Christian registrar denied European Court appeal

Faith on Appeal in Europe | Roger Kiska at Liv&Ratt

Sweden: ‘Multiculturalism’ Blamed For Violent Muslim Riots

Europe: Legal Restrictions Effecting Christians / Report 2012

Ireland: Abortion legislation ‘incompatible with the core values of human rights’

“EU Survey Reveals Many Gays Live In Fear” on International Day Against Homophobia | AP

EU Court Finds Swiss Assisted-suicide Laws Vague

PACE condemns violence against believers | Roger Kiska on Voice of Russia Audio

Irish anti-abortion vigil at Knock draws thousands

Council of Europe tells Member States to respect conscience

China Named as Violator of Freedom of Religion in European Parliament

Analysis: European Leaders Use Laws of War to Pressure US to Fund Abortions in Africa

Turkey: Amid Islamic Revival, What Right to Freedom from Religion?

European Union Report Details Growth Of Human Trafficking

EU Blasts Hungary Over Non-compliance With EU Law

Czech society ageing, but less than other EU countries

How much more tolerance can Europe take?

Islam Europe’s reality: Turkey’s EU minister

Children born outside marriage in Europe rise to 40% of total

Two in five EU babies born out of wedlock

UK: “The real reason for gay marriage move”

US, EU Ask To Delete “inherent Right To Life, Liberty” At UN

Alarm rises as Hungary defiant on law

“During Benedict’s Papacy, Religious Observance Among Catholics in Europe Remained Low but Stable” | Pew Forum

Germany: Will Fight Female Boardroom Quotas

When Is a Church Not a Church? | Paul Coleman at Bell Towers

Ireland: Stormont rally opposes any abortion law change

Observatory Submits 67 Cases to OSCE Hate Crime Report 2012

Had The Woman Been A Man… Comments On The Echr Ruling Of X And Others V. Austria On Homosexual Adoption And The Abandonment Of Natural Law.

Abortion On Demand Violates European Human Rights Convention, Expert Says

European ruling could allow same sex couples in Northern Ireland to adopt

The Islamization of Spanish Jurisprudence: Spain Submits to “Adoption Jihad”

Analysis of EU ruling on the protection of human embryos

Islam in Europe becoming ‘more radical’ says European Churches conference

EU Court Holds Hearing On Right Of Religious Groups To Make Employment Decisions Based On Religious Affiliation

German Foreign Minister Criticizes Russian Legislation on “Gay Propaganda”

Obama’s Soft Threat to Democracy and Britain

“CofE gay marriage ban ‘illegal’ says leading lawyer”

What Americans should learn from religious liberty threat in Britain | Kathryn Jean Lopez

Europeans Launch Initiative To Defund Abortion | Wendy Wright at C-FAM

“Mounting Religious Restrictions in Europe” | Rick Garnett at Mirror of Justice

US alarm bells over Cameron’s EU speech

Four Rulings on Christians in the European Court Judgment

Top lawyer: European judges got Ladele ruling ‘wrong’

Ireland Urged To Tackle Growing Persecution of Christians

What Are We Doing Here: Misunderstanding freedom on both sides of the Atlantic. | Kathryn Jean Lopez at NRO

European Court Makes Major Rulings for — and Against — Religious Expression | The New American

Airline worker’s rights breached by crucifix ban, court says

U.K. Equality Laws Trump Personal Religious Beliefs, European Court Says | Huffington Post

European court says U.K. equality laws trump personal religious beliefs

“European court rules religion cannot justify anti-gay discrimination” | Washington Blade

Mixed religious-freedom rulings at European Court of Human Rights

Unemployment Risks Creating New Divide In Europe

“Church of England rules gay men in civil partnerships can become bishops”

European Court of Justice “Lacking Any Foundation in Law”

EU lets Catholic Church off its billion-euro tax bill

Ireland: Threat of suicide ‘will be grounds for abortion’

UK: “Support for anti-EU party grows over gay marriage”

Uncensored: European ‘hate speech’ laws exposed | Alliance Defending Freedom

Lawsuits against churches ‘inevitable’ with gay ‘marriage’ law: UK Independence Party

How European “Hate Speech” Laws Are Threatening Freedom of Speech | Paul Coleman

    Paul Coleman at Summarizing what appears to be the popular position on “hate speech” laws, two judges of the European Court of Human Rights recently held that “extremist opinions can bring much more harm than restrictions on freedom of expression.” This book seeks to challenge this prevailing orthodoxy by detailing the stark history of the internationalization of “hate speech” laws, their present day application and their possible future. Over thirty “hate speech” cases are discussed and a fully up-to-date compendium containing hundreds of European “hate speech” laws is included.

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