Militants divide Kenya miners by religion, then begin killing

Christians beheaded by extremists in Somalia

N. Korea Tops Somalia, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan as Worst Place to Be Christian

Christian shot dead in Mogadishu, Somalia for spreading ‘wrong religion’

Girl smuggled into Britain to have her ‘organs harvested’

Catholic church in Kenya attacked; Al Shabaab suspected

Christian Mother Killed, Boy Kidnapped in Somalia: Al Qaeda-linked rebels continue campaign to rid country of Christianity

Somali Rebels Stone To Death Man For Homosexual Assault on 13 Year Old

Christian Shot Dead near Kismayo, Somalia

Christian Convert from Islam Beheaded in Somalia

Somalia: Al Qaida linked assassination attempt on new President fails

UN: 800,000 forced to flee their countries in 2011

Somalia PM says fighters flee north

Somalia: Christian kidnapped and beheaded by Islamists

Somali Islamists behead 11 civilians in capital

Broke US set to announce $100M in Somalia famine funding

Somali Islamists briefly seize Puntland town

Somalia: Christian convert murdered — example to other Muslims

Somali Islamic militant group recruiting Canadian youth

Sunni Islamists slit the throat of a Christian mother in Somalia

German gets 4 years for making porn in Somalia

Islamic countries dominate Open Doors 2011 World Watch List

Dutch arrest 12 Somalis on suspicion of terrorism

Somali Islamist insurgents threaten US attack

Somali girl shot to death for embracing Christ

Controversy over Christian schools in Somaliland

San Diego Muslim leader among those charged with aiding Somali terrorists

Somali Islamists execute 2 girls; town horrified

Human sex trafficking ring allegedly run by Somali gang investigated in MN, TN

Islamists raid 2 independent radio stations in Mogadishu

Report: US must deal with homegrown Islamic radical problem

    CNSNews: “The U.S. was slow to take seriously the threat posed by homegrown radicals and the government has failed to put systems in place to deal with the growing phenomenon, according to a new report compiled by the former heads of the Sept. 11 Commission. The report says U.S. authorities failed to realize that Somali-American youths traveling from Minnesota to Mogadishu in 2008 to join extremists was not an isolated issue. Instead, the movement was one among several instances of a broader, more diverse threat that has surfaced across the country.”

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Somali Christian killed, 4 children kidnapped

Somalis scramble to escape fighting in capital

Third day of fighting Islamists in Somalia’s capital leaves 8 dead

Muslim men attack Somali church leader in Ethiopia

Somali Islamists seize and burn aid food

Islamic insurgents expel Christian aid groups from southern Somalia

Somalia’s Christians plead for prayers during Ramadan

14 charged for supporting Somalia terrorist group

Somali Islamists execute Christian convert

Family of 17-Year-Old Somali Girl Abuses Her for Leaving Islam

Somali Islamists kill two for watching World Cup

Islamic extremists in Somalia kill church leader, torch home

Islamic Militants in Somalia Murder Christian Leader

Open Doors Top Ten List of Countries Persecuting Christians Dominated by Islamic Governments

Islamic extremists execute young convert in Somalia

Somali woman stoned to death for adultery

Somalia president condemns Minn. terror recruiting

Islamic Extremists in Somalia Kill Another Church Leader

4 Christian Orphanage Workers Beheaded in Somalia

Al-Qaida-linked thugs now executing children

U.S. Panel: Religious freedom ebbing in Russia, Turkey

Sharia imposed at Somali MPs base

Islamists stone Somali woman to death for adultery

    The Independent reports: The 23-year-old woman was placed in a hole up to her neck for the execution late yesterday in front of hundreds of people in a square in the southern port of Kismayu, which the Islamist insurgents captured …

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Christian Aid Worker in Somalia Beheaded for Converting to Christianity from Islam

    Assist News Service reports: Among at least 24 aid workers killed in Somalia this year was one who was beheaded last month specifically for converting from Islam to Christianity, among other charges, according to an eyewitness . . . According …

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Islamists destroy Somali church, will build mosque

    The BBC reports: “The al-Shabab group took control of Kismayo in fierce fighting last month. They say they will build a mosque on the site of the colonial-era church, which has not been used for many years . . .  …

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Christian convert slain in Somalia

    CWNews reports: The widow of a British resident who was shot and killed in Somalia on April 14 has told the BBC that she is certain her husband died “because he was born a Muslim but converted to Christianity.”

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Looming Crisis in Somalia as Islamists advance

    Somalia’s Islamist fighters seized control of the town of Jowhar yesterday, the most significant of several towns captured in recent months from the interim government.

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