Europe’s Bishops Urge Defense of Religious Freedom: Note Christian Role in Continental Integration

UK: Sovereignty? We gave that away ages ago

Pat Buchanan: Will Multiculturalism End Europe?

There are now 371 to EPC objectors have raised demand before the ECHR

Antonin Scalia: European Union and European Court of Human Rights are undemocratic

UK: Church volunteer status saved by court decision

Christianity the last bastion against European secularist “totalitarianism”: Austrian think tank

EU sparks outrage by financing homosexualist groups in Cameroon

Europe goes halal

European Parliament: MEP’s adopt resolution condemning attacks against Christians

Strasbourg City Council unanimously approves two new mosques

Cameroon: “Controversy over EU project for homosexuals”

Turkey not becoming an Islamic country, state minister says

EU study finds UK parents do the most to protect children online

Report: Figures and facts about the recent and growing concern of intolerance and discrimination against Christians in Europe

Turkey seeks to overhaul courts

With Muslims, Europe sees no problem, and that’s the problem

Italy: Minister Frattini to bring the case of persecuted Christians before the next Council of EU Foreign Ministers

US teen birth rate still far higher than W. Europe

Euro turns to problem for Eastern Europe

Symposium: “Religious Diversity in the European Workplace”

European Parliament backing for hard pressed Christians in Iraq

EU hopes Philippine Congress will approve RH bill

European project on religious diversity and secular models launches website

EU won’t legislate on communist crimes

Court: No right to abortion in Europe

Irish Socialist party: Rally for “choice” after ECHR abortion decision

UK: Campaigners take marriage fight to European court

European Court: No “right” to abortion

Ireland’s abortion laws upheld by European court

Europe escapes forced abortion rule

Abortion “right” denied in European “Roe v. Wade” case

ADF: Europe saved from forced acceptance of abortion

Good News, Bad News in European Abortion Decision

EU leaders agree to create permanent euro crisis fund

LifeSiteNews: Ireland’s pro-life laws violated woman’s rights: European court

Court: Irish abortion ban violates women’s rights

FRC Blog: ABC v. Ireland

LifeNews: “Court: No Abortion Right in Ireland, Europe, But Attacks Ban”

Pat Buchanan: Can Europe’s welfare states be downsized without violence?

ADF: Huge implications at stake in Europe’s ‘Roe v. Wade’ case be decided Thursday

The UK must help trafficking victims

EU judge in Kosovo hears organ trafficking case

Kevin Theriot: Christian persecution in Europe – When Biblical beliefs collide with culture

European court to rule on Ireland abortion law this week

Report Focuses on Discrimination Against Christians In Europe

Vatican spokesman denounces Europe’s intolerance of Christians

What killed Europe?

    Guy Milliere writing at Hudson New York: “There are no political alternatives here: in every European country, political parties fall into one of two camps:Protest Movements that foment and channel discontent and resentment though they have no chance to prevail in national elections; and Incumbent Establishment Parties that offer only statism, political interventionism, redistribution and stagnation. Even if an elected politician actually did try to move in an encouraging new direction, his efforts would be quickly squelched: Europe’s key decisions are now made in technocratic and bureaucratic spheres where voters have no sway.”

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European Court to rule on Irish abortion laws

EU quietly scraps plans for compulsory labeling of meat slaughtered without stunning

Czechs criticized for homosexual “sexual arousal” tests

Five-year report on intolerance against Christians in Europe released

EU justice ministers propose European divorce regulation

Attorney: E.U. bullying some members

George Weigel: A tale of two Europes

Extraordinary powers granted to European police

Gloom, anger spreads as European economies teeter

European Parliament favors report calling for recognition of civil status documents

The welfare-sceptics were right

Same-sex “marriage” to be imposed by EU, group warns

EU parliament investigates alleged “homophobic attack” on MEP

EU commissioner questions Polish-church bar on “gay” teachers

Tories risk fresh embarrassment over EU bedfellows

Russian specialist denied attendance at European Parliament hearings on religious freedom in Russia

Law Review: The Road Not Taken: The EU as a Global Human Rights Actor

    Grainne De Burca, The Road Not Taken: The EU as a Global Human Rights Actor (November 8, 2010). Available at SSRN:

    “This paper challenges the traditional account of the EU’s engagement with human rights. The classic narrative begins with the silence of the EEC Treaty in 1957 and depicts a gradual engagement with human rights over the decades, culminating in the establishment of a substantial EU human rights regime in recent years. The paper provides an alternative account of the EU’s trajectory by returning to its origins in the 1950s and comparing the ambitious but long-forgotten plans for European Community engagement with human rights drafted in the early 1950s with today’s EU human rights framework. The paper argues that the current EU human rights system is in several ways less robust and less ambitious than that envisaged in the 1950s, and that the two main causes for criticism of today’s EU system – namely that it lacks a serious human rights mechanism, and that there is a double-standard as between internal and external human rights policies – have survived the changes introduced by the Lisbon Treaty and have to some extent been enshrined by those changes. The paper concludes by suggesting that the EU’s aspiration to be taken seriously as a global normative actor is hindered by its exceptionalism in this field.”

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EU in Kosovo probes organ trafficking

Irish banks sink as EU eyes nation’s survival plan

MEP sues UK Independence Party over “homophobia”

Debt solution lies in success of Europe

EU Parliament rejects coercive abortion/sterilization funding

Tension over Europe’s “gay rights” role

Euro Commission requests Czech Republic to comply with EU gender equality rules

Catholic schools cannot refuse to hire “gay” teachers, says European Commission

Time to look beyond Chinese rare earths, says EU trade boss