“They asked everyone who is Muslim or not”: ISIS kidnaps 86 Eritrean refugees in Libya

‘Whoever disbelieves, strike off his head’

ISIS executes dozens of Ethiopian Christians in Libya

Recruiting campaign: ISIS tentacles spread far, wide

Islamic State shoots and beheads 30 Ethiopian Christians in Libya

Pope Francis thanks churches in North Africa for their courage

Italy fears ISIS invation from Libya

Hard truths about the survival of Christianity in the Middle East

ISIS beheadings in Libya devastate an Egyptian village

Coptic Christians increasingly feel endangered in Libya and Egypt

Frank Wolf calls for safe haven for Mideast Christians

Islamic State carries out mass beheadings of Christians

Libya and Egypt launch air strikes against Isis after militants post beheadings video

Pope Francis condemns Islamic State’s executions of Christians in Libya

Islamic State affiliate takes root amid Libya’s chaos

Libya is in a full-blown civil war

Christians in Libya cast anxious eye at religious freedom

Libya asks some religious to leave country; prelate deplores situation

Libya releases four Egyptian Christians

Christians say they were tortured in Libya

Egyptian Christian Who Died In Libya Prison Buried

Egyptians protest death of Christian in Libya

Mass Arrest and Torture of Christians in Libya

4 Christians Arrested In Libya For Proselytizing

Bomb at Egyptian-Run Church in Libya Kills 2

Libya president: Anti-Islam film trailer had nothing to do with attack on US Consulate

“Did Hillary Clinton send a gay ambassador to Libya as intentional provocation?”

Google Blocks Anti-Islam Film Trailer On YouTube In Egypt and Libya

U.S. embassies attacked in Yemen, Egypt after Libya envoy killed

House conservatives call for stripping aid to Libya, Egypt from spending bill

Ambassador killed in Libya attack on U.S. embassy; Egyptian U.S. embassy attacked

Libya: U.S. ambassador, 3 others killed in Benghazi attack on 911 anniversary

Muslim extremists attack Libyan school, mosques

A win for ‘secularists’ in Libya? It’s not what you think.

Libya Islamist chief won’t concede election defeat

Outgoing leader says Islamists won’t rule Libya

UN: 800,000 forced to flee their countries in 2011

Libya’s Ban On Religious Parties Is Reversed

Libya bans religious political parties

Pat Buchanan: For What, All These Wars?

Libya: ‘Historic’ European Court Judgment Upholds Migrants’ Rights

Islamic leaders demand that new Libyan constitution be based on Shariah law

Libya Heading Towards Islamism

    Middle East Forum: Amid all the debate as to what lies in store for Libya, it is becoming increasingly apparent that Islamism will be the dominant political force in the country. Indeed, this trend should already have been clear in the treatment of David Gerbi, a Libyan Jew residing in Italy who returned to his ancestral homeland in the summer to fight alongside the rebels against Gaddafi. Yet when he tried to rebuild and reopen the abandoned and desolate synagogue in Tripoli, he faced death threats, intimidation and protests, such that he was eventually deported. The National Transitional Council (NTC) dismissed this matter as one of no importance . . .

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Islam will be main source of legislation in new Libya: NTC leader

Intern’l judges order arrest of Moammar Gadhafi

House Speaker challenges Obama argument on Libya

Lawmakers sue the White House over use of military force in Libya

Bipartisan Congress rebuffs Obama on Libya mission

International Court Seeks Warrant for Qaddafi

Int’l court to seek Libya arrest warrants

Emerging powers join in opposition over Libya strikes

Republican says action in Libya is an ‘affront’ to the US Constitution

Gaddafi causes storm in Italy with invitation to Islam

Swiss face ‘holy war’ with Gadhafi’s Libya

UN deplores Gaddafi call for anti-Swiss ‘jihad’

Swiss ‘mafia’ inviting Qaeda hits with minaret ban: Kadhafi