DC Circuit: RFRA does not protect Guantanamo detainees

Senate confirms Wilkins to D.C. Circuit

Robert Wilkins’ D.C. Circuit Confirmation Vote Set for Monday

Justice Sotomayor and 3 Circuits Rule On Injunctions Pending Appeals By Non-Profits In Contraceptive Mandate Cases

DC Circuit Denies Preliminary Injunction To Non-Liturgical Navy Chaplains Challenging Promotion Procedures

Justice Department Defends Law Banning Protests at Supreme Court

Nina Pillard, Georgetown Law Professor, Confirmed to D.C. Circuit

Attorney airs warning on Obama packing D.C. court

Democrats Use New Power To Tilt Appeals Court, Millett confirmed

Making the Case Against D.C. Circuit Nominee Cornelia Pillard | Ed Whelan at NRO

Senate fights over appeals court key to Obama agenda

Senate Dems approve nuclear option on nominations

Reid Blocks First G.O.P. Offer on Filibuster Reform, Leaves Nuclear Option on Table

    TIME: Senate Democratic leadership aides tell TIME that the move is preemptive; when the Republicans eventually take over the Senate, the aides assert that the Republicans will push the button. “That’s just pure fantasy,” says Cornyn.” But, he adds, “Once you decide that a simple majority of the Senate can change the Senate rules, then that’s a two-way street.”

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Senate GOP blocks third court nominee

Judicial nominees face unfair hurdles in the Senate | Washington Post Editorial

Senate heads toward new filibuster fight

GOP Ready To Block Key Obama Court Nominee

Orrin Hatch: Power Grab In Judicial Nominations

Where the D.C. Circuit’s analysis of whether a corporation may assert a RFRA claim went off track

D.C. Circuit Ruling Against HHS Contraceptive Mandate | Ed Whalen at NRO

Robert Wilkins Nomination for D.C. Circuit Passes Committee

Senate Blocks Obama Picks For Judge, Housing Posts

Senators Clash Over Obama Judge And Housing Picks

Collegiality, Court-Packing, and the D.C. Circuit

Republican AGs vs. Obama’s Court-Packing Plan

Filibuster Wars To Flare Up As Reid Moves On Top Judges

Senator Cornyn on the D.C. Circuit

Obama packs D.C. Circuit, threatens political balance

    Washington Times: Last week the SenateJudiciary Committee approved the nomination of Nina Pillard to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit. That party-line vote followed the committee’s hearing earlier this month on District Judge Robert Wilkins‘ nomination to the D.C. Circuit, the committee’s party-line vote in favor of Patty Millett’s nomination in August, and the Senate’s confirmation of the D.C. Circuit’s newest judge, Sri Srinivasan, in May. If this sounds like an unusual flurry of activity for one tiny court, that’s because President Obama has made tilting the court’s political balance a high priority for his second term.

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Senate Panel OKs Obama Judge Who Said Abortion Frees Women From “Conscription Into Maternity”

Wilkins Breezes Through D.C. Circuit Confirmation Hearing

Obama Pushes Pro-Abortion Nominee Nina Pillard for Second Most Powerful Court

DC Circuit skeptical of FCC’s Internet access rules

Judge Wilkins Faces Different Senate Confirmation Process

D.C. Circuit Nominee Pillard’s False and Deceptive Testimony—Part 1 | Ed Whelan at NRO

D.C. Circuit Rejects FOIA Access to White House Visitor Logs

Is the D.C. Circuit a “Broken Circuit”?

    Jonathan Adler at Volokh Conspiracy: Earlier this summer, the Environmental Law Institute’s Environmental Forum featured a cover story on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit by Doug Kendall and Simon Lazarus of the Constitutional Accountability Center entitled “Broken Circuit.”  As the sub-head promised, this article made the case that “A new breed of activism on the Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit — for environmental cases second in importance only to the Supreme Court and the central venue for high-profile lawsuits — threatens decades of progress.”

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Could the D.C. Circuit Become the Second Most Dangerous Court?

Unusual Law Clerk Hire for D.C. Circuit Judge Janice Rogers Brown

DC Circuit Nominee Patricia Millet advances on party line vote

DC Circuit Packing Plan: There Wouldn’t Be Enough Work to Go Around

The D.C. Circuit’s Judicial Math

    WSJ (via Google): Senate Democrats are preparing to fight for President Obama’s plan to confirm three new judges to the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals in an effort to tilt a court that has stymied the Administration’s regulatory agenda. According to new data from the court, however, the judicial case load doesn’t justify the Senate fire drill.

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D.C. Circuit Nominee Under Fire on Capitol Hill

Patricia Millett’s Strained Relationship with Truth

DC Circuit: FDA must block import of sodium thiopental used in lethal injections

Obama Judicial Pick Cornelia Pillard: Abortion Needed to “Free Women From Maternity”

Judicial Picks Loom as Next Battle

Supreme Court advocates becoming D.C. Circuit judges (updated)

Senate Dems Schedule Hearing For D.C. Circuit Nominee Patricia Millett

Rare formal review ordered for federal judge

Obama to name two female lawyers and an African American federal judge to U.S. appeals court in District of Columbia

Sen. Collins, GOP colleagues trying to slow government | Portland Press Herald

Putting the D.C. Circuit Vacancies in Context—Part 3 | Ed Whelan at NRO

Senate Confirms Rising Star, Could Be Next Scotus Nominee

Obama Plans 3 Nominations for Key Court

Senate Confirms Obama Nominee To Key Appeals Court

Tyndale, ADF Score Win in Abortion Pill Mandate Fight | NRB

Senate Committee Approves 3 Judicial Nominees

Obama administration won’t seek to block injunction in HHS mandate case | Pilot Catholic News

D.C. Circuit Weighs Child Pornography Restitution Case

Bible Publisher Scores Major Victory Against Contraception Mandate | The New American

HHS appeal withdrawal gives temporary relief to Bible publisher | CNA at DFW Catholic

Bible publisher wins court battle over contraceptive mandate | Shreveport Times

Obama administration backs out of appeal over new contraceptive mandate | Minn Post

Tyndale wins again against abortion mandate | Michael Foust of BP on Christian Examiner

‘Nervous’ administration retreats in Bible publisher lawsuit | One News Now

Tyndale Publisher Wins Again on HHS Mandate | Baptist Press on Patheos

Obama Admin. Backs Off in Bible Publisher Suit Over Birth Control Mandate | Christian Post

Obamacare case against Bible publisher dropped | Examiner

Court Kills Obamacare Lawsuit Against Bible Publisher