HHS hands out $500k to Planned Parenthood to boost Obamacare enrollment

Planned Parenthood forced to face fraud lawsuit in Iowa

Planned Parenthood loses legal round against ex-manager

Appeals court reinstates fraud case against Planned Parenthood in Iowa

8th Circuit sends suit against Hebrew National back to state court

Pro-life 2013: Year in Review | One News Now

Thayer’s lawyers argue federal appeal in Planned Parenthood fraud claim | The Storm Lake Times

8th Circuit Hears Iowa Planned Parenthood Fraud Case | Caffeinated Thoughts

Planned Parenthood’s Massive Fraud: Profits. No Matter What. | William Saunders and Anna Franzonello at LifeNews

Iowa Planned Parenthood Fraud Case Begins | CBN (video)

8th Circuit hears Iowa Planned Parenthood fraud case | Alliance Defending Freedom

8th Cir: Minneapolis Park Board was too restrictive to man distributing Bibles at Twin Cities Pride Festival

8th Circuit upholds Florence, MN zoning ordinance regulating sexually oriented businesses

Planned Parenthood Getting $214,000 in Obamacare Funds Accused of Medicaid Fraud | LifeNews

Iowa case cries out for Supreme Court clarity | Des Moines Register Editorial

Eighth Circuit Strikes Down Political-Committee-Like Reporting and Termination Requirements

Court Issues Mixed Ruling On Mo. Funeral Protests

8th Circuit Judge Gets Quick Confirmation

Senate Judiciary Committee approves nomination of Jane Kelly as next 8th Circuit appeals judge

Iowa Planned Parenthood fraud case heads to 8th Circuit | Alliance Defending Freedom

Circuit Nominee Enjoys Extra Friendly Reception at Senate Committee Hearing

N. Dakota wants to stop abortions at 20 weeks: New time limit cites evidence of fetal nerve development | WorldNetDaily

Obama Nominates Two to Serve on the U.S. Court of Appeals

Harkin nominates women for 8th Circuit

8th Circuit challenge to Obamacare mandate dismissed on standing grounds

8th Cir: Contempt Charges Reinstated, But Penalty Purged, For Muslim Defendant Who Refused To Stand

8th Circuit Victory for Child Evangelism Fellowship Good News Clubs | Liberty Counsel

8th Circuit: Trial Court Must Consider RFRA Challenges To Contempt Citations

8th Circuit: “Freethinkers” Have Standing To Challenge 10 Commandments Monument

8th Circuit rejects Jewish prisoner’s claims regarding use of succah

So. Dakota’s ‘informed consent’ still under scrutiny

Law Telling Women of Abortion-Suicide Link Back in Court | LifeNews

8th Circuit to revisit funeral protests

Court to decide abortion-suicide links: Planned Parenthood’s only win in South Dakota fight returns to 8th Circuit | WorldNetDaily

ADF: Planned Parenthood losing grip on S.D. abortion law as 8th Circuit grants another review

En Banc 8th Circuit to hear arguments over SD abortion law in January

Judges: Key appeals court nominee faces test vote today – Caitlin Halligan

8th Circuit: Manchester, Missouri funeral protest ordinance violates First Amendment

Court: State can tell pregnant women of ‘existing relationship’ with baby

Court Rules in Favor of S.D. Pro-Life Law

SD: Abortionists ordered to follow disputed ‘informed consent’ law

8th Circuit rules on South Dakota abortion informed consent laws

8th Circuit: Child conceived through artificial insemination more than a year after her father’s death not entitled to SSA benefits

8th Circuit To Re-hear Challenge to Minnesota’s Ban On Corporate Contributions, IEs

8th Circuit Grants Rehearing on Minnesota’s Ban on Corporate IEs, Contributions

8th Cir. upholds MN on direct corp. contributions

8th Circuit: Coach’s secret videotaping of weigh in by nude minors is “sexual exploitation” not “mere nudity”

8th Circuit: Title VII Does Not Require Saturdays Off For Postal Worker

8th Circuit gives Minn. judge candidates campaign leeway

8th Circuit: Blanket prohibition on nude pics for sex offender stricken as probation condition

Divided 8th Circuit upholds 121 month sentence for North Dakota mom who killed her day old infant

8th Circuit Denies Qualified Immunity To Officials Who Conspired Against Faith-Based School

“Planned Parenthood lacks standing in abortion case”

ADF files brief asking court to affirm personhood of preborn children

South Dakota Right to Know abortion bill gets backing from pro-life legal group

ADF files brief asking court to affirm personhood of preborn children

Americans United for Life Files Brief Detailing Abortion’s Suicide Risk

S.D., counseling centers appeal informed consent law

8th Circuit Says No Damage Claims Against States Under RLUIPA Prisoner Provisions

8th Circuit: Rules on prisoner’s RLUIPA claims for a succah and other items

ACLU Applauds Decision Ending Bible Distribution to Public School Students

    a href=”http://www.aclu.org/religion/schools/40352prs20090716.html” target=”_blank”>ACLU: “The American Civil Liberties Union of Eastern Missouri applauded the decision of the United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit that upheld a permanent injunction ending the practice of Bible distribution in the public school of a rural Missouri county.”

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Americans United Commends Appellate Court Decision Against Bible Distribution In Mo. Public School

Federal Court Rules for School Policy Allowing Distribution of Secular and Religious Material

8th Circuit: Attorney Can’t Discharge $360,000 Student Loan Debt

8th Circuit rejects ACLU challenge to immigration e-verify program for employers

    day, in a 3-0 decision, the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld local ordinances enacted to discourage illegal immigration and protect business owners . . . In reviewing the facts, the appellate court was puzzled as to why the ACLU even brought the case and dismissed their second complaint with prejudice . . .

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Missouri sexually oriented business ruling could trigger Supreme Court review

‘Choose Life’ plates available in Missouri

8th Circuit Says Missouri’s Procedure For Approving Specialty Plates Is Invalid

‘Choose Life’ verdict upheld

8th Circuit affirms Missouri ruling supporting Choose Life specialty license plates