Obama nominates three to federal judgeships

    Boston Globe: Addressing long-term vacancies in federal courthouses in Massachusetts, the White House is set to nominate three lawyers for judgeships, including the nomination of Hampden District Attorney Mark G. Mastroianni to a US District Court post in Springfield. The White House is also recommending attorney Indira Talwani to sit on the US District Court in Boston, and has tapped Harvard Law School professor David Jeremiah Barron for appointment to the US Court of Appeals for the First Circuit.

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First Circuit refuses to reopen asylum request for Chinese Christian

Puerto Rico Federal Court Issues Opinion Explaining Its Prior Order On Proselytizers’ Access To Gated Communities

New Judge Confirmed to the First Circuit

Senate Committee to Vote on Appeals Court Nominees, Again

Affirmed Again: First Circuit Upholds Abortion Clinic Buffer Zone

Battle over Defense of Marriage Act moves to federal appeals court in Manhattan on Sept. 27

U.S. to file new DOMA pleas with the Supreme Court

“Senate should not invoke ‘Thurmond Rule’ to block Kayatta nomination”

    Carl Tobias at The Hill: In June, the Senate GOP leadership proclaimed that it would invoke the “Thurmond Rule” and oppose appointment of each appeals court nominee recommended by President Barack Obama until after the November election. This decision threatens the confirmation of William Kayatta, the excellent, noncontroversial nominee whom Obama selected after First Circuit Judge Kermit Lipez took senior status in late 2011.

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Senate could vote on judicial nominee Monday

Attorney General Coakley asks US Supreme Court to strike down portion of Defense of Marriage Act

NYC Judge Rules DOMA Unconstitutional and ‘An Intrusion’ of States’ Affairs | Christian Post

Ken Klukowski: Defense Of Marriage Act Goes To Scotus

Court Rules Against Part Of Marriage Act | KASU 91.9 FM

Q&A: The DOMA decision & what it means

“Federal appeals court rules against gay marriage ban”

“Gay married couples look to high court on benefit” | AP

Marriage — Two Very Different World Views | Conservative HQ

Federal Courts Rushing To Declare Doma Unconstitutional | The New American

Why a federal court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act | MinnPost

DOMA Unconstitutional Ruling: Liberal Religious Groups Hail Move, Conservatives Condemn | Huffington Post

Federal court strikes down key part of federal law banning same-sex marriage | ABC

US Appeals Court rules against DOMA | The Sun Chronicle

A first: Appeals court strikes down Defense of Marriage Act | Florida Baptist Witness

Boston court hands same-sex marriage backers big victory | Washington Times

US Family groups say anti-DOMA decision threatens marriage | CNA

“Court says US marriage law discriminates against gay couples” | Reuters

Federal Appeals Court Rules Against Defense Of Marriage Act

Court: Defense of Marriage Act is unconstitutional | USA Today

Appeals Court Rules Defense of Marriage Act Unconstitutional | Christian Post

“Gay-Marriage Decision Sets Up Next Fight” | WSJ

ADF comment on 1st Circuit’s DOMA decision: A bridge too far

1st Circuit: Federal DOMA is unconstitutional in part

Liberty Counsel: Appeals Court Ruling on DOMA is the “Tail Wagging the Dog”

Reaction to the Boston appeals court’s decision to toss out the federal Defense of Marriage Act | Boston Globe

Appeals Court Rules Against Federal Marriage Act | NY Times

Senate panel endorses Kayatta for 1st Circuit judgeship

Challenge to Federal DOMA heads to U.S. Court of Appeals

U.S. First Circuit nominee’s hearing goes ‘very smoothly’

1st Circuit rejects NOM’s challenge to Maine election disclosure rules

    National Organization for Marriage v. McKee, No. 11-1196 (1st Cir. Jan. 31, 2012)

    LIPEZ, Circuit Judge. This appeal presents the second chapter of a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of Maine laws imposing registration and disclosure requirements on entities that finance election-related advocacy. In a recent decision, we rejected claims made by one of the appellants here, the National Organization for Marriage (“NOM”), asserting that Maine’s laws regulating political action committees (“PACs”) are unconstitutionally vague and overbroad in violation of the First and Fourteenth Amendments. See NOM v. McKee, 649 F.3d 34 (1st Cir. 2011) (“NOM I”). We now consider similar contentions raised by NOM and co-appellant American Principles in Action, Inc. (“APIA”) concerning the law applicable to ballot question committees (“BQCs”). See Me. Rev. Stat. Ann. tit. 21-A, § 1056-B. Our decision in NOM I effectively disposes of most of appellants’ challenges to Maine’s BQC requirements. On the only substantively distinct issue — the constitutionality of the definition of “contribution” in section 1056-B — we conclude that the BQC law, like the PAC laws, is constitutional. We thus affirm in its entirety the district court’s grant of summary judgment for the defendants.

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Maine lawyer, William Kayatta Jr., nominated to 1st Circuit

“Failure to name judge threatens to hamper” 1st Circuit Court of Appeals

1st Circuit: Maine judge, lawyer nominated for federal appeals court

NOM appeals federal judge’s ruling that could pave the way for release of donor list

Former Ala. Chief Justice defends traditional marriage

Roy Moore and Foundation for Moral Law file brief defending DOMA

Pacific Justice Institute: DOMA heads to 1st Circuit

Pro-family groups urge appeals to overturn ruling that struck down DOMA

FRC urges 1st Circuit to uphold DOMA

“Under God” vindicated in attack on Pledge

1st Circuit turns away attack on Pledge of Allegiance

ACLJ: Appeals court decision upholding constitutionality of Pledge of Allegiance in NH schools “significant and sound”

1st Circuit rejects First Amendment challenge to the Pledge of Allegiance

1st Circuit considers whether spiritual healing is a qualified reason for family leave

    Law.com: “Does the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) permit caregivers to accompany sick family members who travel seeking spiritual healing? That was one of two issues before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 1st Circuit on Nov. 4. The other was whether the employee filed adequate certification supporting her leave request. Chief Judge Sandra Lynch and Judges Michael Boudin and Jeffrey Howard heard oral argument in Tayag v. Lahey Clinic Hospital Inc., an appeal of a January 2010 summary judgment ruling for the employer issued by Judge Patti Saris of the District of Massachusetts.”

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1st Circuit hears appeal over concealment of Islamic charity’s ties to terrorists

Pledge of Allegiance battleground shifts from San Fran to Boston

1st Circuit asked to consider whether “under God” is political or religious

ADF brief: ‘You can say the Pledge in public schools’

Senate panel delays vote on Thompson nomination to 1st Circuit

Massachusetts law limiting pro-life free speech should go to Supreme Court

U.S. Senate committee to consider nomination of R.I. judge to 1st Circuit

Obama nominates 2 for appeals court openings

1st Circuit: Muslim inmates have a right of access to televised prayer services

1st Circuit upholds Mass. abortion buffer zone law

1st Circuit: Fear of sex trafficking doesn’t warrant asylum