Russia: “Religious feelings” not offended – or the calm before the storm?

Russia: Rise in legal proposals affecting religious freedom

Russian world champion condemns homosexuality

Immigration Minister: Canada will ‘seriously’ consider refugee claims by Russian homosexuals

“Q&A On Anti-gay Legislation In Russia”

Russian lawmaker is Putin’s conservative champion

“Ioc Wants Assurances From Russia On Anti-Gay Law” | AP

The Russian Demographic Crisis: Resisting the Influence of a Sexualized Culture | S. Michael Craven

Russia: Surgeons Questioned About Involvement In Trade In Human Body Parts

Senator to introduce resolution denouncing anti-LGBT law in Russia

World leaders should unite to end anti-Christian persecution, Vladimir Putin says

Russia to ban foul language on social networks and discussion boards

Rabbi Shot And Wounded In Russia’s Dagestan

Russian Orthodox leader vows to continue battle against ‘gay propaganda’

“International Olympic Committee warns Russia after anti-gay law”

Russian Supreme Court upholds ban on Muslim headscarves in Stavropol schools (updated)

Russian President Signs Bills Limiting Founders of Religious Organizations; Banning Adoptions By Same-Sex Couples

Russian Upper House Sends Ban on Insulting Religion to Putin For Signature; USCIRF Criticizes Bill

Russian Region Bans Religious Clothing and Symbols In Schools

Obama administration slaps Russia, China on sex slavery, trafficking

Russia To Ban Adoption By Same-sex Couples

Russia set to pass strict anti-gay law that could see foreigners deported for ‘sexual propaganda’

300 detained at Moscow Muslim prayer room following Putin crackdown

President Putin says he is bored with the same sex marriage issue, but ready to sign adoptions ban

Russia: Why were hundreds of religious organisations checked?

    Forum 18: Hundreds of religious communities across Russia are among non-governmental organisations (NGOs) inspected by officials, Forum 18 News Service has found. Check-ups ranged from a simple telephone request for documents to multiple, extensive searches. It “wasn’t simply the initiative of the Prosecutor”, Moscow-based lawyer Konstantin Andreyev told Forum 18. “There’s a political subtext.”

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Russian Bill Criminalizing Insults to Religious Feeling Passes Second Reading in Parliament

PACE condemns violence against believers | Roger Kiska on Voice of Russia Audio

Russia to change agreement with France to prevent adoption by same sex couples

Putin Warns France Marriage Could Affect Adoptions

Governments’ Attempts To Censor Google Have Doubled Since 2011

The Fight Against Gender Stereotypes And Parental Rights: The Case In France And Other European Countries

Russian Patriarch Denounces ‘dangerous Feminism’

Russian converts to Islam face persecution

Russian lawmakers back prison terms for religious offence

Russian Orthodox Church urges Anglicans not to support female bishops, same-sex marriage

Russian Orthodox Church, Vatican to stand up for family values

Ban On School Girls Wearing Hijabs In Russian Caucasus Region Stirs Controversy

Head of UN development programme says reproductive rights central to female empowerment decries Russia, Malta, Vatican

Slanted Media Reporting On Commission On The Status Of Women

Russia’s Foreign Minister Defends Law Restricting Homosexual Propaganda

Where Will Egypt’s “Sunday People” Go?

Russia worried orphan ‘harmed by US lesbian couple’

German Foreign Minister Criticizes Russian Legislation on “Gay Propaganda”

“Russian Duma gives first nod to nationwide ban on gay propaganda”

“Russian Protest Against Anti-gay Law Turns Violent”

U.S. court rules on lesbian couple’s Russian child custody dispute | Russian Legal Information Agency

“Russia Moves To Enact Anti-gay Law Nationwide”

Russian Official Reassures U.S. Adoptive Parents

44% Say It’s Too Hard to Adopt A Child in the U.S.

D.C. Federal Judge Orders Russia to Pay $50K Per Day in Contempt Sanctions

Russian Orthodox Head Urges Careful Balance In New Legislation To Protect Religious Feelings

Russia’s adoption ban penalizes orphans

Russia passes mandatory religion course in schools

Russian Orthodox Church backs ban on US adoptions

Putin Defends Ban On Us Adoptions Of Russian Kids

Number of Orthodox Church members shrinking in Russia, Islam on the rise – poll

Russia Gives Initial Ok To American Adoption Ban

Russian FM Against Any Ban On Us Adoptions

Russia Rejects UN Committee Edict on Homosexual Propaganda

Russia: Lower House mulls state control of ‘homosexual behavior’

BRICS: The World’s New Banker?

Russia Expands Treason Law

U.N. Plotting Takeover Of Internet: ‘Several nations are set on asserting intergovernmental control’

    Steve Elwart at WorldNetDaily: The hope of several countries is that they can expand the ITU’s jurisdiction to the Internet, replacing the current governing system with one that is controlled by a U.N. bureaucracy. The member nations will also consider an “Internet tax” designed to collect money from more affluent nations and redistribute it to poorer nations to improve their Internet infrastructure. ITRs do not currently include regulation of the Internet within their jurisdiction, since they have not been revised since the beginning of the Internet communications era.

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‘Baby box’ opens in Russia to save abandoned kids

Gunmen kill religious leader in Russia’s Dagestan

Political Winter Descends on Russia

Abortion Kills Children and Entire Populations | Benjamin Bull at Townhall

Russian Supreme Court confirms ban on “gay propaganda”

Russian City Halts Ticket Sales For Musical To Consider Religious Offense Complaint

Russia Bans Showing Of Anti-Islam Film

Moscow church destroyed in sign of new Russian repression

    Baptist Press: An isolated incident? A misunderstanding? Analysts watching the current climate in the former Cold War country don’t think so: “This destruction of the church is about as concrete of evidence as you can get that something very bad and very troubling is taking place,” said Katrina Lantos Swett, chair of the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom. “This could not have happened without the backing, support, and implicit blessing of the police.”

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Russia may block YouTube over anti-Islam film

“Russian Supreme Court Says ‘Neutral’ Gay Information Is Legal”

Moscow Destroys Russian Pentecostal Church