“Senate unanimously confirms first openly gay federal circuit judge”

AFLC Appeals Denial of “Stop Islamisation of America” Trademark

Senate Confirms New Federal Circuit Judge

Federal Circuit Nominee Gets Senate Judiciary Approval

After 17 Months, Senate Confirms New Federal Circuit Judge

“Obama nominates openly gay lawyer for patent appeals court”

Obama nominates two government lawyers to Federal Circuit

Senate Committee to Vote on Appeals Court Nominees, Again

Federal Circuit Weighs New Precedent in Human Gene Patentability Case

U.S. Senate Confirms Reyna to Federal Circuit

Senate to Consider Nominee for Federal Circuit

Obama Nomination of Six For Appeals Court Shows Abortion Extremism

Nineteen judicial nominees confirmed in the last week

All Federal Circuit vacancies now have nominees, but quick confirmation unlikely

President Obama names two to U.S. Circuit Courts

Federal Circuit rules no link between autism and vaccine

Federal Circuit: Group’s internet and radio worship does not meet IRS definition of “church”

U.S. Court of Appeals Federal Circuit: Foundation does not qualify as church under tax laws

President Obama Nominates Edward C. DuMont for the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit

Nominees for 2nd, 10th, Federal Circuits Report Net Worth Over $1 Million

President nominates Raymond Lohier to 2nd Circuit and Kate O’Malley to Federal Circuit

Calif. Judge Said to Be on Short List for Federal Circuit

A circuit ripe for a remake: Vacancies loom in Federal Circuit, a vital IP law venue.

Federal Circuit May Be in for Big Changes

    “The ‘youngest’ of the federal appellate courts soon will be showing its age as two-thirds of its members qualify for retirement or senior status in the next two years, presenting a rare opportunity for the next president to shape that court.”

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