“Judges: Arizona must cover gay state workers’ partners during dispute”

Idaho May Ban Bible From School Curriculum, 9th Circuit Affirms

    The New American: David Cortman, senior legal counsel with the Alliance Defense Fund (ADF), the legal advocacy group representing Moffett and the charter school, told the Idaho Press-Tribune in an e-mail that he is prepared to appeal the case to the Supreme Court. “In our opinion, the court failed to perform any meaningful analysis of any issue in the case,” Cortman wrote, “including the seminal one: whether there is any educational purpose to ban all religious documents from objective teaching….” In addition, he charged, the 9th Circuit panel ignored the right of local school districts to choose their own texts and curricula. “Censoring books, including religious books, is not the proper way to educate children,” Cortman said in an ADF statement, adding: The court’s opinion requiring the removal of religious books to comply with the so-called “separation of church and state” conflicts with established U.S. Supreme Court precedent stating that “the Bible may constitutionally be used in an appropriate study of history, civilization, ethics, comparative religion, or the like.”

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9th Circuit: University Can Force Christian Groups Open to Non-Christians

Court rejects religious groups’ appeal of SDSU policy

Religious clubs not entitled to funds, court says

9th Circuit: Court OKs ‘bubble’ law for abortion protests

Ninth Circuit Recognizes Church’s Right to Equal Treatment Under the Law

9th Circuit: “New order: No gay discharges allowed”

House Lawyers Denounce 9th Circuit Decision on Legislative Privilege

9th Circuit: “Military gay ban back in effect — partly”

Ninth Circuit Hears Challenge to Health Care Mandate

Ninth Circuit Rules in Favor of Church in Yuma!

ID: School Fights to Use Religious Books in Classroom

Ninth Circuit to Hear Health Care Challenge | Pacific Justice Institute

9th Circuit Rejects Bid For Paid Position By Wiccan Prison Chaplain

Liu calls it quits in quest for judgeship

In Senate, Eye-For-An-Eye Filibuster Stops Democratic Nominee

“U.S. Senate Rejects Far Left, Unqualified Federal Judicial Nominee”

Obama Selects Ex-Planned Parenthood Board Member as Appeals Judge

Ed Whelan: Why Goodwin Liu’s Nomination Should Be Defeated

Democrats May Push to Confirm Appeals Court Nominee Goodwin Liu

Senate to Vote Soon on Pro-Abortion Obama Judge Goodwin Liu

9th Circuit: Trial Court Must Reconsider Permissive Intervention By Pastor Into Tax Code Challenge

9th Circuit: Contract Prison Chaplains Are Not “State Actors”

9th Circuit upholds stay blocking Arizona’s immigration law

Senate Judiciary Approves Pro-Abortion Goodwin Liu Nomination

The First Amendment, Knowingly False Statements of Fact, and the Stolen Valor Act

9th Circuit Reinstates Case by Muslim over Scarf

Washington Post Editorial: The values of Professor Liu

Will Senate ever vote on Goodwin Liu?

    Politico: “Liu, 39, has captured the hopes of liberals who see him as one of Obama’s few bold judicial picks, someone with the intellect and youth for the circuit court bench, a traditional stepping stone to the Supreme Court. But Republicans have argued that he lacks any judicial experience, his legal writings are proof of his intention to legislate from the bench, and his criticism of Supreme Court Judge Samuel Alito after he was nominated to the court revealed an inexperienced social activist who has no place on a federal bench.”

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Ed Whelan: On Goodwin Liu and Same-Sex Marriage

Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Mourns Passing of Senior Judge Cynthia Holcomb Hall

Goodwin Liu to Get Second Hearing

Same sex “marriage” proponents ask 9th Circuit to lift stay on marriage licenses

Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Mourns Death of Senior Judge David R. Thompson

9th Circuit understands conservative argument

9th Circuit Says Substantial Burden Under RLUIPA Can Be Imposed By Neutral Zoning Law

PJI: Church Wins Zoning Discrimination Case at Ninth Circuit

9th Circuit Hears Oral Arguments In Establishment Clause Challenge To Teacher’s Comments

9th Circuit to consider AZ repeal of domestic partner benefits for state employees

ObamaCare and the Bench – Why Federal Judges Matter More Now than Ever

Where Judicial Activism Morphs into Disregard

Supreme Court reversals deliver a dressing-down to the liberal 9th Circuit

9th Circuit refuses to delay DADT case

9th Circuit reinstates city’s adult bookstore ordinance

Prop. 8 opponents ask California high court to reject federal court’s request for ruling

Amended opinion issued, en banc review denied, in World Vision case

Supreme Court’s Reinhardt-watch continues

9th Circuit: Ignorance of religious doctrine does not support adverse credibility finding in asylum application

Ninth Circuit Judge Stephen Reinhardt Feels High Court’s Wrath

Video: Mt. Soledad Veterans Memorial rally

Judge Stephen Reinhardt: Our Constitution and How It Grows

New plea on DADT case timing

Mega rally/protest Saturday in defense of Mt Soledad Veterans Memorial Cross, San Diego

Sense or sensitivity: Which will tip the balance in Mt. Soledad memorial cross case?

WORLD: Crossed up

Alan Sears: Mount Soledad decision underscores threat to U.S. war memorials

Atheist asks Supreme Court to strike down “In God We Trust”

9th Circuit reinstates workplace sexual orientation discrimination claims

Ed Whelan on Judge Reinhardt’s non-recusal in Prop. 8 case

“Why tear down a symbol of Christianity?”

Wendy Kaminer: “Let them eat chocolate,” but no crosses

Will the 9th Circuit demand San Diego change its name too?

“Appellate court looks to state for guidance on California gay marriage ban”

9th Circuit: Cross-sex jail strip searches ruled unconstitutional

Leftist judges declare Soledad cross “unconstitutional”

Mt. Soledad memorial cross is prohibited endorsement of religion, federal court says

9th Circuit to weigh in on “objective study of the Bible”

Fed. court punts Prop 8 case to Calif. court

Christians decry San Diego court’s ruling on memorial cross

John Culhane: Analysis of [yesterday's] Prop 8 ruling

    John Culhane, Professor of Law at Widener University, writing at 365Gay.com: “Second, it’s very clear now that the panelists really want to answer the monumental constitutional issue put before them. They have just made it much harder for the Supreme Court to dodge the question on the basis of standing, as would have been likelier had the judges simply ruled – one way or the other – on standing. In that case, the losing side would have appealed that ruling to the high court, which could simply have decided there’s no standing and thereby allowed same-sex marriages in California – but only there – to continue.”

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FRC calls Mt. Soledad cross ruling an affront to religious liberty, American tradition

The Recorder: Prop 8 standing now in California Supreme Court