Norway repeals its blasphemy law

Norway PM advocates for same-sex “marriage” in churches

Church of Norway votes down same-sex “marriage”

Nine out of ten mothers in Norway choose abortion for Down diagnosis

Norwegian mayor sparks debate after posting picture of unborn baby

Norway’s Government Will Propose New Law On Ritual Circumcision

Bible’s strong comeback surprises secular Norway

Nordics Launder Lgbt Advocacy Through Un Human Rights Office

Anti-Islam groups rally in Norway

Nordic Countries Defund Gender Ideology

Norwegian Children’s Ombudsman Urges End To Ritual Circumcision of Boys

Norway: Religion And Morality “hazards” To Women’s Rights

Step Toward Disestablishment of Church of Norway Taken

Piero A. Tozzi: Meaning, Relativism, Pickled Herring, Tyranny…

Danish cartoonist back home after possible threat

Christian converts from Islam flee from muslims in Norwegian asylum center

Norway: Christian Convert Attacked With Boiling Water By Muslim Asylum Seekers

Islamism has taken strong roots in Norway, Brutal rapes are committed by immigrants from Africa, Middle East and Asia.

Do Norway Killings Signal Change in Europe’s Attitude Toward Islam?

Norway feels sting of China’s Nobel anger

Proposal In Norway Would Bring Ritual Circumcision Under Government Health System

Norway: Marriage between cousins faces ban

In Norway, an awakening to the Islamist danger

Totalitarianism and education in Norway

Anti-China protests in Norway before Nobel prize

Nobel Peace Prize case study: China’s growing power threatens liberty

Norway: Arctic mosque plan on ice over Saudi funding

Norway: Book Publishers’ Continued Cold Feet over Islam

Norway slams restrictions on Nobel winner’s wife

Top 10 countries for women: Global Gender Gap Index 2010

Scandinavia: The stigma of being a housewife

Norway: “I’ve become an enemy of the people for speaking the truth about Islam”

Norwegian Judges Can Wear Religious Clothing

Muslim hijab to be allowed in Norwegian courts

More nations saying “I do” to same-sex “marriages”

Oslo attempt to shut down preachers fails

Norwegian University Debates Use of Gym For Muslim Prayers

Pastor’s conviction for preaching challenged

Does legalizing prostitution work?

Norway prepares to punish sex purchasers, at home and abroad

Eugenics: Study Finds Vast Majority (84%) of Down Syndrome Babies Aborted in Norway

ADF achieving results internationally

Norway Trial Court Finds Missionaries Guilty for Spreading Gospel reports: “Two Christian missionaries, arrested by Norwegian police in May for spreading the gospel during an Oslo parade celebrating the birthday of the country’s constitution, have been found guilty by a Norway trial court.” LifeSiteNews indicates that it received …

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Norway: Parliament approves marriage redefinition

Norway: Parliament takes steps to redefine marriage

Frank Turek: Even liberals know same-sex “marriage” is bad

Norway moves to criminalize purchase of sexual services

    Norway is moving to criminalize the purchase of sexual services both in Norway and abroad by imposing fines and up to six months in prison to counter human trafficking

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Norway Relaxes Ties Between Church and State

Norwegians protest marriage redefinition

Denmark: New bill proposes homosexual “marriage” rights

    From the Norway Post:  The proposed act would ensure that: -  Homosexual couples may be evaluated as prospective adoptive parents on an equal basis with heterosexual couples. – Lesbian spouses and cohabitants have the same access to assisted fertilization as …

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Norway proposes same-sex marriages, adoptions

Former Norwegian Prime Minister: root statements in Christianity

    Maria Mackay reports on Christian Today (2.18.2008): Bondevik told the central committee of the World Council of Churches (WCC) . . . When we make statements on international issues and more generally political issues, let us all try and root …

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