How thousands of Icelanders suddenly started worshiping the Norse gods again

Iceland to build first temple to Norse gods in 1,000 years

Iceland’s Plan To Ban Internet Porn Sparks Uproar

Iceland considers pornography ban

Icelandic Girl Fights For Right To Her Own Name

Nordic Countries Defund Gender Ideology

Iceland voters reject plan to repay bank debt

Iceland accepts surrogate baby born in India

Top 10 countries for women: Global Gender Gap Index 2010

Faeroese MP refuses to dine with Iceland’s PM for “religious reasons”

Iceland: “Reykjavik’s mayor opens gay pride in drag”

“Argentina becomes first Latin-American nation to legislate in favor of marriage for same-sex partners after Iceland takes the plunge”

“Iceland PM weds partner as gay marriage legalized”

Iceland set to legalize same-sex “marriage” this weekend

Iceland passes same-sex “marriage” law in unanimous vote

Icelandic church delays decision on same-sex “marriage”

More nations saying “I do” to same-sex “marriages”

“Iceland Preparing To Legalize Gay Marriage”

Bill in Iceland makes stripping illegal

Voters in Iceland Reject Repayment Plan

Iceland braces for Icesave vote

TIME: “Europe’s Gay Leaders: Out at The Top”

Iceland president vetos bank bill

“Out lesbian will lead Iceland after historic victory” “Iceland’s openly lesbian caretaker prime minister, Johanna Sigurdardottir, will keep her post after Saturday’s national elections that saw her center-left coalition capture 35 of 63 seats in parliament. Sigurdardottir becomes the world’s first elected openly gay head of government.”

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Iceland to appoint lesbian to PM post

Economic Crisis Fuels Unrest in E. Europe

First lesbian couple in Iceland “marries” in church

    The Christian Telegraph reports: “Katrín Thóra Vídisdóttir and Erla Björk Pálmadóttir will today become the first lesbian couple in Iceland to have their cohabitation validated in church, following a recent law amendment. It is debated whether such a validation can …

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