‘Star Trek’ actor Patrick Stewart sides with Christian bakers in gay cake flap

Gay marriage to be debated by Belfast City Council

Patrick Stewart backs bakery after ‘gay cake’ court battle

Conscience and cake

Ashers ‘deeply disappointed’ after losing court case

Ashers owners speak out for first time about ruling

Media warns of damage to free speech after Ashers loss

Christian-run bakery ‘unlawfully discriminated’ against gay man for refusing to make ‘gay cake’

(Not) supporting gay marriage at the cake counter: Lee v Ashers Bakery

Hearts, minds and cakes

Ashers Bakery: Judgment handed down in ‘gay cake’ row

Fourth attempt to redefine marriage at Stormont

Public ignored in NI abortion consultation

Customers flock to Ashers in show of support for bakery

QC defends Ashers’ actions in final day of Belfast trial

Watch: Ashers’ Daniel McArthur speaks to thousands

Baking liberty of conscience into the cake

QC: Watchdog faces avalanche of cases if Ashers loses

Court action against Ashers ‘ill-judged’ says NI newspaper

RC Church backs NI conscience clause

Ashers court action ‘over the top’ – Presbyterian leader

Thousands flock to show support for Ashers Baking Co.

Groups protest plans to end anti-Christian discrimination

NI Christian-run bakery to face court on 26 March

Activist: Christian bakery legal case should be dropped

Northern Ireland abortion plans exclude pro-life views, says RC Archbishop

High Court to hear NI abortion law challenge in February

Peer quits BMA committee over its pro-abortion stance

NI Christian printer backs calls for conscience clause

Human rights quango to challenge NI abortion law

Bill criminalising purchase of sex passes final stage in NI

Bible passages banned from Irish religion class

Ashers: MLA in equality law ‘conscience clause’ bid

MLA says court action against Ashers is ‘essentially bullying’

“I got over the rape but I never got over my abortion”

MPs launch petition in support of Ashers Bakery

MP: Commission ‘out of touch’ over Ashers court action

Ashers: Equality watchdog issues further legal threat

Buying sex to be outlawed, after historic NI vote

“She was compatible with life inside me”

‘I won’t drop my pro-life views’ says NI health minister

‘We shouldn’t be valued because of what we can do’

Pro-life clinic to rival private abortion service in Belfast

Christian bakery owner won’t make cake for same-sex marriage, won’t back down

Northern Ireland to reconsider abortion guidelines

Northern Ireland council lifts ban on “blasphemous” play

Scotland pushes to bring lingering religious divides into the open

“Gay adoption: Northern Ireland ban lifted”

NI Justice Minister to consult on weakening abortion law

NI Justice Minister to consult on weakening abortion law

Gay adoption ‘forced’ on N. Ireland as Supreme Court rejects appeal

“Bid to stop gay adoption in N. Ireland at Supreme Court rejected”

N. Ireland: Revised abortion guidelines to go before Stormont executive

Legal Periodical: Religion and Education in Northern Ireland

    Christopher McCrudden, Religion and Education in Northern Ireland (January 16, 2011). Oxford Legal Studies Research Paper No. 2/2011. Available at SSRN: http://ssrn.com/abstract=1742144

    “Since the foundation of Northern Ireland in 1920, the issue of control over primary and secondary education has been a source of significant tension between the two main ethno-religious communities in Northern Ireland, and between them and the government of Northern Ireland. Education in Northern Ireland is distinctly differently organized in Northern Ireland compared with the rest of the United Kingdom, and several of its ‘unique features’ (McKeown and Connolly, 1992, 211) arise out of the particular form of the political and religious sensitivities of education in the former. The paper is structured as follows. First, I shall outline the features of the governance of education in Northern Irish model. Second, I shall attempt to explain briefly why these features came about. Third, I shall consider research that has attempted to understand what are the effects of the model on the religious background of pupils in different schools. Fourth, I shall consider the role of teachers in this model. Fifth, I shall consider issues relating to curriculum and collective worship. Sixth, the crucial issue of school funding will be examined. Finally, I shall consider the prospects for the model in the future, by considering pupil opinion on the structure of schooling, and I shall explain how this model relates to political developments in Northern Ireland generally.”

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Ireland: Call to bring same-sex law in line with North

Northern Ireland Church slams anti-sectarianism plan

Pro-abort org inciting physicians to commit criminal acts in N. Ireland

Northern Ireland: Row as First Minister Peter Robinson attacks Catholic schools

Northern Ireland Bishops protest over abortion conference

Ireland: Time to remove the Angelus from public broadcasts after 60 years?

    BBC: “News bulletins must wait until a minute past the hour to allow for the devotional Catholic prayer, recited in memory of the Incarnation of Jesus. The bells have been a regular feature of state broadcaster RTE’s schedule since August 1950 – when they were introduced to mark the Catholic Holy Year . . . Another criticism of the Angelus broadcast is that it is by its very nature Catholic, and therefore excludes other faiths, a criticism that Ali Selim doesn’t take on board . . . The debate about the Angelus in Ireland then, is not necessarily a debate between religions as to whether or not broadcasting the Angelus bells is appropriate. It’s part of a wider debate on what kind of society Ireland should be – a secular or a religious one.”

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Northern Ireland: Pro-lifers cautious over new abortion consultation

Northern Ireland Charity Commission puts proposals on hold

Northern Ireland: Protestant teacher awarded £8,250 over firing

Northern Ireland Charity Commission under fire over guidance on “open membership criteria”