Ronaldo’s mum says she wanted to abort him

Portugal’s birthrate plummeting, a sign of more economic trouble ahead

Portugal Limits Expansion of Adoption Rights For Homosexuals

Portugal: “Controversy over the obvious? New Cardinal says it’s best for women to stay home with their children”

Five European Nations to Be Downgraded by S&P: Report

American expert: there are no international laws that guarantee abortion as a right

NYT: “Same-Sex Marriage in Portugal”

Only 1 in 10 doctors would commit euthanasia if bill passes in Portugal: ethicist

Ratings agencies rattle cages in U.S., Europe

Abortion Drug Kills Girl in Portugal, Caused Deadly Infection

Portugal’s abortion problem worse than ever after four years of decriminalization, pro-lifers say

Portugal re-elects pro-abortion and pro-gay ‘marriage’ president

Gloom, anger spreads as European economies teeter

Nightmare vision for Europe as EU chief warns ‘democracy could disappear’ in Greece, Spain and Portugal

Portugal’s first “gay newlyweds” vow to fight for parenting rights

“Portugal lesbian couple in nation’s first gay marriage”

Portugal’s same-sex “marriage” law takes effect next week

President of Portugal Signs Law to Redefine Marriage

Portugal’s President Ratifies “Same-Sex Marriage” Law

Portugal: “Pope calls abortion, gay marriage insidious threat”

Portugal President has 20 days to decide on same-sex “marriage”

More nations saying “I do” to same-sex “marriages”

Same-sex “marriage” in hands of Portugal’s president

Portugal’s Constitutional Court OKs same-sex “marriage”

Portugal same-sex “marriage” law still on track

Portugal same-sex “marriage” bill forwarded to Constitutional Court

Portugal’s “gay marriage” bill receives final approval

Portuguese parliament passes “gay marriage” bill

Cardinal Archbishop of Lisbon Accused of “Pact of Silence” with Portuguese Government as Country Lurches Towards “Gay Marriage”

Portugal’s parliament votes to redefine marriage

“Catholic Portugal set to legalize gay marriage”

Portuguese socialist gov’t aims to redefine marriage

Portugal’s high court keeps “gay marriage” ban

Ruling Socialist Party promises same-sex “marriage” in Portugal

“Portuguese Bishops Resolve to Fight ‘Homosexual Marriage’ Proposal by Socialist Prime Minister”

European Court Rules Portugal Broke the Law by Blocking Abortion Boat

European Court rules Portugal broke the law by blocking abortion boat

Socialists seek to redefine marriage in Portugal

    LifeSiteNews: The leader of Portugal’s ruling Socialist Party, Jose Socrates, has announced his support for homosexual “marriage,” sparking controversy and protest throughout the country and within the Socialist Party (PS) itself . . . The Secretary of the Catholic Episcopal …

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Portugal: Prime Minister opens the door to civil unions

Ruling Socialist Party Leader Wants to Begin Debate on Homosexual “Marriage” in Portugal

Portuguese Physicians Capitulate to Pressure to Change Ethical Code to Allow Abortions

Same-Sex Partnerships in Portugal From De Facto to De Jure?