Kosovo political leaders challenge Islamists

Organ recipient testifies at trial in Kosovo

Kosovo Bans Islamic Headscarf and Religious Instruction in Public Schools

Kosovo’s leader to be investigated over organ trafficking allegations

Kosovo’s Parliament Votes Down Religion In Schools, Hijab In Classroom

EU judge in Kosovo hears organ trafficking case

EU in Kosovo probes organ trafficking

Serbian Orthodox Church ceremony highlights complex Serbian-Kosovo ties

Moscow concerned about future of Serb shrines in Kosovo

Kosovo police to protect Serb monasteries

Belgrade loses fight over Kosovo independence

UN court probes legality of Kosovo independence

Kosovo has no plans to make “gay rights” an issue

ADF achieving results internationally

Glen Lavy: In Kosovo, Some Meddling Midwives Threaten a New Birth of Freedom

Secret plans under way to tear down Christian symbols: Army says chapel crosses violate policy

EU, UN “experts” push anti-family, anti-life policies in Kosovo

US and European NGOs Arrive in Kosovo: ADF Attorney on the Team

Kosovo headed in anti-life, anti-family direction

    “The draft constitution, which is circulating now, would transform the traditional Muslim and Orthodox Christian society by removing all legal protection from unborn children and granting special rights on the basis of sexual orientation.”

  • Posted: 02/22/2008
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