Supreme Court rejects appeal by US flag-wearing students

In our opinion: California’s ban of Scout-affiliated judges flies in the face of religious freedoms

De-judging the boy scouts

California Supreme Court attempts to ban state judges from volunteering with Boy Scouts

Banned? ‘Hope,’ ‘Stand with Rand’ and ‘Christ is Risen!’

What The New York Times gets wrong about religious liberty

California Supreme Court versus Boy Scouts

ADF to Supreme Court: Uphold free speech of students in US flag T-shirt case

A curious panel selection procedure

    Ethics and Public Policy Center: Judge Stephen Reinhardt of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has long seemed to enjoy remarkable good fortune in getting assigned to sit on ideologically charged cases. Suspicions that his good fortune hasn’t been entirely due to luck were bolstered recently when the 9th Circuit revealed that its clerk’s office had had a longstanding but undisclosed practice of assigning expedited cases — which tend to be of special importance — to the calendar panel with the most senior presiding judge.

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Supreme Court to decide sign fight between church and Gilbert

Hijinks in the Ninth Circuit clerk’s office?

Cross called constitutional since it ‘memorializes’ soldiers

Ninth Circuit’s neutrality questioned on same-sex marriage

Supreme Court’s new session could bring decisions on huge issues

Same-sex marriage in Arizona? 9th Circuit strikes down Nevada, Idaho marriage

The Supreme Court cases that could change America in the coming year

Mo. Baptists, join battle over sign restrictions

Supreme Court: Can municipal sign ordinances restrict speech and religious liberty?

Broad support for SCOTUS to overturn Ariz. town’s targeted speech restrictions

Supreme Court set to hear church’s “Sign Language” case

A “Groundhog Day” repeat for the GOP

On Supreme Court docket: beards, church signs, and, yes, Middle East peace

Supreme moment: Four Georgia lawyers to argue at high court

Gilbert church fights court’s decision on sign regulations

ADF to US Supreme Court: End govt speech discrimination against churches

Gilbert church receives a sign from (close to) heaven

Supreme Court will hear church’s challenge to Gilbert’s sign ordinance

Supreme Court will hear Gilbert church-sign case

Gov’t officials clash with church over signs advertising worship services – and the case could become the next important religious freedom battle

Supreme Court takes case on church free speech rights

US Supreme Court agrees to take up govt speech discrimination against churches

Do politicians have greater free speech sign rights than preachers?

Crosses spark a Constitutional fight

Media, rights groups urge court to revisit takedown of anti-Muslim YouTube video

U.S. defends Mt. Soledad cross, but urges delay

Court extends stay on new Arizona abortion rules

Arizona AG seeks end to stay on abortion ruling

9th Circuit orders Arizona not to enforce abortion law during appeal

Senate confirms John B. Owens to seat on 9th Circuit

Pharmaceutical company won’t appeal 9th Circuit “sexual orientation in jury selection” ruling

9th Circuit to hear Nevada marriage case next month

ADF: Supreme Court should end govt speech discrimination against churches

SCOTUS review sought in latest Mt.Soledad cross decision prior to 9th Circuit hearing

Google loses bid to keep anti-Islamic video online during appeal

Judge: Not safe to display American flag in American high school

9th Circuit: Court should order removal of “Innocence of Muslims” from YouTube

Where the courts are on Nevada’s marriage amendment

Liberty Counsel petitions Supreme Court on life change counseling ban

Harvard Law professor: “Legal lions Boies and Olson set back gay marriage”

    Noah Feldman at Bloomberg: “What there isn’t is room for Olson and Boies, two accomplished, intelligent and perfectly charming people who have lumbered into an extremely sensitive and complex area of legal activism in which they are, frankly, newcomers. Their Proposition 8 efforts substantiate this problem. Judge Stephen Reinhardt of the Ninth Circuit wrote an opinion in the Prop 8 case that was designed to avoid Supreme Court review — because he himself, a former colleague of Kennedy’s and the maestro of pushing the constitutional envelope, judged that the Supreme Court was not quite ready. When the case went before the Supreme Court anyway, Olson and Boies pushed the claim for universal gay rights instead of emphasizing Reinhardt’s narrow holding. They had to — because they were in it for the historic judgment, not to win a one-off case for their clients.”

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FFRF files 9th Circuit appeal over mountain Jesus statue

9th Circuit puts hold on California’s life change counseling ban

Judge O’Scannlain on Joseph Story, natural law, and modern confusion

9th Circuit won’t revisit California “gay conversion therapy” ban

9th Circuit grants 30-day rehearing extension in “sexual orientation in jury selection” case

“Gay-rights movement in uncharted territory” with Judge Reinhardt’s “heightened scrutiny” decision

Lyle Denniston: Did Windsor already settle the fate of state marriage protection amendments?

9th Circuit: Jurors can’t be dismissed because of “sexual orientation”

High court won’t hear Ariz. abortion ban challenge | CBN

Supreme Court: Arizona can’t enforce ban on abortions after 20 weeks | LifeNews

Arizona’s abortion ban won’t be revived by Supreme Court

Lights, camera, Supreme Court: It’s about time

10 best pro-life moments of 2013 | Kristi Burton Brown at Live Action News

Teachers Challenge Compulsory Union Dues

9th Circuit: Court of Appeals to Open En Banc Proceedings to Internet Viewing

9th Circuit upholds ban on political, other ads on public TV