GNA Constitution mandates religious freedom – Sheihk Bonsu

One doctor’s courageous but lonely battle to reduce maternal mortality

Ghana: MPs urge gov’t to return religious schools to religious bodies

Ghana: Illegal Abortions Soar in B.A

‘Let them cut off aid:’ African countries revolt against UK threat to cut aid over homosexuality

Ghana Pastor: Dangers of Homosexuality

    Rev. Stephen Wengam at GBC News: We must not condemn homosexuals but condemn the act and sin of homosexuality. We must be kind to them and help them to overcome this degrading tendency. We must assure them they can overcome it. There is no human moral failure that cannot be overcome. There are many in our societies, who were once rapists, armed robbers and homosexuals who upon acknowledging those tendencies as sin and evil sought help and they are now free from its addiction. We use this opportunity to call on civil society, organs of governments, NGOs, political and religious bodies to rise up against any call or attempt to legitimise homosexuality.

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African leaders urged to reject homosexuality -Rev. Broni

Ghana: Government will not tax churches, says Minister for Information

9th Circuit says Ghanaian Baptist preacher entitled to asylum

Ghana: Minority Leader calls for criminalization of abortion

Ghana: Gov’t minister defends introduction of Christian Religious Studies

Ghana Planned Parenthood calls for increased promotion of condom use

Ghana Planned Parenthood to establish abortion centres next year

Ghana’s Vice President Wants Government Inspired By Christian Values

    Religion Clause Blog: “Ghana’s Vice President John Dramani Mahama speaking to the synod of the Catholic Archdiocese of Accra on Monday said that his National Democratic Congress (NDC) Administration would rely heavily on religious values and religious institutions in bringing …

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