The troubling persistence of eugenicist thought in modern America

Why is Justice Ginsburg speaking publicly on abortion policy?

Supreme Court meets to consider same-sex marriage cases

Fool you once, Justice Ginsburg, shame on Planned Parenthood. Fool you twice…

Supreme Court same-sex marriage ruling likely to land in term’s finale

Justice Ginsburg’s twisted logic

Is the Supreme Court ready to settle the same-sex marriage battle?

Same-sex marriage supporters, opponents alike eager for Supreme Court ruling

NC lawmakers’ distrust of AG means big legal bills

Broad support for SCOTUS to overturn Ariz. town’s targeted speech restrictions

Supreme Court set to hear church’s “Sign Language” case

Famous Supreme Court plantiffs: a quiz

    Slate: One of the oddities of our constitutional system is the random way in which a normal, unremarkable human person can become synonymous with an entire legal rule or principle. The names of the plaintiffs in some of the most famous cases in Supreme Court history may be remembered for centuries. But do we remember their faces?

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Legal group calls for recusal of Supreme Court justices for officiating same-sex ‘weddings’

Ruth Bader Ginsburg really wants poor people to stop having babies

Advocates for and against redefinition of marriage file briefs with Supreme Court

A “Groundhog Day” repeat for the GOP

What to expect when the Supreme Court returns to work next week

On Supreme Court docket: beards, church signs, and, yes, Middle East peace

The last five times the Supreme Court considered abortion, it went pro-life

    Life News: With a new Supreme Court term set to begin on October 6 and national mid-term elections coming on November 4, abortion continues to be a hotly contested issue in American public policy. The U.S. Supreme Court has largely set abortion policies in America, according to how precedent has proceeded since 1973. However, the Supreme Court tends to take into account the American public’s perception of policy issues in its rulings.

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The Catholic/Evangelical/Baptist/LDS/Lutheran amicus curiae brief in support of cert in the Utah same-sex marriage case

Justice Kagan performs same-sex wedding

Reply to Richard Epstein on ‘Hobby Lobby’

Supreme moment: Four Georgia lawyers to argue at high court

Mixed signals on same-sex marriage

Gilbert church fights court’s decision on sign regulations

ADF says fight over church signage is fight for First Amendment

ADF to US Supreme Court: End govt speech discrimination against churches

Same-sex marriage cases set for early look

32 states ask Supreme Court to settle marriage

Definition of marriage must ultimately go to high court

Which marriage case will the Supreme Court choose?

Life together, again: After Hobby Lobby, vibrant corporate life is needed more than ever

Seeking facts, Justices settle for what briefs tell them

Reading the Court’s signals on same-sex marriage

Supreme Court: Was same-sex marriage settled in 1972 case?

Pro-life group asks Supreme Court to allow ‘Choose Life’ license plates

Constitution check: Will there be more Obama appointees on the Supreme Court?

Rearranging the Clerk’s office

Supreme Court has opportunity to take up marriage case

Q&A: Why Hahn family is glad they joined Hobby Lobby to fight Obamacare’s HHS mandate

Virginia joins in urging same-sex marriage review

Utah, Virginia, Oklahoma appeal same-sex ‘marriage’ rulings to U.S. Supreme Court

Attorney General Pam Bondi: Let the U.S. Supreme Court decide same-sex marriage, not Florida courts

Three states file appeals with U.S. Supreme Court over same-sex marriage

Both sides in same-sex marriage fight agree: Justices must act

U.S. Supreme Court justices asked to review Oklahoma’s marriage law

Utah appeals to U.S. Supreme Court in marriage case

Is there a Federal Constitutional right to same-sex marriage? SCOTUS answered that question in 1972

For Ginsburg, a human being isn’t a RFRA “person” either

Justice Ginsburg on the five male Jusices’ “blind spot” in Hobby Lobby, and the influence of daughters on their fathers

Ruth Bader Ginsburg accuses pro-Hobby Lobby SCOTUS judges of having a blind spot towards women

Casey Mattox talks religious liberty in the context of Hobby Lobby/Conestoga (video)

Gilbert church receives a sign from (close to) heaven

Appeals court says Texas DMV violated First Amendment

Becket Fund law firm gaining a reputation as powerhouse after Hobby Lobby win

Propaganda war continues in Hobby Lobby aftermath

Summary procedures in the Supreme Court compared to courts of appeals

Supreme Court blocks recognition of Utah same-sex marriages

Same-sex marriage stirs backlash as businesses assert religion

High court decision gives pro-life advocates breathing room

Courts rule on vanity plates in TX, NC

North Carolina asks Supreme Court to allow sale of Choose Life license plates

Utah asks Supreme Court to put same-sex marriage recognition order on hold

North Carolina lawmakers stand by ‘Choose Life’ plates

North Carolina legislative leaders ask Supreme Court review decision barring production of “Choose Life” license plates

Supreme Court petitioned to affirm state’s rights to issue ‘Choose Life’ license plates

DOJ set to support overturning of marriage laws in Supreme Court

NC asks US Supreme Court to affirm right to issue ‘Choose Life’ license plates

Americans view Supreme Court more favorably after Hobby Lobby decision