Nepal Christians return to worship after earthquake turns churches into tombs

Amid Nepal’s shattered shrines and temples, a religious fatalism sets in

A “significant drop” in sex-selective abortions in India and Nepal

Nepal: CSW urges Constituent Assembly to heed Human Rights Commission call to defend freedom of conscience

Killing of Christian Leader in Nepal Appears Religiously Motivated

Nepal: Abortion, The Preference For Baby Boys And A Gender Imbalance

Nepal To Issue ‘Third Gender’ IDs

Nepal Church Threatened By Extremist Hindu Group

Hundreds march in Nepalese town, demand recognition of third gender

Center for Reproductive Rights Opens New Office in Nepal

Nepal Supreme Court judge killed, 2 others wounded

Nepal Buddhists protest against Maoist chief

Nepalese police detain more than 100 Tibetan exiles protesting against Chinese rule

Christian group urges Nepal not to outlaw conversion

Deputy chief of Maoists sworn in as Nepal’s new PM

Nepal Catholic Church in Nepal: anti-conversion laws are unconstitutional

Nepal Christians Fear Religious Discrimination as Prime Minister Resigns

Nepal: New criminal code to stop conversions to Christianity

Nepal reviews Christian demands for burial land

Nepal Christians protest to demand burial grounds

Nepal Supreme Court: Abortion Is a Right

Advocates push for “third sex” ID cards for Nepalese “transgender” people

Gospel for Asia fears Nepal’s draft constitution could threaten religious freedom

Gov’t prevents Nepal’s deposed king from key religious function

“Gay men hold 1st foreign wedding ceremony in Nepal”

Nepal bans school book after Muslim outcry

Dispute Continues Over Nepal As Secular State In Proposed Constitution

Nepal Christians begin vigil for new constitution

More nations saying “I do” to same-sex “marriages”

Threat of Return to Hindu State in Nepal Looms

Nepal: Anti-Christian Sentiment Marks Journey for Bhutan’s Exiles

Hindu extremists using death threats to force Christians out of Nepal

Nepal: 3 Cases From South Asia Involve Killing of Christians

    Religion Clause: “From South Asia comes three stories of murder of Christians impelled by religious fanaticism . . . The blast killed three people and wounded over a dozen others. Shrestha was inspired by the extremist Nepal Defence Army that aims to expel non-Hindus from Nepal and make Hinudism the country’s official religion.”

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Thinking with culture in law and development

    Buffalo Law Review: “This Article considers a recent programmatic shift among law and development scholars who have moved from advocating building rule-of-law processes, rules, and institutions to also building rule-of-law cultures. The Article carefully examines how these scholars envision culture as a tool to refashion the relationship between legal institutions and ordinary individuals. It traces the ways in which they use culture as a means to take law — general, universal, and acultural — and to make law specific, local, and embedded within the consciousness of ordinary people. It then suggests that this turn from law to culture produces a conceptualization of culture uncannily analogous to the conceptualization of law that the turn to culture was meant to supplement and correct.”

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Christians in Nepal defy extremists’ demand to leave country

Nepal Supreme Court approves marriage redefinition

Sex workers in Nepal demand legalisation of prostitution

Maoists poised to take power in Nepal

    Barely two years out of the jungle, former Maoist guerrillas were poised on Monday to lead Nepal’s new government, as initial election results signaled that voters had chosen to remove most of their veteran politicians from office and seek a radical break with the past.

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Nepalese H-Agenda proponents run in elections

    Gopal Sharma reports on Reuters: "At least five Nepali gay men are contesting this year’s elections in the hope of shattering taboos in the conservative nation, a gay candidate said."

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