Malta will not legalize abortion

Malta President signs Civil Unions Bill

Malta legalizes same-sex civil unions, adoptions

Maltese president refuses to sign civil unions, same-sex adoption bill

Holy See, Malta revise concordat on marriage

Malta: Europe’s ‘last man standing’ against abortion

International Lawyers Claim Malta’s Protection of Unborn is “Torture”

Head of UN development programme says reproductive rights central to female empowerment decries Russia, Malta, Vatican

European Commission Nominee May Be Rejected Over Catholic Beliefs

Pro-life Maltese Catholic faces strong opposition after being appointed EU Commissioner

European Court chastises Maltese care order legislation

Malta: IVF Bill will soon be in Parliament

Malta allows divorce after vote

Maltese voters opt for legal divorce in national referendum

Approving divorce will sever Malta from its culture and future: world’s largest pro-life group

Malta To Vote On Ending Divorce Ban; Church Is Strongly Opposed

Doug Kmiec Resigns as Ambassador to Malta

Malta: Envoy blames hostility toward his words of faith

Malta: Professional group to lobby against embryo freezing

Malta: Gift of Life objects to incentives for embryo freezing

No way out of marriage in Malta

Malta: Attorney General appeals in “transsexual marriage” case

EHCR ruling won’t impact Malta abortion restrictions, judge says

Malta: Bill would simplify sex-change registrations

Malta: Students “abused” with teaching on contraception

Malta: Church official warns judges who rule for divorce

Malta: “Gay rights activist uncertain about cohabitation law”

Malta: Case for divorce already rejected by European Court of Human Rights

Ban on crucifixes in Italian schools is appealed

European Ombudsman registers Hindus’ complaint on religious equality in Malta

Nicaragua ignores international pressure to revise total abortion ban

Malta: “Parliamentary committee discusses gay rights”

Ten member states join Italy in support of the crucifix

Malta: “Gay rights group lists seven priorities”

Malta: “Church: Cohabiting couples cannot receive Communion”

Malta: First “openly gay” MP to Parliament

Malta to join appeal against crucifixes decision

Malta: Labour Party seeks review of definition of obscenities

Malta Court Interprets Ban On Vilifying Catholic Church

Maltese MEPs vote against coercive abortion

Malta: “Gay rights activists ask MPs to discuss same-sex marriages”

Senate Committee OKs “Pro-Life” Catholic Douglas Kmiec as Malta Ambassador

“Abortion cannot be imposed on Malta”

Nations reject UN abortion language at Geneva meeting

Bioethics and the family in Malta

Malta rejects EU pressure to legalize abortion

EU Split at UN Over Abortion Agenda Shift

Group advocating homosexuality petitions Malta’s government

    Gemma Pritchard reports at Pink News: A gay rights group in Malta on Monday presented a petition to the country’s ruling party asking for formal recognition of the rights of same sex couples. It also requested the inclusion of an …

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