Japanese court says adultery OK if it’s for business purpose

Japan’s birth rate problem is way worse than anyone imagined

Japanese man wins landmark lawsuit on religious oppression

Why have young people in Japan stopped having sex?

Japanese Court: Anti-korea ‘hate Speech’ Illegal

“Same-Sex Marriage in Japan: A Long Way Away?”

Japanese Official: ‘Let Elderly People Hurry Up and Die’

Japan: Eggs created from stem cells in fertility breakthrough

Beijing demonstrators damage US ambassador’s car

Beijing hints at bond attack on Japan to “bring the country to its knees”

Chinese General: Prepare for Combat with Japan

China Challenges Dollar With Yen-yuan Deal

Pat Buchanan: Land of the Setting Sun

A Quiet Revolution in Asia: Demographic Upheaval Realigns Nations

Married Woman In Same-Sex Couple Faces Deportation To Japan

Leaked cable: Japanese refused Obama apology for use of atomic bombs in WW II

Global investment in “clean energy” hits $243 bn; $30 bn per year from EU, Japan, US

Biden to sell debt ceiling deal during trip to China, Japan

Book details MacArthur’s efforts to fill Japanese ‘spiritual vacuum’ after World War II

“First openly gay candidate wins in Tokyo ward”

Viable sperm grown in laboratory

In midst of demographic collapse, Japan approves ‘morning after’ pill

Breakdown of tradition family causing Japanese birth rate decline, not lack of interest in sex

Japan: Survey shows rising indifference to sex among male teens, couples

West loses edge to Asia in education: Top five OECD findings

China, India, Japan grapple with the quality of legal education

America’s one-child policy

Japan’s new foreign minister gets tough on China

China overtakes Japan in 2Q as No. 2 economy

Law Review: Donor Conception Regulation in Japan

Tokyo sees rise in “divorce ceremonies”

Japan stem cell scientist wins Kyoto Prize

Japan’s parliament elects new prime minister

Japan: Child porn victims write about their distress

Japan plans to block access to child porn sites swiftly

Why Life Is Worth So Little in Prosperous Japan?

Japan’s Supreme Court Says City’s Gift of Site For Shrine Is Unconstitutional

Japan: Panel eyes law for limiting parental rights to curb child abuses+

Abortion still key birth control in Japan

US May Face ‘Armageddon’ If China, Japan Don’t Buy Debt

Cash for Kids in Japan

    Global Post: “In the country with the lowest birth rate in the world, the newly empowered Democratic Party of Japan has proposed a solution: pay to procreate. As part of the manifesto that helped the DPJ rout the long-ruling Liberal Democratic Party in last month’s election, families will receive 26,000 yen (about $280) per month for each child through junior high school.”

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Japan’s Underpopulation Crisis Led to Recent Election Upset Demographer Says

Japan: “Political shift gives hope to gays”

    The Japan Times: “The nation’s gay and lesbian community, which has long been calling for an antidiscrimination law to protect their rights, has seen similar bills proposed and scrapped in the Diet for nearly a decade. The likelihood that the Democratic Party of Japan, the last party to submit such a bill, will dominate the powerful House of Representatives in an alliance with the Social Democratic Party, which speaks out for homosexual rights, has raised hopes that the inertia may at last be overcome.”

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Japan bans ‘sexual torture’ software

Japan’s ‘exam hell’ now reaches into preschool

Japanese woman impregnated with wrong egg gets abortion

Discerning the religious spirit of secular states in Asia

    In form, all modern East and Southeast Asian governments are secular in the first sense of the term defined by Taylor. They are based on constitutions that do not ground the state’s legitimacy on beliefs in realities that transcend this world and do not privilege any particular kind of religious belief. They relegate religious belief to the private sphere. Even the constitution of the People’s Republic of China guarantees freedom of religious belief as long as it is kept private—so private that it is not expressed in any venue that is not approved and regulated by the state. East and Southeast Asian governments arrived at their present-day secular constitutions through various, often tortuous, paths throughout the course of the 20th century, but, in formal terms at least, they conform to North Atlantic models of state neutrality with respect to religion. This is an example the sociologist John Meyer and his collaborators would call global “institutional isomorphism,” a tendency of political, economic, and cultural institutions around the world to assume a uniform style of formal organization (based on Western templates).

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Class Breaks in Tokyo More Suited for Children

    Erin Irving writes at EdNews: Much is expected of Japanese students, but still, apparently the idea of expecting children to sit all day with only five-minute breaks in between classes is archaic and ridiculous. Japanese schools have learned that children …

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Japan: “Workers urged: Go home and multiply”

Japan: Server operator held for child porn

Frozen mice cloned – are woolly mammoths next?

Japanese Women Shy From Dual Mommy Role

Japanese Companies Switch to Full-Times Workers as Abortion Causes Shortage

    LifeNews.com reports: “There was a time in Japan that major corporations and small businesses could get away with hiring part-time or temporary employees. But with a worker shortage prompted by decades of legalized abortions, Japanese companies are now forced to …

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Japan Steadily Becoming a Land Of Few Children

Japanese Buddhist temple refuses Olympic torch

    “A major Japanese Buddhist temple withdrew Friday from a plan to host the Beijing Olympics torch relay, citing safety concerns and sympathy among its monks and worshippers for Tibetan protesters facing a Chinese crackdown.”

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Under U.S. pressure, Japan may ban child porn