UK Supreme Court: Institute of the Brothers of Christian schools can be held liable for sexual abuse by its members

UK: Church warned over women bishops

UK: Oppose GM babies, bioethics group says

“Primary school teachers ‘could face sack’ for refusing to promote gay marriage”

Church Of England Nears Vote On Female Bishops

Victory for UK Christian demoted over “gay marriage” Facebook comments

UK: High Court bid to block Catholic schools fails

‘Pollster raps PM over claims public supports gay marriage”

Charity Commission’s ‘bigots’ slur against RC adoption donors

New Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby inherits a divided Anglican Communion

Nearly half of Britons want EU exit – poll

UK: “Gay barman was killed by teenager in panicked frenzy after sexual encounter”

UK pedophile scandal risks becoming gay witch-hunt: David Cameron

UK Catholics might lose charitable status for not offering communion to everyone

Redefining marriage threatens social advances of women, rights of children: UK law professor

Divorce causes children harm long into adulthood, says study

Next Archbishop Of Canterbury Announcement Friday

Lesbian couple in ten year battle over custody of children

Merkel warns Britain against European Union exit

UK: Court denies Dad who wanted his children raised as Muslims

Britain’s youngest sex swap patient to revert to birth sex

UK: Survey to make pre-school classes ‘gay friendly’

Britain’s most senior Catholic is named ‘Bigot of the Year’

UK Catholic Care loses five-year legal battle over homosexual adoption

UK: Christianity not necessarily for public good, Charity Commision rules

UK: Number of cohabiting couples rises, ONS figures suggest

Kids want more time with mum and dad, study shows

Law Prof says Government plans will ‘unravel marriage’

UK paying hospitals to put terminally-ill patients on pathway to death

UK’s Cameron rocked by defeat in Europe budget vote

Abortion Debate held at Westminster

UK: Abortion counselling consultation called off

Palliative care association reluctantly reviews UK death pathway; pro-lifers skeptical

    LifeSiteNews: A group of pro-life physicians and other professionals, as well as the Catholic archbishop of Southwark, and innumerable patient’s families, are now being joined by the UK Health Secretary in calling for a thorough, independent review of the reported abuses of the Liverpool Care Pathway, a controversial end-of-life medical care protocol. A public outcry is growing after news media have revealed that doctors are using the LCP as a method of passive euthanasia, in some cases for financial reasons.

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Free votes on abortion are ‘a myth’

UK mother fails in Court of Appeal bid to halt her children’s adoption by homosexuals

The ‘triple jeopardy’ facing Britain

MPs to debate abortion in Westminster Hall

UK: Brighton Council may ban ‘Mr’ and ‘Mrs’

UK: Abortion debate returns to Commons as Nadine Dorries wins ballot

Scientologist Challenges Britain’s Limits On Religious Buildings In Which Marriages Can Be Performed

UK: “Rod Liddle: it’s high time we reformed ‘insult’ law”

UK: Christians ‘frightened to speak about faith’ | BBC

UK: Demoted Christian in court over same-sex ‘marriage’ comments

“Gay Tory MP: No demand in gay community to redefine marriage”

“Christian B&B loses court case brought by gay couple”

UK: “Housing manager in court over gay marriage comments”

UK Doctors Told to Make “Death List” of Patients to Ration Care

10,000 Muslims gather at Google UK headquarters demand YouTube video removal

NHS Age Discrimination A Warning About Obamacare

UK: “Care? No, this is a pathway to killing people that doctors deem worthless”

Iain Duncan Smith pushing for marriage tax break

Scotland seals terms of historic independence vote

Wounded Pakistani Girl Lands In UK For Treatment

Get a grip on family policy, says ex-minister as shocking report claims half of all children will see parents separate

UK: What happens when we redefine marriage? | Peter Smith at MercatorNet

UK: One in 10 babies born within 24-week abortion limit lives to see their first birthday, official figures show

“UK Policy Analyst Warns of Unnecessary Division Over Same-Sex Marriage”

UK: Cameron to push marriage redefinition as quickly as practical

Is British monarch ‘Defender of the Faith’ or ‘Faiths’?

Ministers Osborne and Hague back Cameron plan to redefine marriage

UK: Irate residents launch campaign to oppose mega mosque

“Cameron needs to ditch gay marriage, warn Tory chairmen”

UK: Children branded as ‘Nazis’ for opposing same-sex marriage

UK counselling association announces opposition to reparative therapies

UK: New equalities minister says abortion limit should be lowered

UK judges refuse to permit appeal of euthanasia case

UK: “‘Brutal’ Labour may force its MPs to back gay marriage”

UK: Opposition to redefining marriage tops MPs’ postbags

Majority of MPs oppose assisted suicide

Has Christianity Become Intolerable? | Ben Bull at Townhall

Book: Last year U.S. spent $1.4 Billion on Obamas, U.K spent $57.8 Million on Royalty

Wales considers forced registration for home schoolers

UK: “Barrister: equality laws act as a barrier to tolerance”