Sudan: USCIRF gravely concerned by trial of pastors

One year after Meriam Ibrahim’s release, two Christians face possible death penalty in Sudan

Africa in 2014: a year of triumph and tragedy

Sudan: Lawyers appeal eviction notice issued to tenants of Anglican church building

Sudanese human rights defender without home, country after Islamic attack

Meriam Ibrahim shares details of ordeal in Sudan prison

Sudan apostasy woman Mariam Ibrahim ‘to campaign’ for religious liberty

Meriam Ibrahim, Sudan woman who faced death over faith, receives hero’s welcome in U.S.

Meriam Ibrahim leaves Rome for the US after escaping Sudan

Meriam Ibrahim praised in open ‘thank you’ letter by Christian woman

    The Christian Post: Meriam Ibrahim, arrested last August in Sudan and sentenced to death after being accused by family members of apostasy and adultery, was not only pressured to recant her Christian faith and thereby nullify her marriage, but was kept in shackles while giving birth to her second child in prison. At least one Christian woman, also from Africa, was lauding the 27-year-old’s resilience, and thanking her for bearing “heroic witness to the virtues of faith, marriage, and motherhood.”

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Meriam Ibrahim finally leaves Sudan, meets Pope Francis

A ban on new church construction angers Sudanese Christians

Meriam Ibrahim still now allowed to leave Sudan after being sentenced to die

Sudanese family drops lawsuit against Christian woman claimed as Muslim

Religious freedom in peril

Waiting for Mariam: City hopes to greet Christian sentenced to death for her faith

Meriam Ibrahim: My daughter is physically disabled because I gave birth in chains

Meriam Ibrahim freed again in Sudan, flees to U.S. Embassy

I am a Christian, and I will remain a Christian: What we can learn from Meriam Ibrahim

Sudanese Christian woman freed again

Sudan summons U.S., South Sudan envoys in row of Christian convert

Sudan death row woman Meriam Ibrahim freed again

Meriam Ibrahim arrested again while trying to leave country after initial release

Sudan court will free Meriam Ibrahim, sentenced to death for her Christian faith

At White House rally, lawmakers ask Obama to save Christian mom in Sudan

Ted Cruz joins demonstrators in front of White House, calls on Obama to help imprisoned Sudanese Christian woman

Meriam Ibrahim and the Obama administration, an interview with Nina Shea

No quick release for Meriam Ibrahim

Sudan backtracks on pledge to free woman sentenced to death for apostasy

Christian sentenced to die for leaving Islam: UK speaks out

Meriam Ibrahim was forced to give birth to baby Maya while in chains

Pregnant Christian woman sentenced to hang for faith gives birth to baby girl in prison; says she won’t renounce Christ

Sudanese woman sentenced to death for her Christianity gives birth in prison

Senators urge Obama admin to help 8-month-pregnant woman sentenced to death for rejecting Islam

UK government minister issues official protest at death sentence for pregnant Christian woman in Sudan

U.S. Citizen rushes to Sudan to save pregnant wife from hanging for Christian faith

Sudan order to hang Christian woman for apostasy ‘outrageous’ – UN

The worst countries to be religious

Sudan: Woman facing death sentence on grounds of her religion must be released

American’s wife faces Sudan death penalty after pregnancy

Sudan Revokes Citizenship of Christian, Jails Him for Failing to Leave Country

Religious Freedom Advocate Flees Sudan: New Constitution Considered as Sharia Looms

Sudan Accused of Helping Muslim Businessman Seize Property from Church

Sudanese Woman Faces Ordeal as Convert from Islam

“Half Of Girls In South Sudan Forced To Marry” | AP

Sudan: Christians Arrested To Appease Islam?

Sudan detains dozens of Christians as persecution continues

Sudan religious groups meet under Arab Spring pressure

Embassies attacked, clashes in London, Sudan, Yeman, Tunisia, Jordan, Egypt, Kashmir as Islamic protests expand

Sudan’s struggling government offers to go ’100 percent Islamic’

Convert from Islam in Sudan Loses Wife, Children

UN: 800,000 forced to flee their countries in 2011

Israel offers cash to African migrants to leave

Muslim mob burns Catholic church in Sudan capital

UN demands immediate end to Sudan oilfields fighting

Sudan vows quick response to South’s oil field occupation

Sudanese Christians Given Until April 8 to Leave

Hundreds of thousands of Christians ordered to leave Sudan

Anti-Christian Backlash After South Sudan’s Secession

Bashir says Sudan will adopt entirely Islamic constitution

‘Religious persecutors’ list incomplete

Religion Clauses of South Sudan’s Transitional Constitution Revealed

Nebraska Race Against Genocide Unites Community for Sudan

House Holds Emergency Hearing on Sudan

Kidnapped Christian Girl in Sudan Escapes, Traumatized

UN welcomes South Sudan as 193rd Member State

UN to move quickly to admit South Sudan as new member, hopefully on July 14

USCIRF Identifies World’s Worst Religious Freedom Violators: Egypt Cited for First Time

Islamists Suspected in Abduction of Christian Girl in Sudan

Sudan mulls Islamic law after southern secession

South Sudan votes to secede: preliminary results

Sudan: Independence vote begins; Christians pray for new nation

    Baptist Press: “In addition to the voting across southern Sudan, thousands of Sudanese were expected to vote in neighboring countries — including eight locations in Kenya — in a referendum on independence that, if passed, will officially designate southern Sudan as a new nation. Sudan has been ravaged by years of civil war between the heavily Islamic, Arab-dominated north and the predominantly Christian and animist south. The conflict has driven many southern Sudanese to flee to neighboring countries.”

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