Term incompatible with life is ‘cruel and heartless’

Jews, Muslims, Christians tackle religious violence at Davos

Push to make suicides easier will never stop

Assisted suicide in international spotlight: Swiss society numbers up, Australia suspends physician

Swiss region bans full-face Muslim veil

Switzerland opens drive in ‘sex boxes’ to make prostitution safer

Swiss asked to ditch God from national anthem

Switzerland: Alarm as British man with dementia commits suicide at Dignitas

Killing Alzheimer’s Patients: Switzerland is Kevorkian as a Country

Swiss bishops approve ‘morning-after pill’ for rape victims

Tibetans hold prayer vigil outside UN office in Geneva

Pro-lifers claim abortion is holding the Swiss economy back

Zurich to open drive-in sex boxes

Switzerland: 750% Increase in Assisted Suicides Since 1998

Swiss parliament rejects tighter controls on assisted suicide

Controversial Down’s syndrome testing gets Swiss go-ahead

Assisted Suicides in Switzerland Up 60% in Last Five Years

Pro-Lifers to Protest Worldwide Euthanasia Conference in Switzerland

Assisted Suicide groups hope for laxer laws in Europe

Swiss assisted suicides rise sevenfold in 11 years

Switzerland: Muslim girls have to swim with boys

ADF: Assisted suicide not a right

Swiss see steady rise in assisted suicides

ADF Argues Against Guaranteed Right to Assisted Suicide | First Things

More People Die in Switzerland Via Assisted Suicide in 2011

Switzerland: Top court rules against schooling at home via webcam

Switzerland: “Politician compares gay couples to cocaine”

Swiss can ban naked hiking, court rules

Swiss consider new limits on wearing veils

Mats Tunehag: “Remove the cross from the Swiss flag!”

Swiss parents’ concern at ‘sex box’ for primary kids

Legal Periodical: Comments on the Constitutional Protection of Religion in Swaziland

Swiss pro-life groups force referendum on public funding for abortions

European court dismisses suit on Swiss minarets

Swiss govt drops plan to curb assisted suicide

BBC suicide documentary Choosing To Die sparks debate

Swiss voters reject proposal to ban assisted suicide

Swiss group wants easier suicides for elderly

Efforts to Ban the Burqa Go Well Beyond France

Swiss Court rules in case of Hindu protesters who planned to burn Bible, Qur’an

UK: Nan Maitland’s suicide demonstrates incremental extention that will follow any change in the law

Swiss official seeks crackdown on “suicide tourists”

Swiss suicide appeal dismissed by European court

Switzerland: Doctor acquitted of assisting suicide

Policy would ban American missionaries in Switzerland

LDS leaders urge Swiss to reverse pending missionary ban

Switzerland: Minaret ban stays in media focus one year on

Assisted suicide for couples promoted in Switzerland

Switzerland: Doctor on trial for assisted suicide

Swiss parish condom campaign not church sponsored

Swiss Catholics split over condom distribution

Assisted suicide is about the haves and have-nots; Dignitas is making a fortune

China Church Leaders Blocked from Attending Major Int’l Christian Gathering

Top 10 countries for women: Global Gender Gap Index 2010

Kevin Theriot: Religious freedom and death

Swiss losing their religion are more suicidal

UK: Two arrests over assisted suicide of disabled man

Europe’s distress in relation to its Muslim immigrants

Switzerland: Muslim parents fined for keeping kids from swim class

Switzerland: Muslims protest in Cardiff against ‘anti-Islam laws’

Dignitas probed for helping mentally ill man kill himself

Swiss naked hiker wins court appeal

European Court of Human Rights moves forward with minaret ban appeals

Libya, Thailand elected to Human Rights Council

Switzerland: Dignitas bosses face jail after 300 urns discovered in lake

Law Review: Panacea or Pathetic Fallacy? The Swiss Ban on Minarets

    Lorenz Langer, Panacea or Pathetic Fallacy? The Swiss Ban on Minarets (April 24, 2010). Vanderbilt Journal of Transnational Law, Vol. 43, 2010. Available at SSRN: http://ssrn.com/abstract=1594192

    “This article provides a thick description of the context in which the minaret vote took place. First, a legal analysis addresses the implications of the ban under national, regional and international normative frameworks. It is argued that the ban is irreconcilable with the constitutional bill of rights and several international human right provisions. However, in contrast to state ballots in the United States, there is no judicial review of initiatives in Switzerland; respect for the vox populi trumps any concern over conflicting international obligations. A historical analysis will help to explain how, through its excessive emphasis on popular sovereignty, the peculiar myth-system underlying modern-time Switzerland has facilitated the banning of minarets.”

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Police probe Dignitas death after son raises questions

Swiss Muslims want separate cemeteries

Switzerland battles sexual promiscuity by distributing condoms to children

Swiss face ‘holy war’ with Gadhafi’s Libya

UN deplores Gaddafi call for anti-Swiss ‘jihad’