Stage Protests

Christians in Egypt Targeted With Charges of ‘Religious Defamation’

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood to Coptic Christians: Convert to Islam, or pay ‘jizya’ tax

Islamist takeover of town in Egypt leaves Christians in fear

Morsi Backers Terrorize Christians In Egyptian Town