European court votes to “kill a disabled person,” says French Bishop

    Aleteia: After the confirmation of the death sentence pronounced against Vincent Lambert by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) Vincent Lambert’s mother (pictured above, with his lawyer) expressed her grief, her anger and her unwavering desire to save her son: “Far from despairing because of the decision, this 70-year-old woman who sparked the legal battle against the medical team and Rachel Lambert, is more than ever ready to fight,” said theJournal du Dimanche. For her, a possible withdrawal of the tubes that hydrate and feed the former nurse is euthanasia. This would not be helping him to die, it would be killing him. (…) ‘Vincent is not at the end of his life. If they start again, we will go to court again,’ she promises.”

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French parliament passes ‘deep sleep’ bill for end of life

French Parliament debates legalization of terminal sedation

Religious leaders urged to sign declaration on freedom of expression

Humanist campaign challenges blasphemy laws

Freedom of the press trumps respect for religion in a new survey

France top court rules same-sex French-Moroccan couple may marry

France wants to make Google and Facebook accountable for hate speech

Bishops suspend all Catholic masses in Niger as Charlie Hebdo protests continue

Churches burned down over anti-Charlie Hebdo demonstration in Niger

Charlie Hebdo, intolerance, and the problem of double standards

Why did the world ignore Boko Haram’s Baga attacks?

Free speech must be for all in a free society, says Nick Clegg

Charlie Hebdo and #MuslimApologies

I am not Charlie Hebdo

Hate-speech laws aren’t the answer to Islamic extremism–they’re part of the problem

France’s first fetal surgery results in a healthy baby girl

France joins US against ISIS

11 French local councils to ban no-pork menus in schools

Social conservatives are mobilizing in France, leading to talk of a tea party

“An anti-gay marriage tea party, French style?”

Peter Berger: French movement against same-sex “marriage” focuses on rights of children

France: National Front to cut public funds to religious groups

Meet les sentinelles, the silent watchmen against same-sex “marriage” and euthanasia

Central African Republic Christian fighters criticized

French gov’t retreats on family policy reforms after big protests

100,000 French protest gov’t “family-phobia”

Pope expected to raise abortion, euthanasia in Hollande meeting

French lawmakers vote to relax abortion legislation

French parliament begins debate on controversial abortion bill

French court rules against passive euthanasia in tetraplegic case

Frenchwoman Fined After Muslim Veil Prompted Riots

New Prostitution Law Passes French Lower House

European Court Hears Arguments In French Burqa Ban Challenge

Prostitution: France Wants To Punish Clients

European court to hear France veil case

“Court: French Mayors Must Conduct Gay Marriages”

French High Court Upholds Scientology Fraud Convictions

French court overrules exception to same-sex marriage prohibition

UN Committee Says France Violated Sikh’s Rights By Demanding Turban Be Removed For Passport Photo

French row over plans to swap Christian holidays

France moves to ban child beauty pageants

French Muslim leaders pan ‘secularism charter’, warn of ‘stigma’ boost

French Schools Will Post New Secularism Charter

‘Islam destroys democracy in France’

“French Gay Rights Group Doesn’t Like Homophobic Hashtag, Plans To Sue Twitter”

Lesbian couple must recognise biological father’s rights, French court says

France stands by veil ban after riots

“Gay marriage: Britain, France in surprise contrast” | Boston Globe (AP)

France’s same-sex marriage law exposes a deep social divide

European Council Investigates France Over Abuse of Marriage Supporters

French politician stripped of immunity over Muslim comments

France Accused of Police Brutality Against Marriage Demonstrators

“Gay couple sue French mayor over marriage refusal”

Same-sex marriage isn’t ‘inevitable’ | Penna Dexter at Baptist Press

    Penna Dexter at Baptist Press: Robert Oscar Lopez is an associate professor — with tenure — of English and classics at California State University, Northridge. In a recent column at the Witherspoon Institute’s Public Discourse, he argues that those who insist legal same-sex marriage is inevitable are making a couple of fallacious assumptions. One is “that the increase in support for same sex marriage will be consistent over time rather than fickle.” The second is that same sex marriage is gaining support because people are becoming more enlightened about it, often from knowing someone who is gay.

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“France: The Ugly Face Of Gay-fascism”

Vive La France: It’s About the Children

France: Mayor faces jail for same sex ‘wedding’ refusal

French Appeals Court Upholds Order Requiring Twitter To Disclose Names of Anti-Semitic Tweeters

Lessons from France on the Myths of Same-Sex “Marriage”

French burqa ban to be heard by the Grand Chamber ECtHR

“France’s First Gay Marriage Is Broadcast To Nation” | AP

On marriage, the French take the lead

France: 400,000+ Protest Marriage Redefinition

“France mulls banning radical anti-gay marriage group”

Redefined marriage forced on people of France

France struggles to fight radical Islam in its jails

Court intervenes to save life of France’s ‘Terri Schiavo’

France: The Media’s Muhammad Blackout Defers Again to Islam

    Andrew Harrod at The Legal Project: Yet again depictions of Islam’s prophet Muhammad are causing controversy. The French satire magazine Charlie Hebdo has published a special edition released in January 2013 entitled La Vie de Mahomet, 1ère partie: Les débuts d’un prophète (“The Life of Muhammad, Part One: The Debut of a Prophet”; part two will follow in June 2013). Press reaction in both France and Germany, however, has not been uniformly welcoming, demonstrating once more a media aversion to open examination of Islam.

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France’s youth ready for more teargas: Demonstrations against same-sex ‘marriage’ continue

France struggles to fight radical Islam in its jails

Tocqueville, Texas, Marriage, and Zombie Catholicism | Robert Zaretsky at NYT

Russia to change agreement with France to prevent adoption by same sex couples