ADF International and the Institute Ordo Juris sent to the Romanian Parliament a memorandum calling for the rejection of the bill aimed at institutionalization of same-sex marriage

Canada Says 386 Kids Rescued In Child Porn Bust

Romanian High Court Rejects Strange Religious Malpractice Lawsuit

Romania’s March for Life looks to stem demographic bomb, protect life

Romania: Alleged Illegal Trafficking Of Human Eggs

Impeachment Of Romania’s President Overturned

Court: Referendum To Oust Romania President Fails

US Concerned About Rule Of Law In Romania

Romanian Court Says It Can’t Certify Results in Ouster Vote

EU ‘concerned’ by Romanian president’s suspension

Romanian court ups stakes in presidency referendum

Romania left-wing opposition leader named prime minister

Doctor saves babies caught in Romania corruption

20 cities join largest ever March for Life in Romania

New anti-government protests in Romania

Claim: Romanian hospitals queasy over abortion at Christmas, Easter

2 men arrested in Romania over child pornography

Romanian Christian leaders promulgate pro-life, pro-family Timisoara Declaration

Benjamin Bull: The Manhattan Declaration . . . Romanian style

Christian views on homosexuality deemed “hate speech” by European Rights Agency

Ban on crucifixes in Italian schools is appealed

Group rebukes Canadian gov’t for pushing homosexuality in Romania

Ten foreign diplomats pressure Romania to change “gay laws”

Ten member states join Italy in support of the crucifix

EU Commission: Estonia can adopt euro in 2011

Law Review: Jurisdiction Over Marriage in the Romanian Principalities

    Cosmin Dariescu, Jurisdiction Over Marriage in the Romanian Principalities: From the Ecclesiastical Court to the Secular Tribunal (May 10, 2008). TURNING POINTS AND BREAKLINES: YEARBOOK OF YOUNG LEGAL HISTORY 4, Szabolcs Hornyak, Botond Juhasz, Krisztina Korsosne Delacasse, Zsuzsanna Peres,eds., pp.180-192, Martin Meidenbauer, Munchen, 2009. Available at SSRN:

    “The clerical tribunals lost their jurisdiction over matrimonial litigations only through the Law for the judicial organization of April 11, 1864. The clerical tribunals were not enumerated in Article 3 among the courts that served justice in Romania ( the new name taken in 1862 by the United Principalities). Thus, the Orthodox Church lost completely its civil and criminal jurisdiction over Romanian citizens. The Orthodox Church kept only the disciplinary jurisdiction over clergy.”

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Romanian organized crime authorities detain three in human egg trafficking scheme

Romania stiff-arms same-sex “marriage”

Romania adopts strong civil codes protecting marriage

Romanian pro-family group claims EU Equality Proposal harms religion

Rabbinical Chancery in Romania – An Alternative to the State Organized Courts in Solving Family Litigations?

Family Research Council files brief urging Romania to keep prostitution and incest illegal

Romania weighs decriminalizing consensual incest

    AP: “In Romania, decriminalizing incest among consenting adults is being considered as part of a wide range of reforms to the country’s criminal code. No date has been set yet for a parliament vote on the bill, and opposition to the proposal is fervent even among some lawmakers in the ruling coalition.”

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“Romanians deeply prejudiced against homosexuals”

Romania Government Proposes Law Allowing Teens to Have Late-Term Abortions reports: “he government of Romania has proposed a new law allowing teenagers to get late-term abortions. The proposal comes after an incident that made international headlines where an 11-year-old girl who was a victim of rape couldn’t get an …

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ADF achieving results internationally

Romanian gov’t to decide on 11-year-old girl abortion

Pro-Family Leaders Worldwide Back Romania’s Efforts to Ban Gay ‘Marriage’

    The Christian Post reports: In an act of international solidarity to defend the institution of marriage, over 100 pro-family leaders from around the world signed a petition this week to defend efforts in Romania to outlaw same-sex “marriage.” “We applaud …

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Petition supports Romania’s defense of marriage

Petition supports Romania’s defense of marriage

World Congress of Families Praises Romanian Senate’s Support for Traditional Marriage

    World Congress of Families International Secretary Allan C. Carlson praised the Romanian Senate for recently passing an amendment to the nation’s Family Code defining marriage as the “union freely consented to between a man and a woman.”

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Action Call to Save Traditional Marriage in Romania

    John Connolly reports that in Life Site News (2.8.2008): "Pro-life citizens in Romania are calling for letters from the international community to encourage the Romanian legislature to adopt the definition of marriage as a union between one man and one …

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