Malaysia has more religious freedom than US, Singapore, Christian group says

Singapore teen blogger guilty of insulting Christians

Singapore megachurch founder Kong Hee on trial in religious freedom test case

Singapore: Health ministry proposes mandatory pre-abortion counseling

Singapore: ‘There are no ex-Chinese, but there are ex-homosexuals’

Singapore Church Told To Pay Over Adultery Firing

Singapore politician challenges sodomy law

Singapore Court Refuses To Strike Down Ban On Male Homosexual Conduct

Singapore High Court Allows Sodomy Challenge; LGBT challenge versus Russia filed at European Court of Human Rights

Former Prime Minister: Singapore ‘will fold up’ if citizens don’t reproduce

West loses edge to Asia in education: Top five OECD findings

Singapore keeps website ban

Singapore: Bioethics Advisory Committee recommends setting up a body to monitor stem cell research

Singapore launches “dating campaign” to counter low birth rate

Singapore: New guidelines on use of commercial properties for religious activities

Singapore: Tighter reins or separate rules for religious charities?

    Today: “Two years ago, some churches raised a debate on whether religious charities should be regulated separately from other charities. While their wishes were denied then – and churches and temples continue to be regulated under the Commissioner of Charities office today – the latest investigations into alleged misuse of funds at City Harvest Church has put the spotlight back on how the religious charities sector should be regulated.”

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McDonald’s apologizes to Singapore for removing pig from Zodiac

Singapore tightens control over “sex education” programs

Singapore: President Warns that Aggressive Proselytism Threatens Peace

Racial and Religious Hate Speech in Singapore: Reclaiming the Victim’s Perspective

“Anti-gay Singapore prof cancels NYU stint after uproar”

12,000 abortions in Singapore each year

Calls to rescind NYU prof’s. appointment for advocating criminalization of homosexual sex

Singapore Court Sentences Christian Couple To 8 Weeks In Jail For Distributing Gospel Tracts

Singapore cash-for-organs plan raises concern

Singapore Welcomes Foreign Lawyers, Grants 6 Law Firm Licenses

    The ABA Journal: “Catching up to other Asian markets that have invited foreign lawyers to practice locally, Singapore is opening its doors to the legal profession by issuing licenses to practice to six Western law firms . . . “

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Singapore: Excluding Religion from Politics and Enforcing Religious Harmony

    Tsun Hang Tey, “Excluding Religion from Politics and Enforcing Religious Harmony” (July 31, 2008). Singapore Journal of Legal Studies, pp.118-142, July 2008. Available at SSRN: The Maintenance of Religious Harmony Act is a unique feature in the legal landscape …

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“Singapore fines TV station for gay show”