Rise in harassment against India’s Christians prompts launch of new help hotline

In parting shot, Obama prods India on religious freedom

India’s Christians rise up against Hindu extremist persecution

Christian detained in India after Hindus file complaint over ‘spreading Christianity’

Christmas season brings Christianity under renewed attack in India

Eliminating the impoverished does not eliminate poverty

Christians in India under pressure for ‘reconversion’

Nearly two-thirds of human trafficking victims are from Asia

India: Authorities accused of collaborating with nationalist extremists in attacks on Christians

Bans on Christian activity in area of Chhattisgarh, India escalate into violence

Persecution of Christians in India continues to get worse

The missionary India never forgot

As clamour to ban conversion grows, a reminder: five Indian states have already done so

Hindu extremists resolve to kill Christians they beat in Bihar, India

Out of India comes yet more evidence that abortion causes breast cancer

Indian Christian women arrested following false charges of forced conversions

‘Love Jihad’ and religious conversion polarize in Modi’s India

Hindu nationalist group seeking to cleanse Christian presence from India is not unlike ISIS, watchdog group warns

You should treasure your faith

Indian villages crack down on Christians

Christianity and non-Hindu religious activity banned

Non-Hindu religious activity banned in some Indian villages

Muslims banned from forcing Sharia law on people by India Supreme Court

Volunteers in India go undercover to stop illegal sex-selective abortions

India: A looming new arena for religious persecution

Fate of India’s Dalits in new government’s hands

India court recognizes transgender people as third gender

India: Vashi church to move high court over prayer meet

George Marlin: The persecuted church 2013

Delhi High Court questions government policy on religious coins

India’s Supreme Court says lack of enforcement of existing laws is at root of hate speech problem

UN official: India’s “conversion” laws threaten religious liberty

Permissive Constitutions, Democracy, and Religious Freedom in India, Indonesia, Israel, and Turkey | World Politics

India: Fate of temples bill left to Jammu and Kashmir House

Anti-Christian violence detailed in hearing | Baptist Press

House hearing documents worldwide persecution of Christians | Virtue Online

    Virtue Online: “The ‘most violent anti-Christian pogrom of the early 21st century,’ though, occurred in the northeastern Indian state of Orissa in 2008. Perhaps 500 Christians died in multiple riots, often hacked to death with machetes by Hindu radicals who also destroyed 5,000 homes and 350 churches and schools. Yet authorities resisted effective judicial action and even threatened false accusations against victims, lawyer Tehmina Arora from the Indian branch of Alliance Defending Freedom criticized. From 827 filed complaints, only 512 charges resulted, leading to 75 cases with 477 convictions, primarily for petty property offenses; only nine convictions involved killings.”

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India Supreme Court: Religion no bar for adoption

House panel highlights persecution of Christians worldwide | NRB

Attacks against minorities in India increased last year | Outlook

Christian persecution, sexual assaults and mob attacks going unpunished in India, ADF testifies before House | Christian Post

U.S. House Committee holds hearing on persecution of Christians worldwide | AINA

Anti-Christian violence detailed in hearing calling for filling of religious freedom post | Morning Star News

Archbishop testifies on “flagrant” Christian persecution in Middle East | FOX News

Religion Freedom commission: Consider sanctions to end Christian persecution | Washington Times

Attacks on Christians in India continue to go unpunished

India SC to review “pro-Hindu” election ruling to curb religious extremism

India: Christians must wait one year to file for divorce, court rules

India: Plea seeks handing over of temple admin to hereditary trustees

UK raids target Indian religious immigration scam

India gives Jain community minority status

Indian Constitution wrongly interpreted to deny rights to religious minorities

Indian Court: Premarital sex ‘immoral’, no religion permits it

After Fleeing Violence, Many Indian Muslims Refuse to Return Home

Report: China, India Among Nations With Worst Religious Freedom

India Schools Ban Friday Prayer

India Government Asks Court To Review Sodomy Law

Indian gov’t considering repealing recently upheld law against ‘unnatural sex’: reports

Indian State Oks Bill Against Religious Charlatans

Attorney: India got it right on homosexual ‘rights’ | One News Now

“India’s Supreme Court upholds anti-gay sex law” | KnoxNews (AP)

    Knox News (AP): The United States expressed concern about the Indian Supreme Court decision, although it wasn’t immediately clear if Washington had directly raised the issue with Indian government officials. “We oppose all actions that criminalize consensual sex conducts between adults,” State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki told reporters in Washington. “We call on all governments to advance equality for LGBT individuals around the world.”But the court ruling was welcomed by a conservative U.S. legal advocacy group, Alliance Defending Freedom. “The India Supreme Court has ruled in the interest of the health of its society rather than the interests of activist groups trying to use the court to do their bidding,” said the group’s chief counsel, Benjamin Bull.

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“US voices ‘concern’ at India gay sex ban”

India Supreme Court refuses to engage in judicial activism in landmark decision | Alliance Defending Freedom

Police in India slow to investigate torture, killing of Christian boy | Christian Today (Morningstar News)

Police in India Slow to Investigate Torture, Killing of Christian Boy | Morningstar News

    MorningStar News: The body of his small son, Anugrag Gemethi, nicknamed Anmol, was found in a pond on Nov. 18 after he failed to return home from a friend’s house the previous day. His face was mutilated beyond recognition, there were burn marks on his stomach, his toes were chopped off and one hand and arm were deeply slashed, Gemethi said . . . Attorney Tehmina Arora of Alliance Defending Freedom-India said the murder shows how elusive religious freedom is in India. “This is a tragic and brutal killing of a young child, seemingly to curb the free exercise of his and his parents’ religious beliefs,” she said. “In a nation where we have constitutionally guaranteed freedom of conscience and religion, no one should be targeted, let alone murdered, for their faith. This is a sad and painful reminder of how far we have to travel before these fundamental rights become a reality.”

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Protect India’s religious minorities: U.S. House resolution

‘Folding of hands at prayer in schools not mandatory’

Conviction of Christians for Murder of Hindu Leader in India Biased, Unfounded

India: Sunday prayers disrupted in Tumkur, Belgaum

Attorneys Claim Conviction of Christian Men in India “Biased and Unfounded” | Persecution.org

    Persecution.org: Some have suggested that the investigating officer may have neglected to question eyewitnesses at the crime site, as witnesses there at that time did not disclose information to police, said Tehmina Arora, an attorney with Alliance Defending Freedom-India, who appeared for the accused at the Supreme Court for their bail application. “It’s hard to understand why those who were eyewitnesses to such a tragic event failed to disclose the same to the police,” she told Morning Star News. “The reliance placed on certain witnesses by the court seems unjustifiable and based on assumptions and presumptions. Furthermore, in spite of little evidence of the same, the court has made very strong and unwarranted statements against the seven Christians.”

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Report: militant Hindu youth hound Christians in Indian village

Revealed: India is home to nearly half of world’s 30 million modern-day slaves

Pregnant Women Go Undercover in India to Expose Sex-Selection Abortions

Police in India Rebuke, Threaten Pastor for Reporting Vicious Beating