The last gasp of the cradle Christians?

White House says Obama will ask Congress to authorize military force against ISIS

Obama decries hateful ideology after Jordanian pilot’s death

Relief in wartime chaos

Fears mount that the Islamic State is plotting terror strike in Jordan

“In Defense of Christians” seeks to protect brethren from Egypt to Iraq

Jordan vetoes Israeli request to allow Jewish prayer on Temple Mount

Jordan’s king decries anti-Christian violence, calls upon Christians to defend Islam

Pope Says Only Dialogue Can End Syria Strife

UK Gov’t Loses Court Challenge To Deport Muslim Cleric

Christian Jordanian woman sues her Muslim employer

Cleric’s deportation row leaves Britain red-faced

UK frustrated in bid to deport radical Islamist

European court: Cleric can’t be deported from UK

Jordanians protest again despite religious edict

Jordan’s King Fires Cabinet Amid Street Protests There

Jordan: Role in Afghanistan to help Muslims

6th Circuit Upholds Deportation To Jordan of Christian Couple, Rejecting Persecution Claims

Jordan’s Parliament Split On Religious Groups Under Societies Act

Same-sex “marriage” colliding with parental rights, religious liberty around the country

Jordan annuls Christian convert’s marriage

Jordan Summons Danes In Effort To Create International Blasphemy Law

Calls for Religious Freedom in Jordan

    Concerned Women for America has provided an audio discussing the upcoming meeting between the President and Jordan’s King and  indicating: In advance of the meeting between President Bush and Jordan’s King Abdullah II, the Institute for Religion and Public Policy …

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Christians expelled from Jordan for preaching

    Ethan Cole reports on the Christian Post: The Muslim-majority country of Jordan acknowledged Wednesday that it expelled foreign Christians for illegal preaching under what it claims was the guise of charity work . . . Under Jordanian law, conversion from …

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