Israeli Civil Court Asserts Jurisdiction Over Same-Sex Couple’s Divorce

Palestinians Win Statehood Status at U.N. Over U.S. Objections

Palestinians Certain To Win Recognition As A State

Germany: Won’t Back Palestinian State At UN

France To Recognize Palestinian State At UN

Tel Aviv bus hit by bomb; Hamas celebrates

Christian Church Vandalized in Jerusalem

Israeli Water Company Freezes Bank Account of Church of Holy Sepulchre

Jews seek succor at matriarch’s tomb

Israel: Park Closure To Outsiders Leads To Religious Discrimination Suit Against City

Iran’s Sunnis demand greater religious freedom

Economics, security forcing Christians out of Mideast, Christian leaders say

Jews rally around woman arrested for praying at Western Wall

Cantor accuses Obama of ignoring law on abortion, Jerusalem

UN Schools for “Palestinians” refuse to teach the holocaust, U.S. funds 22%

Obama Urged to Cut Ties With Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood Over ‘Jihad’ Statements

Israel Condemns Jerusalem Church Vandalism

Thousands of Christians march in Jerusalem in show of support for Israel

Vandals deface Jerusalem church with anti-Christian graffiti

University of CA Student Association condemns entire country of Israel of ‘racism’ in secretive vote

U.S. security at stake? LA Times cover up alleged, offers $100,000 for Obama Khalidi tape

Judge rules in favor of Support Israel, Defeat Jihad ad in NY subway tunnels

Worries Over Violence Against Churches In Israel

Romney: Palestinians Not Interested in Peace

Israeli Science Group: Obama Birth Certificate Fake

Al Qaeda leader ousting Syria’s Assad would weaken Israel

Obama to Israel: You’re On Your Own

Israeli Court Rejects Reception Hall Owners’ Religious Objections To Same-Sex Marriage

White House declines Netanyahu request to meet with Obama

Florida Democratic County Official Resigns Over His Remarks About Christian Supporters of Israel

Catholic Church condemns ‘price-tag’ attack on monastery, urges Israel to change ‘culture of contempt’

Pro-Israel Language Removed From Democratic Party Platform

‘Sparks fly’ over US policy on Iran at meeting between Netanyahu and US envoy

West urges Arabs not to target Israel at U.N. nuclear meet

Israel Says Egypt Violating Peace Treaty In Sinai

Netanyahu ‘determined to attack Iran’ before US elections, claims Israel’s Channel 10

Iran: Israel’s Existence ‘insult To All Humanity’

Islamic militants warn Egyptian troops not to take battle to Sinai

Palestinians flock to Jerusalem for Muslim night of prayer

Palestinians to seek U.N. status

Richard Landes: Romney Is Right on Culture and the Wealth of Nations

    Richard Landes at Wall Street Journal: But Israel (which neither book examined) and the Arab world (which only the Landes book examined) illustrate the primacy of culture as both necessary and sufficient for economic development. Israel, a country with no natural resources, an economic backwater even in the Ottoman Empire, rose to the top of the developed world in a century on culture alone. The Arab nations, on the other hand, illustrate the necessity of a certain kind of culture: Even those with vast petrodollars still have among the least productive economies in the world.

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Mitt Romney: Culture Does Matter

    Mitt Romney at National Review: But what exactly accounts for prosperity if not culture? In the case of the United States, it is a particular kind of culture that has made us the greatest economic power in the history of the earth. Many significant features come to mind: our work ethic, our appreciation for education, our willingness to take risks, our commitment to honor and oath, our family orientation, our devotion to a purpose greater than ourselves, our patriotism. But one feature of our culture that propels the American economy stands out above all others: freedom. The American economy is fueled by freedom. Free people and their free enterprises are what drive our economic vitality.

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White House: Romney’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital contradicts U.S. policy

Israel: Soldiers barred from praying in protest of draft

Romney: US has ‘moral imperative’ to aid Israel in its defense against a nuclear Iran

In shift by Egypt, president meets Hamas leader

Rasmussen: 51% Say U.S. Should Help Israel If It Attacks Iran

Judge backs blogger over anti-Islam NYC bus ads

Israel’s Coalition Government Fragments Over Law To Draft Ultra-Orthodox Yeshiva Students

Ultra-Orthodox Jews protest Israel draft plans

Israeli parliament slams German circumcision ban

Russia, China, and Israel against Islamism?

Bethlehem: UNESCO places Church of the Nativity on endangered site

Putin to Israel: Don’t Rush to Strike at Iran, Look at American Failures – Iraq Now Pro-Iranian

Israel expelling 150 South Sudanese

Hamas announces cease-fire with Israel

Palestine nominates birthplace of Jesus in controversial UNESCO World Heritage bid

“Militants cross into Israel from Egypt, 1 killed”

Israel-Vatican Continue Negotiations On Status and Taxation of Church

Israel offers cash to African migrants to leave

“Thousands party in Israeli gay pride parade”

Israeli Council To Recommend Memorial Day Reading Omit “God”

Iranian Calls for ‘Islamic Awakening’ to Destroy Israel

Egypt Brotherhood takes harder line in campaign

Egypt’s extremist Islamists flex their muscles

Israel says inclusion on UN list ‘absurd’

Palestinian Sentenced to Death for Selling a Home to Jews

“Jewish movement in Israel OKs gay rabbis”

Defying ban, Egyptian Christians visit Jerusalem

Israel a Christian Haven amid Islamic Persecution