Malaysia church to reinstall cross it removed following April protest

Malaysia has more religious freedom than US, Singapore, Christian group says

Muslims at mercy of religious authorities if human rights not upheld, say lawyers

Malaysia, Thailand keep refugees at bay

Malaysia orders probe after protest forces church to take down cross

Malaysia Shariah Law: Islamist party passes bill to implement harsh Islamic criminal punishment

Malaysia rights lawyer arrested after saying State agency spreads extremism

Religious freedom in peril

Bible Society of Malaysia moves to Kuala Lumpur to sidestep “Allah” ban

Malaysia, Indonesia ban Biblical epic “Noah”

Christian Indonesian prays for end to Malaysian sharia court nightmare

Malaysia: court adjourns trial on the disputed use of the word Allah

The High Courts in Malaysia and Unilateral Conversion of a Child to Islam by One Parent | Australian Journal of Asian Law

    This article examines the recent, groundbreaking decision of the Ipoh High Court in Perak in the case of Indira Gandhi concerning the unilateral conversion of children by one parent without the consent of the other. On 25 July 2013, Judicial Commissioner Lee Swee Seng may have started a new approach towards the issue of unilateral conversion of children by one spouse. For the first time, a Malaysian High Court quashed conversions of children to Islam by one parent and ruled that both parents must consent to the conversion of their children.

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Malaysia: AG’s decision on seized bibles in two weeks

Malaysia police boost police presence around churches

Malaysia: Petrol bomb attack on Christian Church in Penang

Muslim couple arrested in Sweden for “smacking son when he refused to pray”

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Malay group wants lawyers investigated over argument that fatwa do not bind non-Muslims

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Malaysia: Hearing on Catholic use of “Allah” does not warrant a full bench, says chief justice

Priest’s Use of ‘Allah’ Brings Malaysia Sedition Probe

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Malaysia: Bible Society on a wing and a prayer

In Malaysia, Battle Over Christian Use of “Allah” Intensifies

Malaysia: Church Can Sue Jais For Banning ‘Allah’, Say Lawyers

U.N. Experts Call On Malaysia To Reverse Ban On Catholic Paper Using “Allah” To Refer To God

Leading Malaysian prelate: ‘Allah’ will continue to be used in Bible, liturgies

Malaysia Court Rules Non-muslims Can’t Use ‘allah’

Malaysian PM Najib Razak Warns of the Battle for Islam

Malaysia court quashes Hindu kids’ conversion to Islam

Malaysia: papal envoy voices regrets for uproar over using ‘Allah’

Outrage over plans for Malaysian Bible burning festival

Malaysia: Puteri Umno calls for stern action against belittling of Islam

Islamic radicalism a real threat in Malaysia

Malaysia Transsexuals Lose Challenge Against Law

Don’t evangelize Muslims, warns Malaysian government official

Malaysia: Islamic state aim not negotiable, it is a religious obligation

Malaysian Arrest of Borders Clerk for Selling Allegedly Blasphemous Book

Malaysian Federal Court Upholds Licensing of Muslim Teachers

Saudi Writer Deported Home To Face Blasphemy Charges

Malaysian Court Rules On Jurisdiction To Decide Validity of Conversion

Malaysian gay rights activists challenge government in court to quash ban on arts festival

Malaysia Muslims get counseling after church meet

New Survey Of Indonesian and Malaysian Muslim Youth Released

Malay transsexual loses court bid to officially change gender

Malaysian Court Says Constitution Does Not Protect Right To Renounce Islam

Poll: Young people in Indonesia, Malaysia oppose polygamy

Malaysian “transsexual” asks court to say she is woman

Fresh religious tensions brewing in Malaysia

Malaysia sends 66 teen boys to anti-gay counseling

Malaysia, in reversal, will allow Bible imported without ‘warning label’

Malaysian Official Says Non-Muslims Quoting Qur’an To Question Islam Can Be Prosecuted

Malaysia Christians to preserve ‘defaced’ Bibles

Christians shun Malaysian gov’t offer in Bible row

Malaysian Court Upholds Rule Limiting Syariah Law Practice To Muslims

Malaysia Will Release Impounded Christian Bibles, Subject To Conditions

Malaysia Agrees to Release 35,000 Seized Bibles

Malyasia: DAP MPs lash out over bible fiasco

Christians slam Malaysia gov’t for Bible seizure

In otherwise tolerant Malaysia, Shiites are banned

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Top Malaysian court fails to rule on child conversion

Malaysia’s Christians stand firm despite Muslim pressure

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Malaysia: Stern action against raising religious, racial issues in Batu Sapi election campaign

Islamization underway in Bosnia’s higher-education sector

Malaysia calls for moderation to fight extremists

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“Malaysia’s gay community begins to push the limits”

Barclays Capital offers Islamic repos in $1 trillion market