President [of Sri Lanka] pledges to ensure religious freedom in the country

Two Christian centers attacked in Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka

Buddhist radicals attack Christian church in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka: Fears churches may be hit by legislation on cults

Sri Lankan Leader Replaces Chief Justice With Ally

Sri Lankan Lawyers Denounce Sacking Of Top Judge

Verdict Against Sri Lanka Chief Justice Quashed

Sri Lankan Court: Probe Against Top Judge Illegal

Sri Lanka Opposition Pull Out Of Judge’s Hearing

Sri Lankan Move To Fire Top Judge Stirs Fears

Sri Lanka church leaders attacked by Buddhist mob

Amendment to Sri Lanka’s abortion laws opposed by church

Sri Lanka: government minister charges that bishop fuels religious tensions

Sri Lanka: School textbooks to be reprinted to eliminate religious offense

Sri Lankan police remove “indecent advertising,” look to internet

Sri Lanka: Fund to develop places of worship

Rash of attacks on Christians reported in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Proposes Ban On Religious-Themed Political Parties

Runaway Ohio teen who left Islam for Christianity fears returning home

Sri Lanka for tough measures against child pornography

U.S. Congress Pressures Sri Lanka on Anti-Conversion Law

Buddhist Monks Destroy Church in Sri Lanka, Attack Pastor

    The Christian Post reports: “A group of Buddhist monks and a mob of locals destroyed a church in Sri Lanka and attacked the pastor earlier this month, adding to the already escalating anti-Christian violence in the south Asia country.”

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Sri Lanka: Violence against Christians back in fashion

Violence against Christians escalates in Sri Lanka