Hong Kong Christians lead protests for democracy

A surprising tie that binds Hong Kong’s protest leaders: Faith

Hong Kong democracy protests carry a Christian mission fors ome

Hong Kong refuses to allow same-sex marriage at British consulate

Catholic cardinal warns of possible violence in Hong Kong over democracy protest

Study: Next Baby Faces Low Birth Weight, Death if Mom Has Multiple Abortions

“Hong Kong Transgender Wins Legal Battle to Marry”

“Hong Kong’s Highest Court Considers Trans Woman’s Marriage”

Hong Kong: “Christians in prayer rally to fight gay law proposal”

Hong Kong protest over school ‘brainwashing’ by China

Hong Kong Parents Protest ‘blatant Brainwashing’

Thousands protest Chinese rule as new Hong Kong leader sworn in

Hong Kong crackdowns on Chinese families looking to get around one-child policy

Cardinal Zen fears government takeover of Hong Kong’s Catholic schools

Cardinal Zen: Beijing National Education a form of “brainwashing”

Hong Kong: IVF clinic aborts babies after implanting them in wrong woman

Hong Kong faithful rally for religious freedom in China

Hong Kong: Beijing wants socialist patriotism taught to Hong Kong students

Hong Kong voting committee to add religious electors

Hong Kong Cardinal: Catholic schools may have to close over gov’t management scheme

West loses edge to Asia in education: Top five OECD findings

Hong Kong diocese stages prayer vigil for religious freedom in China

Hong Kong Catholics say prayer meeting blocked

Hong Kong transgender woman fights marriage ban

Hong Kong votes to add elected legislative seats

Hong Kong’s Protestant churches blooming

Hong Kong Catholic diocese fails in schools appeal

Hong Kong to strengthen laws against same-sex domestic violence

HIV surge in Hong Kong as more “gay men” indulge in unsafe sex

    Via Earth Times: Hong Kong recorded its highest ever annual number of HIV infections in 2007 as the virus spreads rapidly among gay men practicing unsafe sex, doctors announced Tuesday. The city of 6.9 million saw 414 new cases in …

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