300,000 defend marriage, children’s rights in Taiwan

“Taiwan upholds first transgender marriage”

Vatican accord with Taiwan on Catholic education

“Taipei court holds hearing in gay marriage appeal”

Taiwan: CDC chief speaks out on same-sex unions prevent disease

Taiwan’s crackdown on sex-selective abortion showing marginally positive results

Taiwan’s gender balance worsening as more parents abort female fetuses

Taiwan gears for biggest same-sex mass “wedding”

Taiwan to punish hospitals for sex-based abortions

Results of gender selective abortion investigation to be revealed in months

Heritage Foundation: Getting our China priorities straight

Law Review: Donor Conception Regulation in Japan

Taiwan’s sinking birth rate threatens productivity

The war on baby girls: Gendercide

Prostitution to be decriminalized in Taiwan

Report shows press freedom declines worldwide

Taiwan: Human trafficking ring busted in Penghu

Abortion Law and Abortion Discourse in Taiwan: Rights, Social Movements and Democratization

    My dissertation tells a story of the abortion right in Taiwan: how abortion was not a right either before or after its legalization, how it became a right after the mobilization of social movements and democratization, and finally, what sort of right it is today.

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