Uruguay Abortion Law Will Not Go To Referendum

Every Thirty Seconds, There Is An Abortion In The U.S | TheLeader.info

Every thirty seconds, there is an abortion in the U.S. | Kashmir Watch

Uruguay votes to redefine marriage

Uruguay considers redefining marriage

Uruguay’s senate votes in favor of same-sex marriage

Marriage votes scheduled in Uruguay and Colombia

Uruguayan pro-lifers force popular vote on abortion law following petition drive

100 percent of Uruguayan doctors opt out of new abortion law in some areas

“Women first? Uruguay’s proposed gay marriage law also upends name tradition for straights”

“Uruguay Congress Considers Same-Sex Marriage Law”

Uruguay legalises abortion

Uruguay Lawmakers Conflicted On Vote To Decriminalize Abortion

Uruguay Lawmakers Vote To Legalize Abortion

Uruguay Lawmakers May Decriminalize Abortion

‘Read my veto: no abortion!’ says popular Uruguayan ex-president as vote approaches

Pro-abortion forces disappointed as legalization bill stalls in Uruguay

Latin America Teeters on Edge of Abortion Abyss | National Catholic Register

Abortion decriminalization passes in Uruguay Senate

Catholics denounce Rockefeller Foundation’s push to depenalize abortion in Uruguay

San Jose Articles Used to Block Right to Abortion in Uruguay

Uruguay considers redefining marriage

Uruguay parliament approves sex change law

    Jurist: “The legislation allows an individual to undergo a sex change at age 18, and allows the person to change his or her name and sexual identity on any official documents, including those dealing with marriage and travel. The bill must now be signed by President Tabare Vazquez in order to take effect.”

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Uruguayan Legislators Approve Gender Change as a “Right”

Uruguay law may not enable “gay adoptions” after all

Uruguay allows same-sex adoption

Uruguay nears same-sex adoption law

Uruguayan socialists prepare same-sex “marriage” legislation

Catholic experts warn against bill that would legalize euthanasia in Uruguay

President of Uruguay leaves Socialist Party after rift over abortion

    The Christian Telegraph reports: “An official from Uruguay’s Socialist Party revealed this week that President Tabare Vazquez resigned from the party several days ago after he broke with the party and vetoed a law that would have legalized abortion in …

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Uruguay head vetoes abortion bill

    BBC reports: “Uruguayan President Tabare Vazquez has vetoed a bill approved by parliament earlier this week to legalise abortion in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.”

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Uruguayan president vetoes pro-abortion legislation

Uruguay: Church concerned over homosexual adoption

    Archbishop Nicolas Cotugno of Montevideo voiced opposition this week to a proposed law put forth by the government of Uruguay that would allow homosexual couples to adopt children.

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