Embryonic stem cells sold on black market for plastic surgery

Hungarian court condemns black market sales of aborted fetal parts for cosmetic use

Court finds people guilty of harvesting cells from aborted babies for use in cosmetics

Hungarian court strongly rules against black market of aborted babies

Europe court condemns Hungary’s church law again

European Court of Human Rights issues landmark ruling protecting church authority

Ministries win significant religious freedom case | OneNewsNow

European court condemns Hungary church law | BosNewsLife

European Court of Human Rights rules against Hungarian church registration law

Eastern Europe’s Christian reawakening

Hungary OKs limit to Nazi, communist symbols

EU Blasts Hungary Over Non-compliance With EU Law

Stem cells from unborn babies used illegally in cosmetic surgery | One News Now

Should Aborted Babies Be Used for Cosmetic Procedures? | Charisma News

Pro-Life Group Tries to Stop Using Aborted Babies for Cosmetics

Should aborted babies be used for cosmetic procedures? | Alliance Defending Freedom

Hungarian Parliament Passes Constitutional Amendment Giving Parliament Power To Recognize Religious Commuities

Alarm rises as Hungary defiant on law

Hungary Constitutional Court strikes down church law

EU Court Nixes Hungary’s Retirement Age For Judges

Hungary’s Ombudsman Wants Court Review Of Law On Churches

Hungarian Reform Jewish Congregations Challenge Non-Recognition In European Court

Human Rights In Childbirth Conference

The Hungarian New Family Law: A Legitimate Answer To Contemporary Crisis

Hungary Makes Waves with New Constitution: Ambassador Says Document Can Promote a ‘Christian Renaissance’ in Europe

Council of Europe Head criticizes Hungary law reducing officially recognized churches

Venice Commission Criticizes Parts of Hungary’s New Law ON Legal Status of Churches

Hungary Has Sharp Words for EU

Hungarian Parliament Recognizes 19 More Faith Groups

Hungary’s Parliament expands list of recognized churches, but rejects many applicants

EU Threatens Funding Cut to Hungary

Hungary Defies Critics With New Family Law

European Human Rights Court Raps Hungary on assembly restrictions

Hungary gives way in dispute over contested law

EU launches legal challenges against Hungary

Evangelical churches decertified under new Hungarian constitution

Hungary Again Passes Restrictive Religion Law

Hungary’s top court strikes down new religion law

Small churches in Hungary fear losing legal status

In Hungary, Public Schools Increasingly Being Turned Over To Churches

Hungary dissidents turn to European Union, Council of Europe commissioners over freedom rights

The Midnight Adoption of Europe’s Most Restrictive Religion Law

“Analysis of Dangerous Hungarian Religion Law”

“Police Protect Gay Pride Rallies Across Balkans”

Hungary’s Cabinet To Consider New Law On Churches

Hungary’s Government to Launch Anti-Abortion Campaign

New Hungary Constitution Protecting Unborn Under Heavy Fire

Hungary passes new conservative constitution

Hungary’s Controversial New Constitution To Be Voted On Monday

Hungary Wants More Children, But Won’t Ban Abortion

European nations begin seizing private pensions

Hungary passes law boosting government control over media

Hungarian Constitution supports life, marriage

Hungary: New constitution to declare marriage just for men and women

EU Commission: Estonia can adopt euro in 2011

Hungary: Court grants property and inheritance rights to same-sex couples

Hungary to allow same-sex domestic partnerships

Hungary: Socialists to push constitutional amendment on hate speech

Economic Crisis Fuels Unrest in E. Europe

Hungarian court annuls domestic partnership law

Hungarian Constitutional Court strikes down “hate speech” laws

    The Budapest Times reports: “The court last Monday rejected two amendments to Hungary’s laws on inflammatory public discourse that would have made ‘hate speech’ a criminal offence punishable by up to two years in prison.” Hat tip: Religion Clause Blog.

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Same-Sex Partners in Hungary Cohabitation and Registered Partnership

    Orsolya Szeibert-Erdös, Same-Sex Partners in Hungary Cohabitation and Registered Partnership. Available at SSRN: http://ssrn.com/abstract=1146926 Same-sex partners cannot enter into marriage according to current Hungarian law. However, they can live together in unmarried cohabitation, which does have certain limited legal consequences …

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