NY man charged with aiding ISIS, plotting to kill American soldiers

ISIS and the fight for religious freedom

Lack of concern for Christians is one reason behind rise of ISIS, says Open Doors president

Americans link violence with Muslims, but Obama says ISIL is not Islam

Children of ISIS killers play with severed heads

“In Defense of Christians” seeks to protect brethren from Egypt to Iraq

Saudi Arabia cracks down on Christian Bible studies – while arming Syrian terrorists

ISIS’ ‘cultural cleansing’ of Mideast Christians ignored by complacent Americans, Robert George complains

ISIS atrocities and beheadings continue from Syria to Iraq

Protestant union issues ‘urgent appeal’ to help Iraqi Christians

You should treasure your faith

Syrian Christians offer humanitarian aid to fleeing Yazidis

British Muslims join Islamic State terrorist army

Top U.S. military officer: ISIS has ‘apocalyptic end-of-days vision’ that must be defeated

Force alone cannot stop ‘religious cleansing’ in Mideast, custos says

Arab Christians: “Convert, Pay, Die” or Flee

As persecution of faithful rises, so does the religious response

State Dept.: Syrian Christian persecution part of ‘largest displacement of religious communities in recent memory’

ISIS terror group declares Caliphate in Iraq, Syria; Nails 9 men to cross for rebellion

Syria: 91 churches destroyed, damaged over course of crisis

Thousands of Christians flee as ISIS militants burn, loot churches in captured Iraqi city

Christian refugees – Growing crisis around the world

How bad of a nightmare are Middle East Christians living?

Action being taken to help Christians in the Middle East

150 Christian leaders join Congressmen in pledging support for Middle Eastern churches

Cardinal Wuerl joins church leaders in making pledge of solidarity for persecuted Christians

Christians ‘crucified again’ for refusing Islam

Al Qaeda-linked Islamists capture Syrian Christian village

George Marlin: The persecuted church 2013

Syrian rebels release kidnapped nuns in prisoner deal

Islamists demand levy from Christians in Syrian city

Congress secretly approves U.S. weapons flow to “moderate” Syrian rebels

Russian Patriarch wants Geneva 2 to focus on religious freedom

USCIRF: Religious minorities need a voice at Geneva II Peace Conference

N. Korea Tops Somalia, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan as Worst Place to Be Christian

Archbishop warns: even ‘moderate’ rebels want to turn Syria into Islamist state

Nun: Slain Christians’ blood drained and sold: Vials from beheading victims ‘going for $100,000′

Syria: Bishop calls on Christians to fight Islamists

U.S. Weighing Closer Ties With Hardline Islamists In Syria

Sharp rise in Europeans fighting in Syria

Pope Francis Appeals for Release of Nuns Taken by Rebels in Syria

‘Largest Massacre of Christians in Syria’ Ignored

Beleaguered Syrian Christians fear future, increasingly targeted by jihadis

Report: Syrian rebels organize burning of Bibles, other Christian books

    Fides.org: The militia of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), the faction that in several regions of Syria monopolized the armed insurrection against the regime in Damascus in recent days have organized a book burning of Bibles and Christian books in front of the Greek – Catholic church of Our Lady of the Annunciation in Raqqa, the Syrian city which has been for months under the control of anti-Assad militias.

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Syrian Troops Retake Christian Town From Jihadis

Syrian Rebels Battle Army In Christian Town

Bishop rues West’s view of Arab Spring, distinguishes jihadists, moderate Muslims

Christians joining forces with Syrian Army as jihadists threaten

The Army of Islam Is Winning in Syria

Assad regime says conflict has reached stalemate, plans to call for ceasefire

Al-qaida Gunmen Seize Town In Northern Syria

Snipers haunt Syrian Christian town of Maalula

Nun Reveals Rebel Atrocities In Syria: Girl Dismembered Alive With Saw

U.S. Military Confirms Rebels Had Sarin

Maaloula: rebels break into the village homes, kill three young Christians

Chaldean Catholic Leader: If Syrian Army Flees Aleppo, Christians ‘Will Be Massacred’

Obama backs UN effort on Syria as new resolution prepared

Syria Accepts Weapons Plan, Strike Momentum Eases

U.S. open to Russian chemical weapons proposal

Fighting Rages in Syrian Christian Town

Russia To Push Syria To Surrender Chemical Weapons

Syrian Rebels to Christian villagers: ‘Either You Convert To Islam, Or You Will Be Beheaded’

Syrian Army Attacks Hills Around Christian Village

Al Qaida fighters among rebels who seize Christian village in Syria

Arab Christians come out strongly against US strike in Syria

Southern Baptist Leaders: Criteria for ‘just war’ not met

Tea Party Groups Nationwide Unite Against American Attack On Syria

U.N. envoy, Russia say striking Syria would hurt chance for peace

Would Bombing Syria Be a ‘Just War’? | Robert George at WSJ

    Robert George at Wall Street Journal (via Google): Elshtain recognized, however—as have just-war theorists going back to St. Augustine through the modern popes—that even when force is used in a just cause there are additional requirements that must be met. Critically in the current debate, these include the likelihood of improving, and not worsening, the situation for the people of Syria and other potential victims of undeterred tyrants or violent extremists. Another concern is “proportionality”—the requirement that the collateral damage inevitably caused by the use of force not be so great as to render the use of force disproportionate and unfair to the innocent.

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Syria Sends Reinforcements To Christian Village Under Attack by Al Qaida

Brutality of Syrian Rebels, Executions Posing Dilemma in West

Pope: Abandon “futile” Military Syria Solution

Syrian Al Qaida Linked Rebels Fight Army Near Christian Village