UK suggests ethically controversial strategies to increase organ donations

UK: Fewer civil partnerships than originally predicted

It’s Sharia not English law that’s unfair, says columnist

Immigrants with multiple wives will get more benefits, officials admit

Christian faces expulsion from Greens for opposing marriage redefinition

Olympic opening ceremony promotes socialized medicine

Tory membership plummets over push for marriage redefinition

English law trumps Sharia, rules Appeal Court Judge

UK: Three arrested at anti-mosque rally in Chelmsford

UK: MPs’ plan to weaken gambling laws come under fire

Mother of Two Aborted Baby One-Week Before Due Date

UK gov’t official calls for sanctions against large families

UK: Sunday trading laws suspended for Olympics

Secularists fail to end free parking for churchgoers

Core Tory support wanes amid “gay marriage” fiasco

English Court Applies Ecclesiastical Abstention Doctrine To Dispute Over Sikh Leadership

Michael Brown: The Precipitous Decline Of Christian England

UK couple jailed for anti-Jewish terror plot

Scotland: Leaked Govt email reveals deep impact of gay marriage

Secularists launch assault on Highland Council prayers

UK: Politician wants Lord’s Prayer taught in schools

“E-mail suggests Scots gay marriage bill may be delayed until UK law change”

Like Charter Schools, Britain’s Academies Aim High

UK: Major free speech trial to be held over abortion protests

Increasing numbers of IVF babies aborted for having Down Syndrome

Elton John: ‘heartbreaking’ my son has no mummy

Policy Exchange: “Gay marriage does no damage”

Married Olympians: We Can’t Live Together During Games, But Gay Couples Can

Archbishop of Westminster: Human Dignity: What is it? Why is it important?

    The Tablet: ‘Human Dignity: What is it?’ This may seem a slightly strange title, as you may think archbishops ought to have a clear view about what something like ‘human dignity’ is. My reason for choosing it is that I would like to explore with you a problem on which Catholic theologians, philosophers and lawyers all have an important contribution to make. The problem is simply put: the precise meaning of ‘human dignity’ is increasingly being questioned, particularly now in ethics and law. This is no mere academic debate. It matters very much because as you know the notion of human dignity plays a key role especially in international conventions, and in our understanding of the moral life. How in our pluralist society we develop and hold onto a shared understanding of such a key concept can have an immense influence on the quality of moral and social development of people.

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Cameron calls for pressure on Vatican over birth control

UK: Hotel bids to ‘re-Kindle’ the Bible for guests

David Cameron: I will change the law to allow crosses at work

Russian Church defends Brits who lost jobs for wearing crucifix at European Court of Human Rights

Archbishop of Canterbury: ‘No Mandate’ to Redefine Marriage

    Christian Concern: Andrea Williams, CEO of Christian Concern, said: “The Archbishop is right that there is no mandate to redefine marriage. It is a political move with consequences that few politicians have yet to engage with. “It will redefine and weaken the institution of marriage itself, it will change what is taught in schools, and it will severely threaten religious freedoms. “The European Court is likely to insist that both homosexual and heterosexual married couples are treated in exactly the same way under Article 14 of the European Convention on Human Rights, regardless of any Government safeguards. “Therefore, further down the line, churches may well be forced to host same-sex weddings. This would signal the effective end of religious freedom in the United Kingdom.”

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UK: Use schools to ‘spread Christian story’

UK: Study claims smacking kids causes mental illness

Church of England stalls on female bishops

Defending Religious Liberty: An interview with Paul Diamond

David Cameron is caught between a rock and an EU referendum

European Parliament Supports London Family Planning Summit

UK: Christian group goes to court over cancelled marriage conference

Demands grow for UK to consider cutting EU ties

UK: Number of graduates in basic jobs doubles in five years

UK: Govt seeks parents’ views on curbing internet porn

British court blocks sex criminal’s removal to US

EU: Christian Concern highlights religious freedom cases

UK: “Be aware: Coordinated bid to change end-of-life laws”

Doctors reject motion to go soft on assisted suicide

Woman considering abortions should be given independent counselling, says British Medical Association

Scottish Catholic Bishop: “At the Door of the Temple: Religious Freedom and the New Orthodoxy”

    Philip Tartaglia at Public Discourse: One prominent response came from the Equality and Human Rights Commission Chief, Trevor Phillips, who said that religious beliefs end “at the door of the temple.” This was a far cry from the Prime Minister’s praise of the positive and essential role of Christianity in public life. But how can Christianity have a positive role in public life, one wonders, if it begins and ends at the door of the temple? And if religious freedom is limited to the interior of the temple, how different will Britain be from places like Saudi Arabia where there is freedom of worship behind closed doors? . . . So the view expressed by Trevor Phillips that religious faith should not be allowed to enter the public square raises huge questions about the nature of the state. Phillips appears to endorse the notion of a state that fills all civic space and reaches out to control other institutions present within the state. It is a notion of the state with a rather limited understanding of subsidiarity. It is Big Government at its worst. It appears to have no respect for institutions, such as the family and the Church, which pre-exist the state, which straddle the private-public domain, and which have their own internal constitution. This is a state moving toward a kind of soft totalitarianism.

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Will Britain finally replace the House of Lords? Divine Right of Kings cited in opposition

    AP: One hereditary peer, ex-government minister David Trefgarne, has even claimed that mere mortals have no right to meddle with the Lords.He suggested that because his seat in the House of Lords was granted to his ancestors by Britain’s monarch – once regarded as having won the right to rule directly from God – the privilege is one conferred by divine right.

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UK: Queen visits Roman Catholic church during Enniskillen visit

UK: “Govt’s gay marriage paper fails to mention children”

Christian Institute criticizes police effort punish atheist for “insulting” speech

European Court of Human Rights ‘gets out begging bowl’

Arrogant UK Deputy Prime Minister says marriage redefinition question about “when” not “if”

UK: “Top doctor’s chilling claim: The NHS kills off 130,000 elderly patients every year”

Primary schools praised for labelling four-year-olds ‘transgender’

“Lord Carey: opponents of gay marriage treated like bigots”

UK: Caution as abortions for over-30s rise sharply

UK: End opposition to assisted suicide and move neutrality, doctors are told

    Daily Mail: Doctors must end their opposition to assisted dying for terminally ill people and move to a position of neutrality, says the British Medical Journal. A major bid to shift the stance of the medical establishment is signalled today by the influential publication, which calls for a change in the law. The journal, published by a subsidiary of the British Medical Association (BMA), says legalisation of assisted dying is a decision for society, not doctors, so royal medical colleges and the BMA should become neutral on the issue.

    Assisted dying
    BMJ 2012; 344 doi: 10.1136/bmj.e4075 (Published 14 June 2012)
    Cite this as: BMJ 2012;344:e4075

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UK: Christian GP found guilty of malpractice for sharing his faith

UK: Top Tory donor opposes redefinition of marriage

UK: Landmark marriage petition delivered to Downing Street

UK Justice Minister: Churches could face legal strife over “gay marriage”

UK: Churches will be obliged to perform same-sex weddings, warn senior church leaders

Churches Challenge British Government Over Marriage Redefinition

Church of England objects to marriage redefinition plan

80% in the UK demand vote to quit the EU

UK: GMC to hold secret proceedings against doctor for sharing his beliefs

UK: Same-sex ‘marriage’ is only priority for ‘metropolitan elite’

UK: “Preaching What They Practice: Opponents of gay marriage find it mysteriously hard to secure a platform”

UK: Petition for porn filters nears 100,000 signatures

“Most homosexuals indifferent to David Cameron’s drive for gay marriage: Only a quarter would wed if law changes”