Widow of slain Christian in Uganda receiving death threats

Secretary Kerry: “US to send scientists to discuss homosexuality with Ugandan president”

The unintended foreign policy consequences of the homosexual agenda

Russell Moore and Andrew Walker: What should Christians think of gov’t that criminalize homosexuality

Uganda president signs Anti-Homosexuality Bill

Uganda: Museveni “seeks US advice on homosexuality”

Ugandan president to sign “Anti Homosexuality” bill; President Obama objects

“Uganda President Yoweri Museveni blocks anti-gay bill”

Dem calls on Uganda’s president to veto criminal sodomy bill

Uganda Passes Tough New Bill Against Homosexuality

Uganda: Abortion Is Murder, Church Tells Minister

MA Federal Court Refuses to Dismiss Tort Suit Against Minister Accused of Persecuting Ugandan “LGBTI people”

“As Gender Equity Rises, More Ugandan Women Divorce” | AP

Attorneys: Dismiss claim by ‘gays’ against pastor

Guttmacher Uses Faulty Data to Push Abortion in Uganda

MA: Judge Weighs Dismissal Of Ugandans’ Suit vs. American Who Criticized Homosexuality

Liberty Counsel Defends Pastor in Court for Speech in a Foreign Country Regarding LGBT

Reuters: “Uganda anti-gay bill draws church, donor battle lines”

Ugandan Ambassador to EU: Killing was not “homophobic act,” killer was male prostitute

Liberty Counsel Asks Court to Dismiss International Lawsuit Against U.S. Pastor

Religious Leaders Ask Parliament To Pass The Anti Homosexuality Bill

LGBT Lawyers Sue Pastor for “Crime Against Humanity”

Polygamy: a living nightmare

Suit Based on International Law Filed Against Christian Pastor for Speech on LGBT

Suit aims to keep American evangelicals from spreading “anti-gay propaganda” in Uganda

“Ugandan Gay Rights Group Sues Scott Lively, a U.S. Evangelist”

“Uganda police shut down meeting of gay activists”

Uganda reintroduces legislation criminalizing homosexuality

‘Let them cut off aid:’ African countries revolt against UK threat to cut aid over homosexuality

“Uganda fury at David Cameron aid threat over gay rights”

Uganda Parliament Votes to Continue Anti-Homosexual Bill

Ministries battle Uganda’s thriving child sacrifice business

AP: “No vote: Future of Uganda’s anti-gay bill in limbo”

Author of Uganda’s “Anti-Homosexuality Bill” defends the bill and tells NPR that homosexuality is a “learned behavior”

“Episcopalian priest: Time to clean up anti-gay toxins Anglicans dispensed via evangelism”

“Ugandan parliament yet to debate bill that would jail gay people for life”

Uganda: Parliament to pass marriage bill

U.S. House committee approves measure to cut aid to ‘anti-gay’ countries

Male prostitute killed Uganda gay activist: police

USA Today: “Analysis: Controversy looms again for Nat. Prayer Breakfast”

“Gay” Ugandan Brenda Namigadde loses UK court appeal

“Uganda court rules media cannot out gay Ugandans”

Uganda judge extends media ban on outing “gays”

The Pope and condoms: Who, exactly, is incapable of fidelity?

Judge orders Ugandan paper to stop publishing “gay lists”

“Hang them”: Uganda paper publishes photos of “gays”

Ugandan Ethics Minister to porn dealers: “Your days are numbered”

“Uganda: Anti-gay bill stalls”

Uganda: U.S. President Signs Lord’s Resistance Army Disarmament Act

Libya, Thailand elected to Human Rights Council

“Senate Foreign Relations Committee Approves Resolution Opposing Ugandan Anti-Homosexuality Bill, 2009″

Ritual sacrifice of children on rise in Uganda

    Boston Globe (AP): “In this Feb. 11, 2010 photo, Balluonzima Christ, left, and Rose Ajiba hold a photograph of their child Caroline Aya, allegedly killed for a sacrificial ceremony in Jinja, Uganda. The number of children and adults killed in ritualistic murders rose to a new high in Uganda last year, police figures show. At least 15 children and 14 adults were killed so that their body parts could be used in ceremonies carried out by witch doctors who in many cases persuade paying customers that the sacrifices will bring them wealth or good health.”

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Exodus leaders issue statement against Uganda’s “anti-gay bill”

Uganda Lawsuit Challenges Polygamy; Government Says It Is Protected Religious Practice

“Ugandan anti-gay pastor airs gay porn in church”

Obama condemns Uganda anti-gay bill as “odious”

Obama Urged To Use Prayer Breakfast To Denounce Ugandan Anti-Gay Bill

Uganda anti-gay bill may change, says MP Bahati

“US Human Rights Commission To Hold Hearings on Ugandan Anti-Gay Bill”

Human sacrifices ‘on the rise in Uganda’ as witch doctors admit to rituals

    Telegraph: Moses Binoga, the assistant police commissioner who is head of the Ugandan anti-human sacrifice and trafficking task force, said there were 26 murders thought to be part of ritual sacrifice last year compared with three cases in 2007. ‘We also have about 120 children and adults reported missing whose fate we have not traced,’ he added. ‘From the experience of those whom we recovered, we cannot rule out that they may be victims of human sacrifice.’”

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“Uganda government softens proposed anti-gay law”

Atlanta J. Constitution: “Anti-gay preaching goes too far”

    Mary Sanchez writes at the Atlanta Journal Constitution: “Is it fair to blame Warren for what fanatics do to homosexuals in Uganda, legally or otherwise, simply because he promotes the same Scripture-based view of homosexuality as evil? No, but it’s worth asking whether there isn’t something in that view that leads to treating gays and lesbians as somewhat lesser beings than heterosexuals . . . Here in America, one may find Warren’s view of human nature and sexuality merely idiotic and annoying. In less secular — or should I say less enlightened? — climes, those views are downright dangerous.”

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US lawmakers condemn “anti-gay” Uganda legislation

Ugandan Church faces totalitarian liberal activism

“Uganda Pastors Chide Rick Warren; Defend Anti-Gay Bill”

Christian Leaders Broadly Oppose Uganda’s Proposed Anti-Homosexuality Bill

“Death penalty for gays? Uganda debates proposal”

“Uganda’s anti-gay bill causes Commonwealth uproar”

    Globe and Mail: “The law, proceeding through Uganda’s Parliament and supported by some of its top leaders, would imprison anyone who knows of the existence of a gay or lesbian and fails to inform the police within 24 hours. It requires the death penalty for ‘aggravated homosexuality’ – defined as any sexual act between gays or lesbians in which one person has the HIV virus.”

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Muslims attack Christian worship service in Uganda

France slams Uganda’s anti-homosexuality bill

“US slams Uganda’s new anti-gay bill”

Uganda: MPs call for more flexible abortion restrictions

Uganda: U.S. ambassador warns on trafficking

Uganda not to bow to foreign pressure on legalizing homosexuality

World’s Most Successful AIDS Prevention Programme in Uganda “Sabotaged” by Western “Experts”

    LifeSiteNews.com reports: . . . In a column appearing in the Washington Post on June 30, one of Uganda’s leading AIDS prevention experts called on the Western “experts” to “Let my people go.” “We understand that casual sex is dear …

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