Peruvians launch ‘Real Couples’ campaign to counter pro-homosexual initiative

“Catholic Church And Popular Politician Spar In Peru’s Fight For LGBT Rights”

    BuzzFeed: The struggle over LGBT rights in Peru has taken an ugly personal turn, with the leader of the country’s Catholic Church accusing a popular politician of pushing for civil union legislation in order to “justify his [sexual] orientation.” Cardinal Juan Luis Cipriani, leader of Peru’s Catholic church, slammed Congressman Carlos Bruce’s decision to introduce the legislation on Thursday, along with other members of his legislative bloc.

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Tens of thousands of Peruvians march in opposition to the legalization of abortion

Chile Tells Un Court Its Border With Peru Is Fixed

Peru: Planned Parenthood plan to lower age of sexual consent will aid sex trafficking, warn bishops

Same-Sex “Marriage” in Chile

Peru: Revaluation of the family inspires human development

Peru president replaces pro-abort women’s minister with pro-lifer in ongoing shakeup

UN Committee Tells Peru to Compensate Girl Denied an Abortion

“U.N. Rules that Peru Must Relax Restrictions on Abortion” | Center for Reproductive Rights

Newly elected socialist president of Peru filling women’s ministry with pro-aborts, critics say

Peru Constitutional Court rejects application requesting removal of religious symbols from courts

Civil union debate roils Peru election

Same-Sex Unions in Peru: A Long Shot, Except at Roiling the Presidential Race

Catholics defend Cathedral of Lima against “gay provocation” with prayer

Peru: Former President proposes marriage redefinition

In Peru, “historic” religious liberty legislation passes

Peruvian bishop blasts proposal to lower sexual consent age to 14

Amnesty International pressures Peru to legalize abortion

Planned Parenthood honors Peru’s minister of health

Civil unions debate heats up in Peru

“Gay groups in Peru seek election alliance in wake of Argentina law”

US Joins Britain, Netherlands, UN to Support ‘Gay Pride’ in Peru

Embassies supporting homosexual protests in Peru

Abortion for mother’s health to be legal in Peru, says Health Ministry

Political group led by suspended priest promoting same-sex “marriage” in Peru

Tens of Thousands March Against Abortifacient ‘Morning After Pill’ in Peru

Nearly 50,000 march for life in Peru

Peruvian bishops criticize government’s efforts to distribute morning-after pill

Peru: Hospitals to resume free distribution of morning-after pills

Peru: Congress debates legislation decriminalizing abortion

Majority of Peruvians Oppose Attempt to Depenalize Abortion in Rape and Deformity Cases: Poll

Peruvian Congress continues forward with measure to legalize abortion

Bishop presents 33,000 signatures against abortion to Peruvian Congress

Peruvian Government Shelves Investigation into Massive Forced Sterilizations of Indigenous Women

“Stop Funding Pro-Abortion Groups in Our Country”: Peru Bishops to Canadian Bishops

Cardinal calls on Peruvian government to resist international pressure to approve abortion

    CNA reports: During the Te Deum marking Peru’s Independence Day, the Archbishop of Lima, Cardinal Juan Luis Cipriani Thorne, called on the government to resist international pressure to pass laws that would “attack life and the family.”

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