Luxembourg premier is first E.U. leader to marry same-sex partner

Luxembourg moves towards further separation of religion and the state

Luxembourg legalises abortion on demand

Luxembourg: Minister of Justice proposes opening marriage to same-sex couples

More nations saying “I do” to same-sex “marriages”

Luxembourg: Same-sex “marriage” on agenda of new gov’t

Luxembourg legalises euthanasia

Luxembourg: pro-lifers seek referendum to avert legal euthanasia

    Catholic Culture reports: “Pro-life activists in Luxembourg have launched a drive for a nationwide referendum that could forestall the legalization of physician-assisted suicide. After last week’s parliamentary approval of a bill allowing the practice . . . “

  • Posted: 02/25/2009
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Luxembourg parliament limits monarch’s legislative role

ADF-allied attorneys prepared to challenge Luxembourg assisted suicide law if passed

Grand Duke of Luxembourg Loses Veto Power After Threatening Veto of Euthanasia Law