ISIS robs Christians fleeing its edict in Mosul: Convert, leave, or die

    The Daily Beast: After being issued an ultimatum from ISIS in Mosul, some of the city’s last Christian families have fled, only to be robbed of their last possessions at ISIS checkpoints. Friday at noon was the deadline for Christian families to meet ISIS’s demands: Convert to Islam, pay an anachronistic Islamic tax for non-Muslims known as jizya, leave Mosul, or be killed. But the day before the final exodus, Christians were informed jizya was no longer an option. The order came to convert, leave, or die.

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ISIS militants ‘seize Iraq monastery and expel monks’

Christians not healthy enough to flee Mosul after death threat renounce faith for Islam ‘just to stay alive’

Christians given ultimatum in Iraq: Convert, pay taxes, or die

ISIS forces last Iraqi Christians to flee Mosul

Execution or exodus, Iraqi Christians face grim choice

Christians given ultimatum in Mosul: Convert, leave, or die

Religious freedom in peril

The tragic exodus of Iraq’s Christians

ISIS terror group declares Caliphate in Iraq, Syria; Nails 9 men to cross for rebellion

“They want to cleanse the Christians:” 10,000 flee Christian communities in Northern Iraq as ISIS takes over Mosul, says UNHCR

In face of ISIS advance, many Iraqi Christians insist on staying put

    Huffington Post: Across the street from a Christian church in this quiet northern Iraqi town, Mounir Behram sits down for lunch with his family. He works as an armed guard protecting the church, an easy job on most days. But now, hardline Sunni extremists — infamous for targeting those who don’t conform to their brand of Islam — control nearby Mosul, the country’s second-largest city. He is plagued by worries that the extremists will invade this predominantly Christian town.

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Iraq’s beleaguered Christians make final stand on the Mosul frontline

In Iraq, Christians flee homes amid brutal conflict

Thousands of Christians flee as ISIS militants burn, loot churches in captured Iraqi city

Saeed Abedini, Hobby Lobby owners honored at SBC for religious freedom commitment

Christian refugees – Growing crisis around the world

NYTimes: Waves of generic refugees run for their lives in Iraq

Archbishop: Probably there is not one Christian now left in Mosul

The cleansing of Iraq’s Christians is entering its end game

How bad of a nightmare are Middle East Christians living?

150 Christian leaders join Congressmen in pledging support for Middle Eastern churches

Cardinal Wuerl joins church leaders in making pledge of solidarity for persecuted Christians

Iraqi bill to legalize child marriage criticized

Iraqi women protest against proposed Islamic child marriage law

N. Korea Tops Somalia, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan as Worst Place to Be Christian

The Prince of Wales: Say a prayer for Christians in the Middle East

Flight of Iraq Christians resumes amid surge in unrest

Iraqi prelate challenges West to stand up for persecuted Christians

Vatican meeting on persecuted Christians in Egypt, Iraq

Will U.S. Designate Egypt, Pakistan, Iraq and Nigeria As Religious Freedom Violators?

Islam Expert Warns Christians May Completely Disappear From Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt

Politics undermine Iraq’s judiciary

Young Iraqis face religious fashion crackdown

Putin to Israel: Don’t Rush to Strike at Iran, Look at American Failures – Iraq Now Pro-Iranian

Iraq: Where Arranged Marriages Are Customary, Suicides Grow More Common

US military strategy fails when religious liberty is ignored

Iraq demo over ‘anti-Islam’ magazine turns violent

Iraq: “Mosul: more Christian blood, 45 year old photographer killed”

Pat Buchanan: For What, All These Wars?

Top Iraqi Shiite cleric urges end to crisis

Sunni-backed leader: Crisis tearing Iraq apart

Christianity May Be Eradicated in Iraq and Afghanistan, Says Chair of U.S. Religious Freedom Commission

Iraq’s Christians Near Extinction

Sunni leaders warn of sectarian chaos in Iraq

Could Iraq descend into a civil war again? Shiite PM is moving against Sunnis

Baghdad: some Christians reduced to dhimmitude

Situation worsening for Christians in Baghdad

Ron Paul: Leaving Iraq? While I applaud the spirit of this announcement – since all our troops should come home from overseas – I have strong reservations about any actual improvements in the situation in Iraq, since plans are already being made to increase the number of troops in surrounding regions. What we really need is a new foreign policy and there is no indication that that is what we have gotten.

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Iraq’s Christians torn between staying or facing death at home

Obama to declare Iraq war over with troops home at year’s end

Iraq: Double targeted killings against the Christian community in Kirkuk

Iraqi envoy: Christians are right to worry about ‘Arab Spring’ uprisings

‘Religious persecutors’ list incomplete

Iraqi Christians find safety in north, but no jobs

Iraq Attack against Kirkuk’s St Ephraim Syrian Orthodox Church

U.S. Dept. of State: Church Bombing in Kirkuk, Iraq

Christians Attacked Again in Iraq; Car Bomb Wounds 23

Record Number of U.S. Troops Killed by Iranian Weapons

Iraq’s anti-Christian violence hit new peak in 2010

Iraqi Christians open first new church since 2003

Young Christian beheaded in northern Iraq 

Irish President addresses freedom of religion

Another Christian murdered in Iraq

Iraq: Islamists abduct, torture and behead young Christian father of three

USCIRF Identifies World’s Worst Religious Freedom Violators: Egypt Cited for First Time

The Silent Extermination of Iraq’s ‘Christian Dogs’

Open Doors: Thousands of Christians Have Fled Iraq since Church Massacre

Ultraconservative Muslims more assertive in Egypt

Iraqi Bishop: Christians read to claim right to exist

David French: Exhausting the Enemy

    David French writes at National Review Phi Beta Cons: “Fick and Nagl are correct that we can’t just kill our way to victory, but many casual observers of the war don’t comprehend the psychology of warfare. Fick and Nagl do. They understand the profound impact of continual losses on the human psyche and the emotional devastation of death without victory. If there’s one thing that I learned while in Iraq, it’s that our enemy is every bit as human as we are, and even their religious fanaticism does not make them immune to exhaustion or despair.”

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Austria grants refuge to 30 Iraqi Christians

Iraq toys with polygamy as solution for war widows

Last Christians ponder leaving a hometown in Iraq