Firing health professionals who refuse to abort babies is watershed moment for Europe

Poland’s PM: doctor’s duty is above his faith

Polish Court Approves Crucifix In Parliament

Poland: Muslim Ceremony Disturbed By Pro-animals Group

Polish minister asks Jews, Muslims to sue over ritual slaughter

Polish Parliament Shuns Religious Animal Slaughter | AP

Polish Justice Minister Fired After Embryo Remarks

Poland: “Focus on Gay Lawmaker After Walesa’s Words”

Polish parliament narrowly defeats civil unions bills

Polish legislature starts debate on homosexual unions

Polish Court Upholds Cross Hanging In Parliament

It all boils down to the question of Pilate | Polonia Christiana

Council of Europe Is Imposing Abortion on Ireland, Poland

Poland Recognizes Same-Sex Unions’ Tenancy Rights

Polish Court Nixes Ritual Animal Slaughter

EU Court Rules Poland Must Ensure Doctors Perform Legal Abortions | Wesley J. Smith at National Review

Poland’s Supreme Court Rules “Offending Believers” Prosecution Does Not Require Specific Intent

European Court of Human Rights: Poland must compensate teenage rape victim denied abortion

Polish govt. will pay for test tube babies, despite pressure from Catholic bishops

Warsaw Pro-Life Gathering Strengthens Legislative Efforts to Defend Life | Piero Tozzi at C-FAM

“Staunchly Catholic Poland takes a new look at easing abortion laws”

“Poland plans to introduce gay civil partnership”

European convention defining gender as social construct condemned as “rape” of Polish society

“Poland to educate Euro 2012 fans on safe sex”

Poles cry ‘censorship’ as country denies Catholic station broadcasting license: sparks huge protest

Polish websites to go dark to protest ACTA

Polish lawmakers debate nation’s EU future

Polish party wants crucifix in parliament removed

Transsexual makes debut in new Polish parliament

Poland has largest gathering of rabbis since WWII

Anti-Church Party Gets Surprising 3rd Place Win In Poland

TIME: “Poland Poised to Elect Its First Transsexual Parliamentarian”

Polish pro-life leader found ‘not guilty’ in criminal suit by top abortion activist

Polish lawmakers threatened with fine for supporting abortion ban defend vote

Polish university backs out of hosting homosexual reparative therapy conference

Historic Polish ban on all abortions fails by razor-thin margin

Poland MPs Vote Down Legislation for Complete Abortion Ban

Polish death metal singer cleared over Bible-ripping act

Poland Abortion Ban Would Comply With International Law

Poland begins its role as new head of the EU

Polish MPs give moving testimony before voting for total abortion ban

Historic Polish bill to ban all abortion clears first vote 254-151

Polish women are standing up for a total abortion ban

European Court of Human Rights Targets Poland Pro-Life Laws

Polish Lawmakers Want Ban on Gay Foster Parenting, Resist Civil Unions – Emerging Europe Real Time – WSJ

Polish doctors benefit financially from abortion ban: research paper

Poland to allow homosexuals to ‘marry’ abroad

Poland’s ruling party reprimands lawmaker for “anti-gay” remark; moves to fine him

European nations begin seizing private pensions

NY Times: “Poland, bastion of religion, sees rise in secularism”

Openly “gay” man elected to Warsaw City Council

EU commissioner questions Polish-church bar on “gay” teachers

Tories risk fresh embarrassment over EU bedfellows

Catholic schools cannot refuse to hire “gay” teachers, says European Commission

Polish bishops debate discipline for Catholic lawmakers who support in vitro fertilization

“Gay” US diplomat presses LGBT issues at int’l conference

Polish bishops slam plans for liberal in vitro law

Minister: “Schools in Poland may refuse to employ homosexuals”

Polish memorial cross quietly removed from square

Polish public largely against joining Euro Zone

Polish homosexuals target new textbook

Battle over cross reveals culture divide in Poland

Claims of “thousands” travelling to Britain for abortion bogus, statistics show

Poland’s religious right digs in heels over cross

Memorial cross exposes Poland’s religious divide

The fate of Catholic Europe: The void within

    The Economist: “Among Europe’s historically Catholic lands, France is an outlier. Its leap into modernity took the form of a secular revolution; that differs from places like Ireland or Poland, where church and modern nationhood go together. Things are different again in Bavaria or the southern Netherlands, where the church inspires local pride; or in Spain, where Catholicism is at issue in an ideological war. But in many European places where Catholicism remained all-powerful until say, 1960, the church is losing whatever remains of its grip on society at an accelerating pace. The drop in active adherence to, and knowledge of, Christianity is a long-running and gentle trend; but the hollowing out of church structures—parishes, monasteries, schools, universities, charities—is more dramatic.”

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U.S. court orders Russia to return documents to Chabad

Protesters in Poland block cross from being moved

“Thousands march for gay rights in Poland”

Poland’s new president opposed by pro-life leaders

Poland’s liberals dominate after dead president’s twin defeated